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Jul 30, Dear Readers, In this article we are sharing English Grammar Aptitude Test Questions Answers pdf. You can use this material for your. Questions. (With questions and answers). JobTestPrep invites you to a free practice session that Non-verbal - Twelve Inductive/Logical Reasoning questions. English aptitude questions answers (MCQ) includes Verbal Ability Questions Answers and One Word Substitution Questions Answers with explanations.

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Verbal Ability questions and answers with explanation for interview, All students, freshers can download Verbal Ability quiz questions with answers as PDF. booklet and the Answer-sheet before commencement of the test. The duration of . (C) (D) Section - III: Language Comprehension (English and Hindi). Verbal Ability questions and answers with explanation for interview, competitive examination and entrance test. Fully solved examples with detailed answer.

So, to help them we have focused on the Aptitude section. Aptitude Questions and Answers will be the most critical part of your Recruitment or Placement Tests. There are many reasons for these situations. One of the main reason is candidates are not able to find different models. Even though they find the models, they are not able to get the Answers as well as the Solutions. This resulting them in not knowing the method to solve those particular model problems. These Quantitative Aptitude Questions with Answers and Solutions will surely cover many topics and categories.

Refrain from smoking. He is rich. He is kind.

Pdf questions english answers aptitude and

He may be innocent. I do not know. The thief entered the room. He found it empty. The boy got his leg badly injured. He was playing hockey. Women's boxing is yet to be recognized as an Olympic support, If that happens the dream of most of the tough girls may come true. B Though boxing is a very tough sport many women are seen willing to take up professional boxing now a days. The first sentence says that women's boxing has not been recognized as an Olympic sport. Sentence A follows with the idea that the IBA is campaigning towards including it in the Olympics.

Taking up boxing as a profession or getting a government job as mentioned in sentences B and C cannot be a great 'dream' to be fulfilled which is the idea stated in the last sentence. Male Vanity is no different from female's in Face, a confident man no longer shies away from stating his deep interest in beautifying his appearance.

English - Verbal Ability Questions and Answers

A Western cosmetic houses have spent millions of dollars researching this: B Today's urban male spends as much on beauty products as his female counterpart. C It is perhaps the fastest growing market segment of the feel good, look good industry. The opening sentence talks about 'male vanity'. The last sentence states that he doesn't 'shy away' anymore.

Hence we need something in between to make it more coherent. In fact, the opening and the last sentence along with all the three given choices make a complete paragraph as the idea of feel good, look good expressed in C is followed by the interest shown by man in the final sentence. If you can't give every student a computer, at least give them a mouse each.

A According to a recent study, it was seen that at least five students worked on a single computer in government schools. B This will help them use the same computer simultaneously for the cost of a few extra mice.

C Each mouse will have a different cursor color and all of them are displayed on the monitor.

The opening sentence introduces us to the idea of using multiple mice in a computer. Sentence B tells us its benefits have been the reason for the development of this software by the Microsoft. This has nothing to do with the statistics given in A. Sentence C defines the product and hence can follow the last sentence.

Although the share of agriculture in the overall GDP has declined from around 40 per cent in 81 to below 20 per cent in , its importance to the Indian economy can hardly be over emphasized. A Fiscal deficits as a proportion of the GDP have come down but are still high by global standards. B Infrastructure deficiencies can hold back further grown in the agriculture sector. C Recent Volatility in agricultural production has had its impact not only on economic but on price stability as well. The opening sentence highlights the importance of agriculture in the Indian economy.

Sentence C follows emphasizing the fact that volatility in agriculture production can have various undesirable impacts. Hence we have to revitalize agricultural field and this is the idea given in the last sentence. The other two sentences talk about 'fiscal deficits' and infrastructure deficiencies in the agricultural sector which are irrelevant in the given context.

Poverty is hitting increasing numbers of women, and it is hitting them harder, The percentage of female-headed households varies from thirty to forty percent in some south and south-east Asian countries, to almost half of all households in developing as well as in industrial countries. A This 'feminisation' of poverty is linked closely to the increase in poor female-headed households in developing as well as in industrial countries.

B The greatest burden of the world economic recession is increasingly borne by those least able to sustain it: C Low-income women have sought paid work to compensate for decline in household income. Only statement A can be inserted between the two given sentences. The first sentence talks about increasing number of women being hit hard by poverty. Statement A which talks about the increase in poor female-headed households in developing countries follows the first statement and ideally precedes the last statement which talks about the percentage of female-headed households in Asian and African countries.

He is, no doubt, very clever. He will fall into my trap. A Although he is clever B If he is clever, he will fall C In spite of being clever he The two sentences express contradictory ideas. Hence conjunctions like 'though' can combine the sentences meaningfully.

He is too headstrong. He will not listen to advice. A Unless he is too headstrong B If he is too headstrong C He is so headstrong that Both the sentences talk about the same person. One qualifies the other. The conjunctions 'so But B begins with 'if' and hence is incorrect. The dog is a very faithful animal. The dog is the most loving pet.

A Besides being a very faithful animal, the dog is B Since the dog is a very faithful animal C The dog is a very faithful animal and Both the sentences state the quality or characteristics of the dog. Hence 'and' and 'besides being' can be used to express the idea without any distortion.

General English Questions and Answers for Competitive Exam

But the sentences do not suggest the idea that the dog is a 'loving pet since it is a faithful animal'. Hence starter B is inappropriate. They will not win the match. It is certain. A It is certain that they B Although it is certain C Unless they win the match The second sentence ascertains or affirms the first statement.

Hence starter A, which uses 'that', is the best way of combining these sentences. The use of 'although' or 'unless' distorts the meaning.

There is an increase in the incidents of violence these days. The police have tightened security. A Because there is an increase B As there is an increase C While there is an increase The reason for the security being tightened is because of the increase in the incidents of violence.

This is conveyed in A and B. As the sentence talks about the past it is apt to say. The prices of essential commodities has risen unprecedentedly, causing a lot of hardship to the common man. Your admission into this university will be dependent on the marks you score in the entrance examination.

The verb 'pursued' should not be followed by any preposition, this makes choices A , B and C incorrect. The organization aims to providing with satellite-based data on climate-relevent information with highest possible levels of accuracy and realiability.

Underwater archaeology has huge potential, as it could be a time-consuming and costly way to study the past. Each galaxy is surrounded by a giant sphere of dark matter more than 10 times so wide as the visible portion of the galaxy. Studies have revealed what more is the reason people are asked to come up with in support of an idea, the less value they ascribe to each. A history B progress C modernity D retrogression E liberalism. Let us play chess A. She wants to become engineer A.

He hopes to join university soon A. This is car I bought yesterday A. Option D Synonyms Questions and Answers 1.

Remote A. Automatic B. Distant C. Savage D. Mean Answer: Option B Explanation: Remote means faraway, or distant Synonyms Questions and Answers 2. Detest A. Argue B. Hate C. Discover D. Reveal Answer: Gracious A. Pretty B. Clever C. Pleasant D. Present Answer: Option C Explanation: Predict A. Foretell B. Decide C. Prevent D. Discover Answer: Option A Explanation: Kin A. Exult B. Twist C. Friend D. Relative Answer: Option D Explanation: Withdraw A. Reduce B. Need C.

Advance D. Want Answer: To withdraw means to remove or retreat; to advance is the opposite of retreat Antonyms Questions and Answers 2. Secret A. Friendly B. Covert C. Hidden D. Overt Answer: Secret means hidden or covert; Overt means open to view Antonyms Questions and Answers 3. Heartfelt A. Loving B. Insincere C. Unhealthy D. Humorous Answer: Heartfelt means expressing genuine feeling, or sincere, so Insincere is its opposite Antonyms Questions and Answers 4.

Impartial A. Hostile B. Biased C. Dislike D. Worried Answer: Luminous A.

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Clear B. Dim C. Brittle D. Clever Answer: Luminous means radiating or reflecting light, or glowing; Dim means dark or dull Prepositions Questions and Answers 1. Take this medicine and you will get rid the bad cold A. Option A Prepositions Questions and Answers 2. I am angry with him his carelessness. Option C Prepositions Questions and Answers 3. Option D Prepositions Questions and Answers 4. Option D Prepositions Questions and Answers 5. Arun is married to Bobby. Everyone in this universe is accountable to God his actions.

After that spend more time on the questions and concentrate on it. So that you can easily get some knowledge about what type of questions are asking by TCS. Also, you can easily get your weak points in areas. So without wasting your valuable time, focus on the topics also aspirants need to manage the time at the time of solving the Online Aptitude Test.

Well, many of the people are looking to get the proper and exact questions along with the answers. To get furthermore updates stuff just go through the below sections.

TCS Aptitude Questions and Answers PDF Download MCQ Quiz Online Test

We all know that the Aptitude Test consists of many tricky and typical questions. Candidates need to think and answer for all the questions. Also, many of the aspirants are eager to know about the selection process. For those people, we have given an entire overview regarding the selection process. The online aptitude test consists of questions from various sections such as aptitude, reasoning, English and coding.

All the candidates need to clear the online test within the time limit. After that, the company will filter the suitable candidates into next levels. At first Technical round and lastly HR Round. In general, aptitude test consists of more features and it is designed and used for the career and employment arrangement.

Aptitude pdf and answers english questions

And also the intelligence tests will be helpful and useful for the educational and research purposes. Every year many of the aspirants are selecting in TCS. Many of the benefits are applicable to the TCS Employees. So aspirants need to click on the link and download. After completion of a downloading process, save it according to your availability and prepare well.

Therefore you have to download it and prepare well.