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Read God of War () comic online free and high quality. Fast loading speed, unique reading type: All pages - just need to scroll to read next page. Kratos, God of War, has returned! His war on the gods of Olympus long past, Kratos builds a new life for himself in the remote Norse wilds. God of War ( series) Complete. Add favorites. , 0. God of War ( series) Complete. Publisher: WildStorm / Collections Pictures: 6 Issues.

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God Of War #1 () FREE Comics Download on CBR CBZ Format. Download FREE DC, Marvel, Image, Dark Horse, Dynamite, IDW, Oni. God of War is a six-issue American comic book limited series set in the God of War universe. The series was written by Marv Wolfman. 6 Articles. The Art of God of War (). Other Comics God of War is a six-issue American comic book limited series set in the God of War universe. The series.

Steinberg, Vice President of Product Marketing at Sony Computer Entertainment America said, "we are thrilled to work with the world's largest comic book publisher to bring one of our most beloved PlayStation franchises Wolfman said that he had already played the first two games, so there was no research to be done and "it's because [he] loved the game that [he] wanted to do the comic. Wolfman said that Santa Monica ensured the mythology was consistent while revealing new facts about Kratos' past. He introduced new characters, including Kratos' wife—who appeared in the games but was never named. He stated the final script was a combination of his ideas and Santa Monica's character-appropriate dialog.

Given until the next full moon, General Kratos travels with a host of Spartans to find the Ambrosia.

During this period, he takes counsel from Captain Nikos, his superior in the Spartan army who instructs him about the Spartan code of honor. Each will choose a champion who is in search of the Ambrosia, with the successful god receiving an award e.

A desperate Hades kills Nikos, who sacrifices himself to save Kratos, passing on the rank of Captain. After being almost burned alive, Kratos drowns his foe and successfully retrieves the Ambrosia, but as he leaves, he and his Spartan troops are ambushed by Alrik's horde of barbarians.

Alrik uses the head of Danaus to summon rocs to attack Kratos as he flies away on a similar bird with the stolen Ambrosia. Kratos pursues Alrik on a captured roc, knowing that although his men will be taken to the Underworld, they will be honored in Sparta for their sacrifices.

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Alrik and Kratos battle, during which, the waterskin containing the Ambrosia is punctured, spraying both men. Alrik critically wounds the Spartan, who is subsequently healed thanks to the Ambrosia.

Having also been covered with the Ambrosia, Alrik is revived only to be killed once again until the Ambrosia is spent. Kratos then escapes and returns to Sparta with the Ambrosia, saving his daughter, and giving the King of Sparta the rest of the elixir, who then officially awards Kratos the rank of Captain in the Spartan Army.

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An outraged Gyges explains that Kratos had thwarted the Giant's plan to use the elixir to resurrect his brothers Briareus and Cottus , and then reclaim the world. Kratos uses his Leviathan axe throughout the game but later he will also get another weapon.

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We don't want to spoil the fun here - the only thing we can say is that the combat system and the combination of the two weapons is extremally satisfying. You can spend a lot of time on exploring the world and discovering various secrets.

Certain locations and even whole realms are completely optional. A great example of that are Muspelheim and Niflheim - both realms offer a lot of content but you don't have to visit them to complete the main storyline.

Character progression is a newly added feature - you can upgrade the main character, buy new moves, upgrade gear and modify attacks with runes. As for the difficulty, everyone will find something interesting. The default difficulty level can be challenging while the highest levels are reserved for the most skilled players.

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Battles with Valkyries done on higher levels resemble more challenging fights in Dark Souls. The game is full of Nordic mythology which is conveyed perfectly. We can listen to tales, meet interesting characters and visit different realms.

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Currently, this is game has the highest rating among all PS4 exclusives. The quality can be felt everywhere - God of War is a polished title that offers a memorable adventure even for the most demanding players.

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God of War update 1. This patch is numbered 1. The official bugs, as stated by Sony, that have been fixed with this update are "Added UI fix" and "God of War version 1. In other words, the update 1. Sony continuous supporting its game by releasing new patches every day that improve the performance of the already good game.

Without arms and now unable to reach the Ambrosia, Gyges was forced to wait for Kratos' return. During the battle, Kratos reveals that he seeks to destroy the elixir to prevent the worshipers of the slain god Ares from resurrecting their master.

Mike Murphy of Platform Nation stated that although the comic series serves as a good prequel to the video game series, "the story is bogged down by horrible art Despite being written by Marv Wolfman, he said the story does not satisfy fans of the video game series: "I didn't think the story made much sense, and it doesn't contribute to the overall lore of the universe; it just seems to be setting Kratos up for another fetch-quest.

That right there is a premise to a whole new God of War game. They said it is very murky and washed out with black.

Although there is some realism in the art, it does not match the art of the games. They also noted a mistake with the flashback scenes, as in these scenes, it shows Kratos with his ash-white skin, but this complexion did not occur until after he slayed his family. They did praise it for being gory like the games, and said "While the art may be iffy, it does have an excellent atmosphere of darkness and constant betrayal. Heroes World Blog. Archived from the original on November 20, Retrieved September 17,