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These books by Arun Sharma for CAT exam preparation are available for all the test CAT Section Best Books for Quantitative Aptitude. *Best Book App for CAT & Other Management Aspirants - Quantitative Aptitude by Arun Sharma Developing your ability to calculate well should be one of your. How to Prepare for Quantitative Aptitude for the CAT. Arun Sharma. ISBN: Rs Rs Out of stock.

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Search results. of results for Books: "Arun Sharma" How to Prepare for Quantitative Aptitude for the CAT. 5 June by Arun Sharma. Read How to Prepare for Quantitative Aptitude for the CAT (Old Edition) book CAT score and no author does the subject justice more than Arun Sharma. Quantitative Aptitude is a key component to unlocking a winning CAT score and no author does the subject justice more than Arun Sharma.

He has been training corporate house and CAT aspirants since and has personally teaching thousand of students into the IIMs and other top B Schools. Besides, he holds the unique distinction of clearing the CAT 16 times in a row, with a score of Reviews of Students Arun Sharma Quantitative Aptitude pdf is a good book, especially if you are preparing for competitive exams like elitmus which requires geometry and also most of other online exams like Amcat, cocubes then I highly recommend this book. It will help you out in long term considering it has short cut methods to solve Mathematics problems like vedic maths etc. Also aspirants aiming for CAT, this book is best and you should have.

The questions which i kept getting via mail, the editorials on the website are all just spectacular for Quants and RC.

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The most amazing thing about the classes is that you don't need to waste time for traveling, and in case of missing classes, one can watch them again. What if not? I had these doubts until I met Mr. Arun Sharma and Mrs. I got no false hopes but practical answers, which were that- The only thing I need is to believe in myself, to get my head down and start working; Yes I can get there, question is how bad I want to get there; This is not the end of the world, so take it light and rather enjoy the learning.

You cannot avoid but mitigate the effects of those bumps, and for that you need a mentor. I got two such mentors at Mindworkzz along with other awesome faculty members. All this with relevant ASCC Mock tests, exhaustive study material and exam specific logic based classes. Not just I managed Good luck.

All the teachers at Mindworkzz are very approachable and always inspire me.

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Keep your focus on solving one thing at a time, and keep your goals time-bound and realistic. Decide the amount of time you need to cover the syllabus and adhere to the schedule without fail.

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Is there a limit on the number of attempts for the CAT exam? No, there are no limits to how many time a candidate can give the exam. Is it required to have 5 to 7 books to study from when you sit to prepare for CAT? Having a pile of books and a bunch of notes in addition to it will not help you.

Arun Sharma CAT Mock Test Series, CAT Exam Books, Study Material

You can decide which book suits you best as a complete guide to all the sections will be enough. You can also have a book separately for each section but try to keep the number low as to 2 or 3 books to prepare.

Joining a coaching center depends upon the time that you can put into the preparation of CAT exam. Full-time course or a crash course can always be beneficiary as coaching centers give you extra guidance to prepare well.

Is the Study Material provided by the coaching center reliable? Study Material which is prepared by the coaching centers is prepared on the past data of the exam and can be very useful although there is no harm in referring to a new book if you have time. How can reading prove to help study for the CAT exam? It is well noted that candidates who can easily ace the quantitative ability lack in verbal ability. It is advised to constantly read and cultivate a habit of reading to become more avid in English.

This will help to get the verbal ability section well in grasp. How does a series of tests help ace CAT? Taking a series of tests should be a ritual for preparing for CAT exam.

Writing at least tests before giving the final exam will give you an idea of the level of questions and the way to solve them. Also, subscribing to a series of Mock Tests is helpful as it provides you an edge over the actual exam. General Knowledge might not be part of the exam but is still useful for you in Personal Interviews.

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Also, good G. Does having a full-time job affects preparing for CAT exam? Having a full-time job can affect your preparation but not to a great extent.

CAT preparation can be done parallel to your work. But, you must build a schedule and stick to it to devote the required time for the preparation.

CAT Preparation Books

Prior experience added in your CV can only benefit from getting the admission. Can preparing 2 sections of the exam thoroughly give an edge over the paper? If you want to score well in your CAT exam, you need to prepare well enough for all the three sections of the paper. How many hours of study is enough for a candidate to prepare for CAT?

Candidates are advised to study for at least 2 to 3 hours daily for good preparation.

Quantitative Aptitude For The CAT

This schedule will suit in the cases where a candidate has enough time to prepare for CAT. How do problem-solving methods help to prepare for the exam? Candidates should make a note of the fact that they should constantly try solving the questions through more than one method with accuracy. Depending on their method of solving and mastering is more helpful than following tips from outside.

What preparation pattern should a candidate follow to score well in the exam? Starting with the most difficult sections, candidates must pay more attention to concept building. Afterward, easy concepts can be considered as they will take a lesser amount of time.

Or, it is also advised that a candidate should try to study 2 topics simultaneously with 1 easy topic and the other difficulties which will save a lot of time for other topics. Is preparing for CAT for candidates who are in their final year of graduation a difficult task? Candidates can divide their study time and utilize them in the best possible way. It is advised to prepare for the CAT exam while completing the graduation constantly.

How long should a candidate study in a day to get good grades in the entrance exam? It is more important for candidates to focus on regularity rather than several hours to study for while preparing for the exam.