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La arquitectura moderna desde Arquitetura Moderna desde - 3. Si realizamos un breve repaso por la historia6 de la arquitectura moderna, con un Colomer Sendra, Vicente, editor. La Arquitectura Moderna Desde site.

Evaluating the conditions of integrity of an asset means to evaluate the extent to which it possesses all the elements necessary to express its Outstanding Universal Value, and is of a sufficient dimension to express its significance. It is the level of completeness expressed by the attributes of modern architecture. It is the sense of the probability of the physical material and non-material attributes expressing the values of the heritage site in a true or false manner8.

This paper interprets this definition as follows: The authenticity of an attribute is the state in which the attribute is found and represents its ability to express the value of the heritage asset in a true or false way. The modern architecture listed by UNESCO a are a type of intentional case and represents the totality of the assets, it is restricted by the number of examples which is still low see Table 1.

The investigation focused on the Statements of Significance, and the descriptions of the assets presented by the States responsible for nominating each property to the list. The selection criteria follows the rule of exhaustivity10 since it is possible to analyze all the documents available in the site.

Significant buildings b are characterized by their historical importance and are cases that are often cited in the literature.

Banham Reyner Theory and Design in the First Machine Age 2nd Ed

Table 1: The method used to analyze the texts was that of content analysis The interest is not in the description of the content, but rather on what the messages can teach us after being studied. On this basis, the central objective was defined: This objective defined the position from which to explore the texts: The attitude is that of being investigative rather than being induced to fit in all the features found in the attributes as defined by UNESCO.

The procedure was as follows: It was found that some of these concepts were important and could not be grouped with those that already exist.

The construction of the conceptualization of each attribute occurred in reverse. The texts from which they were extracted were related to each of these in order to identify how they are currently understood. Hendrik Petrus Berlage In addition to the bibliographic references already cited, in parallel to these, 30 cases of buildings that have already undergone conservation actions were the object of analysis.

Pdf 1900 moderna arquitetura desde

The objective was to identify the actions performed when conserving a modern building and how they interfered with the attributes. These considerations are presented after conceptualizing what an attribute is, in the next section. This resulted in putting forward considerations that may assist making judgment on the action of conserving the integrity and authenticity of the attributes of an asset.

Of these, the last two are not included among the attributes given in the Operational Guidelines. Form and design This covers the characteristics of the design, plasticity, aesthetics, design, but not the originality of the material. In this attribute, the external aspect of the volumetry, structure and surfaces that make up the envelope walls, roofing, window-frames, hollow elements and those that give solar protection compared to what originally existed in the building. Portuguese Literary and Cultural Studies This is an attribute of great importance in modern architecture.

It is evident in all buildings from the World Heritage List, for this represents their aesthetic novelty in architecture.

The complete or partial reconstruction of a building, following the guidelines of the original design, does not always imply loss of this attribute. This is the case of protected buildings that have had part of their edifications damaged during armed conflicts. This is not about a simple copy. It is about the rescue of historical or architectonic meaning.

Additional elements, placed arbitrarily, which altered the original composition of the design contribute negatively.


The addition of new elements, whether for technical or functional reasons, is understood as a change and reduction of the attribute of 'form and design'. Materials and substance The attribute related to the original material. There is no loss of this attribute when the original materials have been maintained.

The statements of significance of the buildings on the World Heritage List mention the permanence of the original materials.

Arquitetura moderna desde 1900 pdf

Altering the material is justified in cases where the building has undergone modifications and there is the desire to restore the original form and design. There are examples in which significance is strongly linked to the originality of the material. Exposed concrete structures may be what define the internal space and integrating parts of the composition of the design. The Centennial Hall, , in Wroclaw, Poland, by Max Berg, is noted for pioneering the use of reinforced concrete forms with curves so as to stretch across large spans.

The structure was left exposed after demoulding.

It is a case in which the originality of the material reveals the technological innovation of the age and the design of the architectonic space created. It is an example in which the truth of the material has significant value in the conceptualization of the design. Dorival Caymmi — o mar e o tempo.

Editora 34, O Desafio da Escultura: Omar G.

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1900 pdf arquitetura moderna desde

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