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This new book from one of the most popular bass players in the business The samples are in pdf format and require Adobe Acrobat Reader to be installed. To outline the process of assimilating walking bass vocabulary from a pro, I've . to the setting of the clinic – it's just bass and guitar, so there's no piano or drum kit to 'Stella By Starlight' – Composite Walking Bass Etude pdf. a series of etudes that are designed to assist an advanced performer .. the electric bass guitar, secondly, to analyse the bassists melodic.

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awards as a double bassist and bass guitarisr, most recently as a member of As far as I know, this is the first book to have a separate melodic etude for each. Groundbreaking electric and acoustic jazz style as only Patitucci can deliver. Everything from the basics of jazz bass to crafting a sizzling hot. Figure C major scale in two octaves from Bass Guitar Scale Manual ( are transcriptions of Kreutzer and Fiorillo studies (), 20 Études de Virtuosité.

These lessons are available only to members of Jazz Bass with John Patitucci. Join Now. Loading lesson. Loading Video Exchange. This page contains a transcription of a video lesson from Jazz Bass with John Patitucci.

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Clicking through many of these links will help to support the blog and podcast , which I really appreciate! I have even more resources on contrabassconversations.

These three volumes take players from the very first notes on the instrument through the Dragonetti Concerto. Highly recommended.

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Rabbath, Francois: New Method for Double Bass — This method took the double bass world by storm when it was first published. Introducing a set of six positions that utilize pivoting to reach notes was quite a departure from other technical approaches.

Classical Guitar Methods & Etudes | Various Composers

This book organizes the left hand into a precise measuring device, with diatonic, semi-chromatic, and chromatic positions that use the thumb as an anchor point. This book will change your upper position approach and open up many new possibilities.

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Most major bass teachers say that students are about two years behind in the bowing technique department compared to their left hand technique. This book is great for fixing that disparity. The transcription is available for download here: Aligning the choruses vertically makes it easy to spot phrases that appear multiple times as the tune progresses.

Each note was labelled according to its function relating to the harmony — either a chord tone, scalar approach note or chromatic approach.

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Some notes have dual functions , where they are both chord tones and act as an approach note into the next bar. So here you have it — 2 choruses of small, easily digestible fragments that have been distilled from a larger pool of source material:.

Memorise the etude. Tom Kenrick.

November 24, 7: No Comments on Learning By Stealing. What Did I Do? This is a transcription graph: Analysed the harmonic content of the lines Each note was labelled according to its function relating to the harmony — either a chord tone, scalar approach note or chromatic approach.