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Welcome to the Current Affairs Quiz Question & Answers Section of GKToday. This section is a repository of more than ten thousand Multiple Choice questions . GK General Knowledge questions and answers for Competitive exam 80% OFF on + RRB,SBI,More Mock Tests Series and Current Affairs PDF. If you really want to be ready for competition exams then download latest current affairs questions and answers PDF and read current affairs quiz questions.

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We collected some important Current Affairs Quiz Questions and Answers from our , , , daily quiz data base and make it as. Welcome to the Current Affairs Quiz Question & Answers , , Section of AffairsCloud. This section is Current Affairs Questions and Answers PDF. Current Affairs questions and answers with explanation for interview, All students, freshers can download Current Affairs quiz questions with answers as PDF.

Answer: Ministry of External Affairs, India. Answer: Jharkhand. Question No 3 3rd edition of Swachh Shakti was held in which city on February 12, ? Answer: Kurukshetra. Answer: Jaish-e-Mohammed JeM.

The Nigerian to win a Nobel Laureate is? Wole Soyinka C was established in what year? Nigeria Civil War started and ended in what year?

GK & Current Affairs- January - Current Affairs GK Questions & Answers

Nigeria changed to use of naira and kobo in what year? The largest continent in the world is? ASIA The youngest judge in the whole world is John Payton The first military coup carried out in Nigeria was in Who formed the first political party in Nigeria?

Answer: Herbert Macauly Answer: NNDP Who is the current president of Nigeria? Who is the current vice president of Nigeria? What does the eagle in the Nigerian coat of arm represent?

When the electorate vote for representatives who is turn vote on their behalf we say it is Answer: an indirect election Who was the first female editor of a daily newspaper? Doyin Abiola Who was the first Nigerian female novelist? Mrs Flora Nwakpa Who was the first female winner of an Olympic gold medal? Miss Chioma Ajunwa Who was the first female Senior Advocate of Nigeria? Mrs Folake Solanke Who was the first female Vice Chancellor?

201 Nigeria Current Affairs 2019 Questions and Answers You must Know [UPDATED]

Grace Alele Williams Who was the first female Pilot? Mrs Chinyere Onyemaucheya Who was the first female Judge? Who was the first female Political Activist? Mrs Margaret Ekpo Who was the first female Deputy Inspector General of Police? Mrs Bisi Ugowe Who was the first female Doctor?

Current Affairs Questions and Answers PDF

Dr Elizabeth Awonyi Abimbola Who was the first female Governor in Nigeria? Mrs Virginia Etiaba Who was the first female to download a car? Mrs Efuroye Tinubu Who was the first female to drive a car? Mrs Olufunmilayo Ransome Kuti Who was the first female Speaker of the House of Assembly? Kakistocracy: is the government by the worst class of citizens.

Oligarchy: this is the government by the rich influential class of citizens.

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Rule of law: this is the restriction of the arbitrary exercise of power by subordinating it to well-defined and established laws. It's the supremacy of law over everybody. Political party: this consist of a group of people with distinct aims and objectives involving in political activities seeking to obtain control of government. Dictatorship: this is a system of government under a military ruler. It's a ruler who doesn't Consult anyone but takes decision himself. Monarchy: this is also known as kingship.

It's when the ruler King rules for his lifetime and passes the position to his blood as an inheritance. Autocracy: this is a government by a sovereign government with uncontrollable authority. Amnesty: is a general pardon by a government to a certain class of offenders. Election: This is a system of selecting a ruler by voting. Answer: Riots 22 The branch of government responsible for implementing laws is the Answer: Executives In a democracy , sovereignty is vested in Answer: The community Universal Adult Suffrage means all Answer: Qualified citizens can vote A bill that applies to the whole population and is intended to promote the general welfare is called Answer: An Appropriation bill Current Affairs Questions and Answers About Government and Society 1 A human community that is usually cohesive and homogeneous is A nation B kinship C clan D nation 2 Which of the following made the earliest contact with the Nigerian society?

A decree D a legislative order 12 The principles of checks and balances empowers the judiciary to A invalidate the actions of other arms B administer the criminal justice system C abrogate the law D apply the law 13 In a parliamentary, the term shadow cabinet is often used to refer to A back benchers in the house B.

Deputy prime minister and assistant ministers C rebellious members of the ruling party D portfolio designates. Of the party in opposition.

Supremacy at the constitution B rationality of human being C quality of human being D love for social justice. Of nation as A occupy territory B trust territories. The military coup of July 25, which topped general Yakubu Gowon from power took place when he was attending which important event? OAU Summit in Kampala b. The Olympic Games 2. Which of the following political parties did not participate in the General Elections in Nigeria?

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Unity Party of Nigeria b. National Party of Nigeria c. Social Democratic Party 3. Justice Fatai Williams c. Justice Salihu Modibbo Alfa Belgore d.

Justice Isa Mohammed 4. The British took over Nigeria through a. Negotiation b Bargaining c. War d The Sea 5. Which of the following courts served as the highest judicial organ for Nigeria up till ?

Supreme court b.

Federal Court of Appeal c. Appellate court 6. To approve the independence of Nigeria b. To allay the fears of minorities in Nigeria c.

To amalgamate Northern and Southern Nigeria. To make Lagos a British colony 7. Into how many local government areas is Nigeria officially delineated? Laws made by State government are known as a.

Edicts b Bye law c Acts d Decrease 9. The centenary anniversary of the amalgamation of Northern and southern Nigeria will be celebrated in a.


Which of these men introduced indirect rule in Nigeria?