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Sat, 20 Oct GMT the moneychangers arthur hailey pdf - The moneychangers 1st ed. by. Arthur Hailey. Published. by Doubleday in. the moneychangers (pdf) by arthur hailey (ebook). Nobody does it like Hailey-the godfather of the hugely popular, phenomenally successful, blockbuster. a pdf download the moneychangers by arthur hailey read pdf online, you can download them in pdf format from our website. basic file format that can be.

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The moneychangers by Arthur Hailey, , Doubleday edition, in English - 1st ed. Upton Sinclair ebooks | Download PDF | *ePub | DOC | audiobook gutenberg | the moneychangers by arthur hailey fantastic fiction | the moneychangers main. hundreds times for their chosen novels like this the moneychangers, but end up in Wheels () is a novel by Arthur Hailey, concerning the automobile.

As the novel begins, the position of CEO of one of America's largest banks, First Mercantile American very loosely based on the Bank of America, although it is located in an unnamed Midwestern city is about to become vacant due to the terminal illness of Ben Roselli, the incumbent chief, whose grandfather founded the bank. Two high-ranking executives groomed for the succession begin their personal combat for the position. One, Alex Vandervoort, is honest, hard-charging, and focused on growing FMA through retail banking and embracing emerging technology; the other, Roscoe Heyward, is suave, hypocritical, and skilled in boardroom politics, and favors catering more to business than to consumers. As readers increasingly appreciate Vandervoort, the protagonist, they learn of his troubled personal life. His advancement in banking circles has come as his marriage is failing; his wife is confined to a psychiatric facility.

She is also related to Edwina D'Orsey, as she is her first cousin. Meanwhile, Vandervoort's antagonist , Heyward, is depicted as a devout Episcopalian who strives to maintain an air of personal integrity and morality, only to slowly sacrifice them both in his pursuit of the presidency of FMA.

As these men pursue their battle for the soon-to-be-vacant position of CEO, various issues involving the banking industry, such as credit card fraud , embezzlement , inflation, subprime lending , and insider trading are discussed. First Mercantile American is eventually revealed to have a doppelganger in the form of an organized crime family. The fight for control of the bank continues under the darkening clouds of an approaching economic recession.

Roscoe is manipulated into making a large, illegal and toxic loan to Supranational Corporation SuNatCo , a multinational conglomerate loosely based on International Telephone and Telegraph , with certain elements of Penn Central run by the powerful, unscrupulous CEO, G. It turns out that SuNatCo is on the verge of bankruptcy, using the bank's loan in a vain attempt to keep afloat.

The Moneychangers

The ensuing scandal causes a bank run and panic among depositors, shareholders, and employees, with the perpetrator committing suicide rather than facing the consequences of his actions. By the vote of the board of directors, Vandervoort assumes the position of CEO of the half-ruined bank. Real-life background[ edit ] The Moneychangers was written before the wave of USA bank mergers that began in the s.

Under current conditions it is difficult to believe that a maimed bank, as First Mercantile American is described as being by the end of the book, could continue in business as an independent firm. Likewise, the novel predates the technological revolution and its effect on the financial services sector, with computers replacing the personal contact that characterized banking relationships when the book was written.

For example, one of the book's characters, Lewis D'Orsey, is a savvy investment advisor who writes a high-priced newsletter that is typewritten and mailed to subscribers. With the technology of today, this same newsletter would be a website with the creator having a cable TV show or webcast to disseminate his advice. One of the banking innovations that Hailey mentioned in The Moneychangers is Docutel , an automated teller machine , Hailey , p.

In the novel, Jill Peacock, a journalist, interviewed First Mercantile American Bank executive VP, Alexander Vandervoort, in a suburban shopping plaza where the bank had installed the first two stainless-steel Docutel automatic tellers. Vandervoort, whose clothes looked like they were from the "fashion section of Esquire" and who had the "mannerisms a la Johnny Carson", was not at all like the classical solemn, cautious banker in a double-breasted, dark blue suit.

Peacock compared him to the new ATMs which embodied modern banking. After Airport,Hotel and Wheels,this Hailey bestseller is the story of a bank. Currency and credit card fraud,embezzlement,the mafia and the jockeying for power in the boardroom are elements which are skilfully combined to create a suspenseful story.

Changers arthur pdf money hailey

This is a novel about greed, corruption and the consequences that follow. May 29, Harshita rated it really liked it. This book is no different. This book is about an American bank First Mercantile American in s. At the start of the book, Ben Rosseli , the president of the bank announces that he has incurable lung cancer and will die soon.

Consequently, the two vice-presidents, Alex Vandervoot and Roscoe Hayward start aggressive campaigning for the post of the president. Both characters are well-developed with shades of grey. Roscoe Hayward is in a loveless asexual marriage and believes that wooing big businesses is the way forward for the bank.

Alex Vandervoot is in a relationship outside of his marriage with a left-wing activist lawyer and his own wife is in an asylum due to schizophrenia. He is more populist and public-friendly in his vision for the bank. An insider robbery also makes side-plot in the novel and is written rather well. The functioning of the bank branches is described very well by Arthur Hailey.

The most impressive detail according to me was about ATMs. The patent for first ATM was given in Arthur Hailey managed to predict such a major change in banking. This is the depth of detail to which he went in his novels! I believe that a book review should be detailed enough to engage and intrigue a reader but crisp enough to not reveal any major plot-lines.

With this thought I end my review and recommend this book for readers of good old-fashioned fiction. Apr 22, Pawan rated it really liked it.

When I read this book, Banks were just boring place for me where you go to put your money or take it out. The story has all the drama and feel of a thriller but at the same time teaches you a lot. The protagonist of the book is running for the top position at the Bank an http: The protagonist of the book is running for the top position at the Bank and has to fight a rival to get there.

The story revolves around this fight between two ambitious individuals and takes us into murky politics of power in Banking industry. But the beauty of book for me was not in the main story.

Arthur pdf changers money hailey

There were many sub-plots and details about various functions of Bank which made it more interesting for me. There are two specific things which are still fresh in my mind about this book. There is a depiction in the story about how a rumour can ruin a Bank if suddenly all the depositors come to the Bank to withdraw the money. The Banking industry works on the basis of taking money from people and then investing it to make more money. If everybody comes to ask their money back at the same time, no Bank would be able to return it and would go bankrupt.

Banking works on trust of depositors and if that is lost, Bank is gone. Much later I had read a short story to the similar effect but more about that some other time.

In this book, the protagonist saves the Bank by making sure that all the people who turned up to get their money got it, but in reality it will most likely result in bankruptcy.

Another incident is about a teller who is able to keep track of her cash to the last penny while doing all the transactions and how her ability saves her from the accusation of theft. Overall, a great book.

I am able to remember so much even after 20 years. I wish I could remember my text books like that.

Arthur Hailey | LibraryThing

Jan 05, L. You like my book? Gee, thanks. Just bought it. Sound familiar? Sep 14, Raunak Ramakrishnan rated it really liked it. An Arthur Hailey classic on the innards of the Banking System before the now ubiquitous internet banking. The plot winds its way through counterfeiting, bank heists, phony companies and general corporate culture in the largest banks.

A very interesting read. Feb 25, Teddy rated it liked it. This book is left of center. Had a good plot that kept my interest. Had some bad language. I wouldn't reccommed you download it. I read it because it was handy. Dec 17, Tao rated it really liked it. Maybe a little outdated, but still a good read. A very informative thriller about banking, fake money, and crimes. View 1 comment. Amusing, but very dated. Not recommended for the faint of heart, as it contains some pretty heavy stuff.

Good if you're really bored. Not as good as the other books I have read by him, but I gave it an extra star because I happened to be working for Bank of America at the time and a lot of it rang true. Very good novel once you get past all the info on banking the first couple of chapters.

Jul 13, Mugizi Rwebangira rated it really liked it. This is another pulpy thriller I read as a kid. I am just now realizing how many trashy 70s bestsellers I managed to read back in the 80s. This one deals with the banking industry. Actually as I am writing this review I am realizing how many similarities it has with the only other Arthur Hailey book I've read: Now that I think about it, I am curious if books like these are bestsellers anymore?

It's as if people are more into the supernatural or the very personal and are not as interested in society as a whole. Oct 29, Debapriya Ghosh rated it really liked it Shelves: Reread this after a long time.

[PDF] Arthur Hailey: Reading List - Wheels The Moneychangers Overload Strong Medicine The Evening

Actually, I didn't even realize that I had read this earlier, way back in my teens, until a few plot-lines started to appear familiar. Arthur Hailey is known for his deep research on the topics that he picks up, and then weaving an interesting story around his observations and learning.

This one is based on the banking system in 70s. Though quite a few things have changed in how banks and financial system works today, but the core concepts still remain relevant, jus Reread this after a long time.

Though quite a few things have changed in how banks and financial system works today, but the core concepts still remain relevant, just as the human factors driving those - greed, ambition, altruism, and personal inner conflicts of morality and rationality.

It was great fun to read and learn many things about the workings of the financial system in general. Many have complained about the style of prose, but Hailey was a story-teller and not a poet.

And his literary style might not be classical, but is not vain either.

Arthur Hailey

Jun 27, Chaitalee Ghosalkar rated it really liked it. Three and a Half Stars Despite the length, the book feels short.

The writer has included various topics like forgery, cash theft, day to day dealings of a bank, and innumerous shady dealings along with the usual drama to give it a spicy flair. Perhaps the reason for the earlier sentiment is because at the start, several characters are introduced, and the reader is made to believe that they are all important.

However, they fade into oblivion as the book progresses. Would the book have gained if le Three and a Half Stars Despite the length, the book feels short. Would the book have gained if less focus had been given on amorous details? Always been in awe of how detailed the inside workings of the industry Arthur Hailey picks as the basis of his fast paced thrillers - this time being the retail banking industry back in the 70s.

The politics, the intrigue and the drama - a regular sleaze potboiler around power and greed. Whilst the drama is regular, you do glean a lot of nuggets of info on counterfeiting and the banking system too. Mar 28, Peter Van Der Walt rated it really liked it. This Hailey Tour-du-Industry has definitely aged, but still Good story, and the tour of a specialized world in this case, banking is as always, fascinating.

Oct 20, Belinda Turner rated it it was amazing. Haley researched it thoroughly. The characters are well drawn, and the plot is interesting and intricate, since it involves several related stories about the employees, executives, and board members of a bank.

I cannot put down this book, simply a great novel about finance, business, competition, money and thirst of money. A brilliant tale of an inside of a banking world.

A good story with the up and down adventure. If you like business, money and somehow interest in banking, you should read this book.