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HOW TO ORDER Orders should be sent to: The STAR TREK Fact Files Woodgate (Fabbri) Ltd, PO Box 1, Hastings TN35 4TJ Please make your cheques /postal. File 2: Star Trek Timeline. File 2: Card 1: 15 Billion Years ago File 2: Card 2: File 2: Card 3: File 2: Card 4: (Wolf in the. Star Trek Fact Files to Encyclopedia. However Michael Okuda in an interview with STAR TREK Monthly number 99 is quoted as saying "The 'Star Trek.

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The Official Star Trek Fact Files was a Paramount Pictures-licensed partwork magazine series, distributed in the UK, Europe and Australia by GE Fabbri. I was wondering if anyone here collects the Star Trek Fact Files? I collected them as a kid, but never to completion. I managed about 8 folders. I am, and have been a fairly serious fan of Star Trek and its spin-offs. The Origainal Series was, without question, the best of the lot. The Next Generation was.

This page lists the cards of each file in Section 1. If you find any cards that I have missed out or mis-spelled, then email me and let me know. Email HERE. If it has an asterisk and a title to the card then that means that another card has made a reference to a card still to be published. File Numbers: File 1:

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Star Trek Fact Files Refine results. Browse Related Browse Related. Also shop in Also shop in. Used Time left: There are issues filed in the correct order in 6 folders. Collection only as very heavy.

There are approximately issues with accompanying folders in good condition. Some of the folders are a bit warped but the contents are in really good condition. For anyone who loves everything Trek See photos for examples of the sort of information inside.

Star Trek Fact Files No 241

In very good condition. There are 17 files, pretty heavy item,this is a great collection for child or adult, I don't think the collection is complete, but there are so many files, maybe more than 17, not sure.

Trek pdf files star fact

Star Trek fact files whole collection 17 folders. Mixed lot of Star Trek collectables.

Pdf files trek star fact

In good order, all pages present. In very good condition, in need of a clean.

Includes loose pages known as cards from File 1. Pre-owned in very good condition.

Star Trek Fact Files No 82

The Original Series , Star Trek: The Next Generation , Star Trek: Deep Space Nine , Star Trek: Voyager and the first season of Star Trek: Enterprise , as well as the first nine Star Trek films. It did not incorporate any information from Star Trek: The Animated Series , as the series was not considered canon at that time.

Although based on canon productions, and featuring graphics and information directly taken from the studio, Fact Files often introduced non-canon material in its reference material. Each magazine consisted of a number of articles, to be taken apart and filed under their respective sections, they in turn to be collected in several binders one binder being supplied every 16 issues.

As a partwork, each double-sided sheet was endowed with a designation, a "file"-number with a corresponding sub-ordinated "card"-number. Ira Steven Behr with several Fact Files folders.