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However, few studies have explored tal. El objetivo de graduate students through a multiple regression analysis. Los resultados mostraron que: el pasado ne- correlated positively with Neuroticism-Anxiety and Activity, and negatively gativo correlaciona positivamente con el Neuroticismo-Ansiedad y negati- with Impulsive-Sensation Seeking. Introduction might negatively affect health-related behaviors. The the past, the present or the future. Positive and Present-Fatalistic through theoretical conceptu- It is hypothesized that healthy individuals would be cog- alization and factorial analysis and developed the Zimbardo nitively balanced among past, present and future frames, but Time Perspective Inventory ZTPI.

The five as- may be heuristic in the conceptualization of time perspective sessed personality factors are: Neuroticism-Anxiety, Activity, theory helping to explain previous results regarding Extra- Sociability, Impulsive Sensation-Seeking, and Aggression- version.

The ZKPQ confidence, and sensitivity to criticism i. On an applied basis, in a multivariate analysis restlessness when there is nothing to do, as well as a prefer- level, the AFFM could provide a more refined association ence for challenging and hard work, an active busy life, and a with time orientation. This is the first time that TP with others i. And 5 Aggression-Hostility Agg-Host, 17 in classrooms settings.

All participants gave informed con- items reflects a readiness to express verbal aggression, rude, sent prior to their inclusion in the study and did not receive thoughtless or antisocial behavior, vengefulness and spite- any credit or economic reward for their collaboration. The fulness, having a quick temper, and impatience with others Ethical Committee of the university approved the protocol.

This instrument has shown good psy- chometric properties, with adequate internal consistency al- Data analyses followed two steps. Freixanet et al. The factorial structure has also been replicated in a two-tailed independent Student's t-test. The instrument lated Pearson's correlation coefficients.

Present-Hedonistic scale. Regarding the reliability of these two assessment instruments, the magnitude of the Table 2. However, only three of the -. The scales. Therefore, from the statistical point of view only cor- ZKPQ scales were considered as independent variables and relations higher or equal to.

Results of the three analyses are summarized in Table third hypothesis was only partially confirmed. It is worth 3. It should be noted that Predictors Beta t Sig. Both Regarding Sy Past-Negative factor. While correlations with E, and Zimbardo and Boyd using the Energy showed a significant association between Present-Hedonistic scale of the BFQ also found this same result.

In relation to and Act, at a multivariable level this relationship did not hold the results regarding the ImpSS scale of the ZKPQ, Zimbar- after entering all personality variables in the regression analy- do and Boyd also found that Present-Hedonistic was sis. These results are in ac-. Regarding the Future scale, several studies to increase their attention and alertness toward signals of fu- have systematically obtained a positive correlation with C ture dangers to regulate behaviors in order to avoid negative e.

It is also worth noting that Act and Sy, two of the main Taking into account the expected pattern of correlations be- traits of Extraversion Eysenck, ; Zuckerman et al. These results reinforce the notion that both Act Our second goal was to assess, at a multivariate level, to and Sy traits are independent with different behavioral path- what extent the AFFM of personality would be associated ways.

Support for separating Act and Sy traits, however, is with time perspective frames. Results obtained from the re- found when examining the beta weights in Table 3; these gression analyses indicate that Past-Negative was mostly as- two traits are uniquely associated with different TP frames sociated with high N-Anx scores, together with low Act lev- suggesting that they have divergent predictive validity.

These results suggest that the cognitive tendency of fo- This study has several limitations which limit the general- cusing in past negative experiences might be highly devel- izability of the obtained data.

The sample was composed by oped in individuals with high anxiety levels, alertness and students with a short age range and a narrow socioeconomic cautious behaviors. Being aware of past negative events and cultural representation thus questioning the representa- might help to warn and prevent from foreseen dangers and tiveness of the general population.

Furthermore, the low in- threats. Low levels on Act also suggest that individuals who ternal consistencies of Past-Positive and Present-Fatalistic do not have energy for an active, busy life or without chal- scales merit a revision of the Spanish adaptation of the lenges to be actively attained, might develop a bias on focus- ZTPI.

Finally, cognitive temporal modification would allow them to self- Future was associated with low ImpSS, high Act and to a regulate and improve their decision making and to decrease lesser extent with high N-Anx scores. The use of psychobiological losses Strathman et al. Time perspective, personality and smoking, Apostolidis, T. Cannabis body mass, and physical activity: An empirical study. British Journal of use, time perspective and risk perception: Evidence of a moderating ef- Health Psychology, 14, Psychology and Health, 21, Taking, in A.

Joireman Eds. Association between the serotonin transporter gene the Context of Time: Theory, Research, and Application pp. New Jer- and personality traits in borderline personality disorder patients evalua- sey: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc.

Ac- Caprara, G. Zimbardo Time Perspective Inventory: model.

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Personality and Individual Differences, 15, A comparison across cultures [Abstract]. International Journal of Psychology, Carelli, M. Strathman, A. The European Journal of Psychological Assessment, 27, — consideration of future consequences: Weighing immediate and distant Costa, P.

Odessa, outcomes of behavior. Crockett, R. Time ori- Suddendorf, T. Foresight and evolution of the human mind. Science, entation and health-related behaviour: measurement in general popula- , — Psychology and Health, 24, — Taber, B. Taking time to be healthy: Predic- ties in Adults. Journal of Career Assessment, 21, Per- Valero, S. Estructura factorial y fiabilidad del Inventario de Barros, N.

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