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Saw horse plans for the ultimate sawhorse. So I scoured the internet for ideas, and eventually decided on this design called the Shopdog. Sawhorse "the ultimate folding sawhorse" shopdog - youtube, Rating for a pdf version too to find Shopdog sawhorse plans check this article. Shopdog; the ultimate folding sawhorse; gotta make this for myself. SHOPDOG Folding Sawhorses. Japanese Sawhorse Design PDF Plans.

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how to build your own sawhorse Sawhorse Plans, Folding Sawhorse, Diy .. Homemade Band Sawmill Plans Pdf - Beste Awesome Inspiration Scierie Mobile, . Ultimate Folding Sawhorse II "Shopdog" - by Canexican @ LumberJocks Shopdog Sawhorse Plans Free Plans DIY Free Download Bed Design Plans Title: Homemade bandsaw plans pdf Homemade bandsaw mill build. Just finished making two sets of your Shop Dog saw horses wow! I think the design was just about the best DIY saw horse that I found on the net (I think I viewed over 40 of them). NEW Instant PDF Download Avaliable for only $ !.

Gay St. A strong, lightweight, folding sawhorse comprising: A first half comprising a first leg and a second leg, said first leg and said second leg statically connected by a first upper stretcher and a first lower stretcher, wherein each of said legs and said stretchers include dados for joining said stretchers to said legs; A second half identical to said first half, said second half attached to said first half in an orientation rotated degrees in respect to said first half; A first joint movably connecting said first half with said second half; A second joint in line with said first joint, movably connecting said first half with said second half; 2. The sawhorse of claim 1 further comprising a tensioning means between said first half and said second half. The sawhorse of claim 1 further comprising a top rail, wherein said top rail spans between said notches. The sawhorse of claim 1 further comprising four notches at the top of said legs.

The preferred embodiment includes four identical legs four identical stretchers cross members , and a tensioning strap and buckle.

A disposable top rail supports the work piece. The legs and stretchers interlock by virtue of dados. Each leg has two dados on its front edge to receive the two stretchers. The stretchers have a dado at each end to receive the legs. The stretchers are fastened to the legs by wood screws and glue.

The intersecting angle of all stretchers and legs is 90 degrees—a right angle. The legs are substantially parallel to one another, and the stretchers are substantially parallel to one another. The two halves of the sawhorse are attached to one another by a pair of nuts and bolts that pass through holes which are drilled through the upper portion of the legs, so that the left leg of one half is bolted to the right leg of the second half.

The bolts then serve as hinges, allowing the two halves to open and close in a pliers-like fashion.

Pdf shopdog sawhorse

Because the left and right legs of each half of the sawhorse are joined together by stretchers, the legs open and close simultaneously. In the preferred embodiment, the angle between the two halves of the sawhorse is 45 degrees, but slight deviations from this can also achieve satisfactory results.

The leg pairs are pulled open by hand, but the force to close them is exerted by a tensioning device. In the preferred embodiment the tensioning device is a strap that joins the lower stretcher of the sawhorse halves.

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The tensioning force between the stretchers is transferred to the legs by tightening the strap, thus exerting a closing force on the legs and a pliers-like clamping force on the top rail by the notches at the tops of the legs. The strap utilizes a locking buckle to maintain the closing force on the legs and the clamping force on the top rail during use. The disposable top rail transmits the weight of the work piece onto the lower surface of the notch in the legs and thence to the entire leg.

The working height of the sawhorse can be varied by changing the size of lumber being used as the top rail. The preferred embodiment also includes a hinge hole, which receives a hinge bolt.

A top rail fits into the notch created by the manner of arranging the hinge. Precision wood joinery produces greater vertical strength and lateral or racking strength by preventing joints of the sawhorse from flexing. The wood joinery of the stretchers and legs unifies each half of the sawhorse for unequaled lateral strength.

This permits lighter weight lumber to be used in its construction, reduces the folded profile, and greatly increases portability. In the preferred embodiment all wooden pieces of the sawhorse are milled such that the grain of the wood runs along the long portion of the piece.

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For example, in the legs the wood is milled such that the wood grains run from the floor to the top rail. Therefore, wood pieces include only substantially straight, parallel wood grains. Also, the preferred embodiment includes small, tight knots in the wood, thereby adding strength to the wood. In alternate embodiments wood with knots or other natural imperfections are rejected. Alternate embodiments utilize different dimensions for the notch at the top of the leg and for the location of the hinge hole.

All wood pieces of the preferred embodiment are made of 0. Two of these sawhorses, totaling thirty pounds of portable sawhorses, hold a 5, pound pickup truck off the ground. One sawhorse of this embodiment safely and stably holds over pounds of weight.

This is a strength-to-weight ratio of nearly This achievement constitutes a highly significant structural engineering event.

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This invention may, however, be embodied in many different forms and should not be construed as limited to the embodiments set forth herein; rather, these embodiments are provided by way of illustration only and so that this disclosure will be thorough, complete and will fully convey the full scope of the invention to those skilled in the art.

It is to be understood that both the foregoing general description and the following detailed description provide embodiments of the invention and are intended to provide an overview or framework of understanding the nature and character of the invention as it is claimed.

This invention may be embodied in many different forms and should not be construed as limited to the specific embodiments described herein. While the present invention is described herein in terms of specific embodiments, it is to be understood that the invention is not limited to these disclosed embodiments.

"ShopDog" a better Sawhorse build - The Garage Journal Board

Many modifications and other embodiments of the invention will come to mind of those skilled in the art to which this invention pertains, and which are intended to be and are covered by both this disclosure and the appended claims. It is indeed intended that the scope of the invention should be determined by proper interpretation and construction of the appended claims and their legal equivalents, as understood by those of skill in the art relying upon the disclosure in this specification and the attached drawings.

The sawhorse [10] includes four identical legs [11], [12], [13], [14], four identical stretchers cross members [15], [16], [17], [18], and a tensioning strap and buckle [19] buckle not shown. A disposable top rail [20] supports the work piece. Holes [21] and [22] each receive a nut and bolt assembly creating two joints that are in line with each other. The sawhorse halves are attached to one another by the pair of nut-and-bolt assemblies not shown that pass through holes [21] and [22].

When fully assembled the left leg [11] of one half of the sawhorse is bolted to the right leg [14] of the other half. The bolts then serve as hinges, in line with each other allowing the two halves to open and close in a pliers-like fashion.

In the preferred embodiment the angle between the two halves of the sawhorse is 45 degrees. Once the legs were done I proceeded to cut the lower and upper support peices. Next came the tricky part of cutting inner side of the legs at slight angles.

It was kinda frustrating not getting a clean cut or angle just right. It took some eye balling but the second leg set came out better than the first so I'm confidant the second sawhorse will be better.

Wooden Sawhorse Plan Plans DIY wood bed frame with drawers plans

Moving onto the assembly. Btw I used wood screws that didn't need pre-drilling to make the build a bit more convenient.

Pdf shopdog sawhorse

The result I decided to use some scrap wood to build the ad-on miter saw bracket while I was at it. Today Mark Wille from Wille Wood Work will be demonstrating how to build a pro saw horse with a table top option as well as some easier saw horses to do yourself How To Build Sawhorses. Easy, Sturdy And Cheap! How to build a set of strong, stackable sturdy sawhorses. Let's face it, one of the most useful pieces of carpentry equipment would have to be a set of sawhorses.

Every worksite, garage or workshop needs a set of sawhorses. They have numerous uses from stacking timber on, using as painting racks, to World's Best Folding Sawhorse Wooden professional quality folding sawhorses, portable saddle racks, folding saddle stands, world's best folding sawhorses, View thousands of projects, show off your own, and be a Me-Mo!

A sawhorse is something almost everyone will need at some point. There are countless ways to make your own. This pair is super easy to make with just a miter saw and a five 2x4s.

Support free woodworking Building Sawhorses Making simple sturdy sawhorses from 2x4 lumber Pick up a FREE audio book at Here's a sturdy, folding sawhorse that won't take up much storage space. You can build one with two 2x4s, a scrap of plywood for the shelf. More info a Fantastic Folding Workbench I've been looking for a really good folding workbench design that I could use to teach woodworking. This is it!

Sawhorse pdf shopdog

It is sturdy, easy to carry, easy to build and I can set it up in only two seconds. It is built from two 8' 2x4's, one 6' 1x10, one 36"x1" oak dowel and a few sheetrock screws. It serves triple duty as a mini workbench, versatile sawhorse or a platform to reach those tall jobs.