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Keywords: Gräfenberg spot, G-spot, anterior vaginal wall Volume I, , Number 2: MEDICAL BIOLOGY STUDIES, CLINICAL STUDIES. women who had powerful orgasms when their G-spot was stimulated. Anecdotes aside, there are only 2 pub- lished studies of the effects of specific stimulation. seven deadly sins series are you search spot 2 revenge the 7th deadly sin g spot 2 come to right website. g spot 2 pdf ebook - buddhalabs - g spot 2 pdf ebook.

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2. high level arousal/stimulate g-spot. work yourself into a high state of [pdf]free g spot download book g tvnovellas.info g-spot - wikipedia thu. Related G Spot 2 The Seven Deadly Sins Holiday Box Set. mb ebook g spot 2 the seven deadly sins holiday box set books 1 3 pri by. g tvnovellas.info - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. sexuality [Normal View ] Table 2 Length of the movement of the clitoris under perineal.

Tel: 33 0 1 39 27 42 41; Fax: 33 0 1 39 73 10 00; E-mail: pfoldes club-internet. The existence of the G-spot remains controversial partly because no appropriate structure and innervation have been clearly demonstrated in this pleasurable vaginal area. Using sonography, we wanted to visualize the movements of the clitoris and its anatomical relationship with the anterior wall of the vagina during voluntary perineal contraction and vaginal penetration without sexual stimulation. The aim of this presentation is to provide a dynamic sonographic study of the clitoris and to describe the movements of the quiescent clitoral complex during a voluntary perineal contraction. We aim to visualize the mechanical consequences of the pressure of the anterior vaginal wall with women who claim to have a special sensitivity of the G-spot area and vaginal orgasm. Histology and immunohistochemistry of the G-spot and other female genital tissues are beyond the scope of this study and have not been discussed.

As your urethral sponge grows more swollen and sensitive, bear down with your pelvic muscles. Women's experiences of ejaculation can range from simply feeling more wet than usual to shooting jets of fluid We are pleased that female ejaculation is now acknowledged as a genuine sexual response, but we don't like to see it promoted as a new goal that every woman should stive to achieve.

The paraurethral sponge is a dense concentration of blood vessels wrapped around the urethra with the largest portion under the urethra next to the outer wall of the vagina. Within the sponge is the paraurethral gland.

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This gland produces a watery fluid which is sometimes called ejaculate. Big surprise. The commonly heard term, Grafenberg, or "G" spot, refers to the place in the vagine where one can stimulate the sponge. It is about two inches up from the entrance to the vagina towards to front of the body. To find it, put your fingers inside your vagina with the finger tips towards your front and move the fingers up and down.

The sponge swells when stimulated, and you may feel like you have to pee, or it may give you a pleasurable sensation.

One of the more hotly contested debates concerns whether women can ejaculate. Reports have generally dismissed as tales told by women trying to cover up the fact that they'd "wet the bed. Beverly Whipple is one of the several sex researchers who have conducted studies on female ejaculation, and her findings, while not definitive, are intriguing.

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Whipple and others have analyzed women's "ejaculate" and found that it is chemically similar to men's ejaculate. They've also idenitified tiny glands embedded in the dense tissues surrounding the urethra that may be the source of this fluid.


So, if all women have these glands, why don't we all ejaculate when we climax, just like men do? Researchers speculate that the amount of fluid varies, as it does in men, and may at times be so small as to not be noticed; may be confused with other vaginal secretions that occur during arousal; or, during heterosexual sex, may be mistaken for a man's ejaculate.

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Does any of this matter? Some people find it preposterous the idea that women have have Prostate glands. But as Whipple says, "Women who experience this have reported secretly suppressing orgasms out of fear of wetting the bed. The New Our Bodies, Ourselves by the Boston Women's Health Book Collective: "Two researches have recently identified what they call the Grafenberg spot G-spot , a sensitive area just behind the front wall of the vagina between the back of the pubic bone and the cervix.

In this study, the G-spot complex was detected anatomically in all eight cadavers, and the tissues were shown histologically by staining with hematoxylin and eosin in two randomized cases In a recent article by Hoag et al.

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In these two separate cadaver studies, it is confusing that the G-spot was defined at a rate of one hundred percent in one study yet the other study could not define it at a rate of one hundred percent. Studies are contradictory. It was stated in some previous reserach that perhaps the G-spot was formed with a pudendal nerve innervation in areas that varied from person to person in the front side of the vagina instead of a same specific area in everybody 1.

In a previous study that was conducted by asking questions to patients, there were participants in the first large-scale G-spot self-reported questionnaire study. In this study, the G-spot identification rates were determined as high as It was determined that approximately 3 years after the age of the first relationship, people were found to have reached orgasm through sexual intercourse, and they discovered the sensitive region of the vagina about 6 years after the first orgasm In this study, however, the sampling consisted of nurses, sex therapists, and counselors who had a high-level of education and who were very familiar with these issues The high rates may be due to the nature of the sampling.

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In this study conducted on twins to investigate the genetic basis of G-spot existence, no genetic basis was found. The reason for this may be that people cannot discover their G-spot via environmental factors In this study, the oldest patient was aged 83 years, and the rate of elderly participants who stated that the G-spot existed was lower.

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This result is not surprising. In our study, the rate of participants who believed in the existence of the G-spot was found as This ratio is compatible with the literature The percentage of those who thought that there was a G-spot in the university graduate group was high. In a similar study, there was no difference between the levels of education and the responses In our study, the difference between the levels of education and the G-spot groups could be due to the change in the understandability of the problem with education.

Another possibility is that college graduates who use the right resources for accessing information more accurately can have higher G-spot awareness or greater exposure to media. People may have discovered their bodies better by reading and practicing what they read. Filling materials such as hyaluronic acid, autologous oil injections, and G-spot augmentations are rapidly increasing worldwide today.

In a case report with autologous fat injection, no change was determined in the sexual function questionnaire before and after the application and there was no increase in experiencing orgasms The vagina is a dynamic organ that plays an active role in sexual intercourse.

Anatomic relationships and dynamic interactions between the clitoris, urethra, and anterior vaginal wall have led to the concept of a clitourethrovaginal complex, which defines a versatile, functional area that may induce orgasmic responses when properly stimulated during penetration It is emphasized that this means a broader meaning beyond a spot.

It was emphasized that this result was secondary to more stimuli due to the increased pressure on the vaginal wall and nerve extensions of the clitoris into the vagina Those who think that G-spot exists have higher genital perception and sexual function scores compared with other participants.

In light of the above studies, it is not wrong to claim that women are more vaginally stimulated when they feel that there is a G-spot. In this group, another reason that the genital perception scores may have been perceived as high might be due to the fact that the sexual functions were good in this group, higher than the group that claimed that there was no G-spot.

It is known that the self-image of the person affects sexual functions, which proves this In our study, the weak positive correlation could be attributed to the multifactorial nature of female sexuality.