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Brilliantly written by a prize-winning historian, The Unfinished Journey, Eighth William H. Chafe portrays the significant cultural and political themes that have. Trove: Find and get Australian resources. Books, images, historic newspapers, maps, archives and more. The unfinished journey by William Henry Chafe, , Oxford University Press edition, in English - 3rd ed.

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The Guns of August - Barbara W. Tuchman - The Pulitzer Prize-Winning Classic About the Outbreak of. Reconstruction Updated Edition Eric Foner PDF America's Unfinished Revolution, Abraham Lincoln and Civil War America William E. Gienapp PDF A Biography. The unfinished journey: America since World War II External-identifier: urn: acs6:unfinishedjourne00chaf:pdfb1b05f-6adf-. The Unfinished Journey: America Since World War II William H. Chafe. Brilliantly written by a prize-winning historian, The Unfinished Journey, Eighth Edition, considers both the paradoxes and the II by William H. Chafe ebook PDF download.

Feb 01, Jeff Kelleher rated it did not like it As awful as a history text could be. Isaiah Berlin, a far more competent historian than Mr. William H. Chafe, maintained that the first duty of the historian is to rigorously say what happened. One would think that principle applied with special force to the author of a twelfth-grade history text, but Mr. Chafe seems never to have heard of such a concept. This supposed textbook is not history at all, but a personal essay, subjective and slanted.

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The pdf chafe unfinished journey

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The Unfinished Journey: America Since World War II by William Henry Chafe

You also may not turn in the same paper for two different classes. As for threat to our homeland, Chafe neglects to mention that the Soviet Union had more nuclear warheads aimed at our territory than we had aimed at theirs.

Ah, but the Soviets were pure of heart, I guess. That's why they were no threat.

The unfinished journey

There are small errors that are trivial in themselves, but illustrative of his carelessness. He puts "Casablanca" in the wrong year, for example. No big deal, except he had just detained us with a long discourse on the movies of the era, strutting his expertise.

No true movie buff would commit the "Casablanca" gaffe. In addition to pure errors, Chafe is distortively selective. He expatiates about "big business", labor, "consumerism", and social welfare.

5 qtd in william h chafe the unfinished journey

But he says nothing at all on the larger subject of the contending schools of economic thought, one of he most consequential intellectual debates of the century only a few offhand disparagments of "ideological" Reaganomics. The errors and distortions are especially obvious in his treatment of the Vietnam War. He devotes a hundred pages to it, but he says nothing about the military strategies of the contending sides, their strengths and weaknesses.

Chafe features, as an emblem of "the end result" of the war, the notorious quote from an American officer that "we had to destroy the village in order to save it". He identifies the village as Bien Hoa. Bien Hoa is not a village at all, but a large urban suburb of Saigon, and the site of a huge U. The actual village was Ben Suc, a rural hamlet in the communist-controlled Iron Triangle to the north. No one with even a rudimentary knowledge of the country would make this mistake.

It is equivalent to confusing London with Antwerp. His ignorance is not just geographical, but racial and cultural as well. He subscribes to the racialist notion, reminiscent of the Jim Crow South, that the Vietnamese people are different from us, innately primitive and sluggish, unsuited to democracy and uninterested in freedom.

The unfinished journey : America since World War II

As part of the evidence, he delivers to our children the old s shibboleth about the Vietnamese language "not even having a word for the personal pronoun 'I'". This is not just incorrect, but laughable. He overflows with opinions about Vietnam, but knows next to nothing of he place. Chafe almost crows over the My Lai massacre of civilians, an isolated crime by a renegade platoon, and holds it to be "the ultimate consequence" of the general American attitude. But he holds the systematic, high-command-ordered communist execution of civilians at Hue the same year to be so inconsequential as not to be worth mentioning.

Instead of history, this book is in the nature of a sermon. Chafe is like the fundamentalist preacher who simply assumes everyone shares his belief in the literal truth of The Creation, and if you don't, well, that's proof of your moral degeneracy. Someone once said "No life is completlely wasted.