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Richard's time. Voted the number one mystery novel of all time by the Crime Writers Association. A riveting novel of suspense with the saga of a unique family. A Collection of. Short Mystery Stories. Featuring the illustrious characters: Mr. A. J. Raffles. Mr. Sherlock Holmes. Father Brown and Lady Molly of Scotland Yard. Suspense and surprise, as common and crucial elements of interest realised in literary fiction, are analysed closely in a sample of short stories, so as to develop .

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A thriller has many of the same elements only the action is a little element, since the reader has to be surprised, or the story would be boring. Online collection of suspense short stories, thriller and psychological stories, murder and mystery. Free and updated weekly. eBooks - Category: Thriller - Download free eBooks or read books online for free. is up on Wattpad if you would like a better and updated version of this story.

Burleigh went over to east side of the moor, where the gypsy encampment lay. The only disturbing element which he had ever known was in his wooing of Mary Winston and her ambitious parents, who expected a brilliant match for their only daughter. They had been living in the cottage a few months and were just beginning to feel at home. When her husband had quite disappeared Mary went into the house ,and sitting down at the piano ,gave an hour to Mendelssohn. It was but a short walk ,the two men had reached the gipsy camp. There were some few persons around the fire, investing their money in prophecy. Joshua took from his pocket a half-crown and held it out to her, but she demanded gold.

When an elderly neighbor calls because she sees flames shooting from the Scott house, the story begins dripping with adrenaline and anticipation.

But, did she notice too late?

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When his parents left him alone in the house, he thought he was free at last. Until his arch enemy arrived. What could possibly go wrong? Eighteen women have been found floating in the Potomac. Their bodies slashed and weighted down with concrete blocks. Then the killing stops.

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As chief curator of the Maine Museum of Art, Dr. Dulcinea Dulcie Chambers has just opened a new exhibit of Winslow Homer watercolors. It will be complete when the final work is bought at auction.

Pdf suspense stories

American Martin Fawley, a former secret service agent, is recruited as a spy by General Berati, the most feared man in fascist Italy. Going undercover to Monte Carlo, Fawley travels in a world of casinos and cocktails, high stakes and secrecy—and discovers the secret weapon that could determine the outcome of the looming world war.

Intrigue meets piracy in this tropical tale of murder and international crisis. Pat Ruger is a retired detective who joins his ex-partner, Jimmy Stewart, and his wife on a cruise in the Caribbean. I took two constables also with me.

Pdf suspense stories

When we reached her house she took us to her garden and told us the places where the body of the gardener and driver were dug. I commanded the constables to take the bodies out.

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She took me inside the house and then stopped in front of a dark room. My mother is lying inside. I slowly started to move inside the room. The room was so dark that it was difficult to see anything.

Best Mystery/Thriller/Suspense Novels Of 2011

I had one torch with me so I decided to turn that on. I searched the whole room but the room was empty.

Then I saw one room which was closed. I opened that room.

“SIR,I AM THE MURDERER…”- Psychological Thriller Short Story

And got shocked to see that there were three bodies lying inside the room. I was wondering why Shilpa told me that bodies are out there in garden. I turned around.

Pdf suspense stories