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Find the complete Sweet Valley High book series listed in order. Sweet Valley High book series by multiple authors includes books Double Love, . The New Jessica - Book #32 of the Sweet Valley High . The Ghost of Tricia Martin (Sweet Valley High, No. Don't Go Home With John - Book #90 of the Sweet Valley High. Something is really comforting in Sweet Valley High books. The characters never grow or change, high school lasts for sixteen years, and. This is the complete list of Sweet Valley High books from start to finish with publication dates. It includes all the "regular" books along with Super Editions, Super.

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This is a list of books in the Sweet Valley High series, created by Francine Pascal . There are books in total. Contents. 1 Books. Super Editions; Super. Sweet Valley High is a series of young adult novels attributed to American author Francine Pascal, who presided over a team of ghostwriters to produce the series. The books chronicle the lives of identical twins Jessica and Elizabeth. Start by marking “Double Love (Sweet Valley High, #1)” as Want to Read: Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield are identical twins at Sweet Valley High. Francine Pascal (May 13, —) is an American author best known for creating the Sweet Valley series of novels.

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Eventually Liz and Molly's "only" friend Justin try to save Molly from making a terrible mistake. Sandra Bacon is in love with Manuel Lopez but her parents are narrow-minded racists. When Manuel is accused of being at the scene of an incident, Sandra is reluctant to provide him with an alibi as it will mean her parents will find out about her and Manuel. Enid's grandmother moves in with her and her mother. Cara and Steven's relationship suffers through another unbelievable Jessica-engineered misunderstanding; Abbie Richardson, a former friend of Jessica's, becomes friends with Liz.

Jess and Liz's cousin Kelly visits and deals with angst from her parents' divorce. When Robin Wilson's aunt offers to pay for her to attend college in New York, Robin is torn between being able to afford college and wanting to stay near Sweet Valley with George and go to a school where she can pursue her swimming.

Bruce Patman has become his nasty self again and starts tormenting Phi Epsilon pledge Josh Bowen, which infuriates his friend Julie Porter. Soon after the slam book is introduced to Sweet Valley, there's different kinds of confusion as to who's dating whom. Liz is worried that boyfriend Jeffrey wants to go out with her friend Olivia Davidson. Jess is falling for the new boy but Liz's reckless behaivior may ruin it. Jessica must enter a fashion show to compete with a nasty girl named Pamela Janson who threatens to steal boyfriend A.

Jade Wu wants to dance, but her strict traditionalist father disapproves. Ronnie Edwards has a gambling problem; Jessica tries her hand at selling homemade jewelry. John Pfeifer goes out with Jennifer Mitchell. Tennis pro Kristin Thompson has a hard time dealing with her life choices. Since boyfriend A. But never underestimate karma - Jessica has trouble shaking Chris off after A. Shelley Novak: Her longtime crush hardly notices her. Maybe school photographer can change her focus.

12 of the Sweet Valley High Books' Most Ridiculous Plotlines | Mental Floss

Jessica and Winston get stranded after a class trip. Olivia Davidson develops a crush on her art teacher, Stuart Bachman. Todd Wilkins returns from Vermont and throws Liz's life into a tailspin.

Todd leaves his snotty private school, which Jessica insists on attending, and returns to SVH. He and Elizabeth rekindle their romance. After being blinded in an accident, Ken Matthews gets dumped by shallow Amy Sutton, who just can't deal with a handicapped boyfriend.

Ken eventually turns to football-team statistician Terri Adams. Patty Gilbert is having a relationship problem with her boyfriend Jim. Will the two of them get back together? Deciding that the boys she's been dating are all the same, Jessica signs up with a dating agency and creates two drastically different identities.

This attracts two different guys, but doesn't keep her from making dates with both of them for the same night To shake off her stodgy image, Elizabeth decides to try surfing.

Steven meets a girl who is eerily like his late girlfriend Tricia, to the dismay of his current girlfriend Cara. Alice and Ned Wakefield split up, and when Jessica thinks it's Liz's fault, her distraught twin mulls moving away from home: Enid suspects foul play from attention-hog Jessica. Jessica cruelly blames Liz for their parents' trial separation, and Liz stays at Enid's.

Steven and Cara discover Jessica's cruel plot to keep their parents apart so they'll divorce and she can play matchmaker by setting them up with other people. Having seen her for the cruel person she is, Cara assists Steven in helping him find Liz. With evidence against Jessica: Steven, Cara, and Enid confronts her.

They give her an ultimatum: Jessica refuses and calls their bluff. While Liz, Steven, and Cara scheme to reunite the Wakefield parents, Jessica is still determined to see her plan through by keeping them apart.

She encourages Mr. Wakefield to run for mayor and Alice to date Mr. However, her plans run afoul when Alice learns about her plans from Steven and confronts her for it.

She and Ned reconcile, while Jessica is punished with public humiliation and a lengthy grounding for her actions. Liz and Todd try to get Dana Larson and Aaron Dallas together, even when both of them "don't believe in love". Best friends Andy and Neil are really close. Then racist bully Charlie Cashman targets Andy because he's black. Attempting to cope with this, Andy starts pushing Neil away. Then one night Neil betrays Andy in a shocking way.

Claire Middleton becomes the star quarterback of the football team to the guys' dismay - which turns to admiration. Lila's sometime rival Bruce aids her, having his own score to settle with Jessica. Can Elizabeth's own trickery hold back Lila and Bruce? Andrea Slade hides the fact that her father, Jamie Peters, is a rock star so people will like her for who she is When Liz discovers this, she makes an attempt to defend Andrea's needs to protect her privacy even if it means being just as conniving in order to stop Jess and Lila from ruining her reputation.

Morrow gives Liz Regina's old camera as a keepsake. Liz takes an incriminating photo and finds her life on the line. Robin Wilson is so scared that her boyfriend George Warren will leave her for Vicky that she starves herself, thinking he won't leave her if she's slimmer. When Elizabeth and her aunt catches on, they convince Robin to get help at once. Amy goes after top tennis player Tom McKay. He eventually comes out as gay, but she finds her true love in his friend, Barry Rork.

When Tony Esteban starts taking steroids, his girlfriend Annie Whitman tries to get him off them. Jessica starts dropping guys—then she sends a break-up text to Todd by mistake.

Elizabeth's friend Sara Eastbourne's brother comes home after being in Connecticut. Rose Jameson is hiding her Mexican heritage and real name, Rosa from everyone at school because she just moved to Sweet Valley; she wants a fresh start and thinks she can be anyone she wants to be. Grounded for her poor math grades, Jessica feels that nobody cares about her plight.

She gets taken in by a group of people called The Good Friends, but by the time she realizes what they really are, it might be too late Cara Walker is moving to London, and a devastated Steven proposes so they can stay together.

Elizabeth and Cara have become close friends—will they be sisters now? Elizabeth dates a new guy, Kris, but when she rejects him he gets his hands on her journal and spreads a lot of rumors about her. Can an infuriated twin restore Liz's good reputation? Jessica and a very reluctant Elizabeth get parts on a soap whose star cruelly attempts to break Jessica's heart, but she uses her character's role to break up with him and exact revenge at the same time.

What follows is a series of dares and pranks throughout the school and town, a display that disrupts a visiting delegation of foreign teachers, for which Liz is a student guide. When a guy phoning the teen hotline for which she is volunteering asks to meet her in person, Ginny Belasca is worried that her looks will disappoint him so asks her prettier friend Denise to met him.

She does - and develops feelings for him too. Meanwhile, Jess enlists Liz's help in investigating a sexual-harassment claim. Jessica and Elizabeth start a letter-writing business and Jessica reads a letter from Shelley Novak, who has fallen for Todd Wilkis and wants them to write him a letter to ask him out. Not realizing what she's doing, Elizabeth writes the letter—and it works!

Will Todd and Elizabeth stay together, or will the two basketball stars fall in love? Someone plagiarizes Elizabeth's writings, almost ruining her job at The Oracle and her friendship with Olivia. When Jessica discovered the plagiarizer is none other than the jealous John Pfeifer whom Liz refused a date with , she uses her scheming ways to humiliate him by exposing him to everyone at the school. Her actions restore Liz's reputation and John's own reputation is ruined.

Despite Jessica warning Lila to stay away from John Pfeifer after his attempt to ruin Liz's reputation, she ignores the warning and pays for it. She is almost date-raped by him and he begins to torment her.

When another girl he almost raped steps forward and exposes John, everyone shuns him. John is then arrested and put in a mental asylum. Dana, lead singer of the band The Droids, falls in love with Prince Arthur, the twins' friend. Jessica befriends sophomore Paula Perrine, who briefly overtakes her with her own brand of stealthy conniving. Only Liz could stop Paula with her own brand of honesty and scheming. Annie Whitman's mom is getting remarried and Annie is thrilled to be getting a new stepsister as well.

When she discovers that Cheryl is black, she invites all the black and Asian kids from school although she doesn't know half of them, in a misguided but well-meaning attempt to prove her open-mindedness. Cheryl and Steven are really good friends, but in a series of misunderstandings they end up as a couple, which some people have a problem with as they're an interracial couple. The aftermath of the tragic prom, including the death of Jessica's boyfriend Sam Woodruff. Elizabeth is arrested for manslaughter in the drunk-driving accident that killed Sam.

Jessica seeks revenge by stealing Todd from Elizabeth.

List of Sweet Valley High books

However, guilt starts to set in when Jessica starts to be haunted by nightmares in what she did to spike Elizabeth's drink. Elizabeth is acquitted of manslaughter. She figures out that Jessica spiked her punch with alcohol and did nothing to stop her from leaving the prom, and the twins are torn apart And they're not the only ones. Lila's divorced parents remarry. Liz and Todd fight about where they stand, as do Jess and Todd.

Margo is ever closer to Sweet Valley, but must contend Josh who is determined to stop her. Margo arrives in Sweet Valley and begins her plan to become Elizabeth. Jessica intervenes just in time, and Margo dies instead of Liz when Josh pushes her to her death. The traumatic situation bonds Liz and Jess all over agan as Liz also discovers how she got drunk the night of Jungle Prom. Lila tricks Jessica into being a counselor in Kiddie Club Paradise and Mick, the sexy windbreaker at the camp, has to choose between them.

Elizabeth and Bruce learn that Alice Wakefield and Hank Patman, who had once been engaged, are having an affair, and forge a truce to try to end the situation. When Ned finds out about it, he and Alice have a serious fight as do Hank and Marie who also found out about the affair. Ned and Alice suffer marital problems again and live separately.

Only this time, Jessica is more willing to help Ned and Alice reconcile after learning her lesson from the last time. Todd asks Liz to live with him in the Wakefield home. Liz and Jessica's plot to reunite Hank and Marie Patman takes an unexpected turn. Jessica is arrested by the police when they discover her digging though the mailbox, looking the envelope containing her own letter to her boyfriend that she accidentally send off to Hank and not the letter that Liz wrote for Bruce's mother, Marie.

After clarifying things with the police, Ned grounds Jessica again and she complains about it. He tells her off that digging through the mailbox is a federal offense and she could've been looking at jail time.

Ned also mentions that if Jessica wants to avoid criminal prosecution and jail time, she must work part time at the post office sorting through mail.

He also grounds Elizabeth after learning about her and Todd living together. Liz and Jessica begin their scariest adventures as interns in London. Liz falls for a dark, handsome English stranger named Luke, who has a dark secret. The London story is wrapped up as Liz's friend Luke is discovered to be the werewolf and she is devastated by his death.

Jessica falls in love with an older man: Jeremy, the fiance' of her houseguest Sue. Sue and Jeremy's beachfront weddingis demolished by Hurricane Jessica; Elizabeth and Todd reveal what they did when they were apart.

Sue's life is on the line and the twins suspect who might be behind the scheme. Jeremy's scheme to steal Sue's fortune is exposed and he is arrested. Jessica finds herself in a rivalry with Heather Mallone, who becomes the new co-captain.

Jessica also becomes romantically involved with Ken Matthews much to Heather's jealousy. And could Elizabeth have a secret desire for him too? Jessica forms her own cheerleading squad, which includes Elizabeth. Elizabeth betrays Jessica and Todd to discover the truth about her feelings for Ken. Todd discovers Elizabeth and Ken's secret romance. The two squads vie for victory. Heather Mallone's past isn't perfect and her cool demeamor crumbles. A handful of students are selected to go on a hike through Death Valley: While hiking, they stumble upon a treasure map that promises to lead them to great fortune, but following the map means leaving the planned trail, which could be dangerous.

Meanwhile, a dangerous group stalks them through the desert The group find the treasure but are soon attacked by the convicts. Luke is shot, his werewolf mask falls off, and he dies. Tall, Dark, and Deadly No. There are bite marks in his neck, and his body has been drained of blood.

The next Monday, a new guy starts at school: Jessica decides that she wants to date Jonathan, but he ignores her. Jessica usually gets what she wants, though, and she's incredibly persistent: She gets a ride home from him, then later shows up at his house. He kisses her, and tells her she should have left him alone. Jonathan decides he cares too much about Jessica to hurt her, so he invites Enid over instead.

Jessica continues to see Jonathan, who Liz has figured out is a vampire based on some books she found at his house. She tells all the SVH kids, and they believe her.

Book high sweet valley

When Jonathan takes Jessica to his lair—a cave on the beach—Liz and Todd come to save the day, an angry mob on their heels. Jonathan turns into a bird and flies away. Vampires are real. The end. The Treasure of Death Valley No. Why anyone would enter a contest to do this is a mystery. While hanging out near a mine shaft, one student turns on her portable TV and learns about some convicts who have escaped a prison.

The group decides to hunt for the rest of the treasure, and are all soon carrying around their own bags of gold nuggets. She thinks Heather did it, but it was actually the three escaped convicts, who capture the kids, tie them up, and steal their gold.

The kids manage to escape, but then they notice that one of the convicts is being swept away by a flash flood, so they rescue him. He turns out to be not so bad, but his buddies are pretty awful: They drag the kids into a cave, where they decide to kill them. The nice convict gets shot and dies; his killer leaves the cave, telling the other convict to kill the kids. They take a path that goes deeper into the cave, and eventually they begin to walk through rapidly-rising water.

They realize that the cave walls are shale, so they kick and punch the walls away until they come out near the rendezvous point and head back to Sweet Valley. The kids are disappointed to learn the gold was pyrite, and the map and diary were fakes from a movie set.

Once Upon a Time No. The Wakefield twins are very experienced babysitters, but who knew they were good enough to nanny for royalty? They travel to France for a month to be nannies for the de Saint-Maries. When Jessica wears an emerald he gave her—which was stolen from the countess whose daughter is promised to Prince Laurent—to a ball, the twins are thrown in a dungeon.

The twins run into the woods and hide out there. Meanwhile, Jacques finds the twins, and they convince him to confess to being the jewel thief. Jacques and his father go free, Elizabeth turns Laurent down, and the twins head back to Sweet Valley, where Liz reunites with Todd. Cover Girls No. The twins get an internship at a fashion magazine called Flair. Hope the column idea was worth it, Leona. The twins are working at Sweet Valley News , where they learn that a man named Donald Redman has escaped from a psychiatric hospital.

Liz is assigned to find out about Donald; she discovers that he was a Sweet Valley High student who kidnapped a classmate he had a crush on. Liz wanders away from the guys and is grabbed by Donald. They call the police, then head to the football stadium. Bruce runs away with the ticking bomb. Jeffrey tells Liz to smash the remote and take out the wires, which she does.

List of Sweet Valley High books

The timer stops. Disaster averted, right? A few seconds later, they hear an explosion. Being prone to finding yourself in perilous situations must run in the Wakefield DNA. In this super thriller, which was published in , Momma Wakefield Alice wins a trip to a Paradise Spa. The owner, Tatiana, is disfigured, and there are no mirrors at the spa at all because inner beauty is all that matters, according to the spa's staff.

Then, Alice disappears. Liz goes looking for her, and gets pulled into a cave, where Tatiana is waiting. She spills her evil plan: To get plastic surgery to look like Alice, and then kill her. When she was 23, she got plastic surgery, but the surgeon was so terrible that Tatiana was disfigured. She started the spa and took in runaways, hypnotizing them and practicing her plastic surgery techniques on them.

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But before she can pull off her dastardly plan, Enid, Lila, and Jessica show up and save the day with the help of some of the staff, who come out of their trances just in time. Tatiana is arrested, and the staff is free.

Book sweet valley high

What a happy ending! Jeffrey French is Elizabeth's "preppy" ex-boyfriend, the handsome blond star of Sweet Valley High's soccer team who disappeared from the series following their breakup. They begin a serious relationship after Todd moves to Vermont, but break up shortly after Todd's return. Cara Walker is Jessica's close friend. Early in the series she was a notorious snob and gossip, but her parents' split in which she was separated from her brother made her more mature and attracted Elizabeth's warm concern.

She dated Steven Wakefield for a time and almost ran away to get married so they wouldn't be separated when her family moved to London, but they realized it wasn't practical.

Years later they are reunited married, though unhappily. Cara bakes constantly, eating to hide her feelings of hurt at Steven's rejection as rumors of his cheating run rampant in Sweet Valley - and worse when the truth is revealed that he's actually involved with another man, former SVH soccer star Aaron Dallas.

Ken Matthews is a star quarterback and dater of several Sweet Valley ladies during the course of the series. In the first few books, he is called "Kenny" by his friends and teachers, though that nickname soon disappears.

He is Jessica's steady boyfriend for part of junior year, and also secretly dates Elizabeth after Todd moves away. In Sweet Valley Confidential, he is a famous football player, husband of Lila Fowler, and - as he learns at the end of the sixth book - a father-to-be.

AJ Morgan is Jessica's first serious boyfriend. Jessica is instantly smitten with the redhead when he moves to Sweet Valley and becomes shy and demure when he is around, acting more like Elizabeth. Eventually she relaxes enough around him to be herself, and finds that he much prefers her fun-loving, outgoing personality.

Sam Woodruff is Jessica's second long-term steady boyfriend and a dirt-bike rider. Sam is killed in a car accident while riding as Elizabeth's passenger after Jessica spikes their drinks with alcohol.

Jessica later felt guilty for inadvertently causing his death, but couldn't confess to her wrongdoing knowing her family will be angry at her Other characters[ edit ] Chris Sanders is a handsome new guy and Elizabeth's crush.

Jeannie West is a cheerleader and a friend of the twins. She is best friends with Sandra Bacon.

High book valley sweet

Sandra Bacon is a cheerleader who got the spot because of her friendship with Jeannie, despite her poor performance.

She and Jeannie were best friends. Caroline Pearce is the twins' neighbor. At first she was a catty gossip, but she changed for the better with help from Elizabeth. She has an older sister named Anita. Manuel Lopez is Sandra Bacon's boyfriend. Sally Larson is a cousin of Dana Larson of the Droids, who comes to live with her family after growing up in foster homes. Susan Stewart is a friend of the twins. She is later discovered to be the daughter of a famous film director.

Lois Waller is the chubby daughter of the school dietitian. Heather Sanford is Aaron Dallas' girlfriend, a dress designer who becomes Elizabeth's friend. Julie Porter was Elizabeth's friend in sixth grade and in junior year. She is a talented musician.

Johanna Porter is Julie's older sister, also Elizabeth's friend; Elizabeth tutors her in English and she later discovers that math and science are favorite and strong subjects. Abbie Richardson, cartoonist for The Oracle she draws the strip "Jenny" , former friend of Jessica and Lila who later becomes Elizabeth's friend.

Tricia Martin is Steven's ex-girlfriend and Betsy's sister. She died of leukemia, like their mother. Betsy Martin is Tricia's older sister who was a drug addict, Elizabeth's friend, and Jessica's nemesis. Aaron Dallas is a popular soccer player who dated Jessica throughout middle school, and is a close friend of Liz's ex-boyfriend, Jeffrey French.

Courtney is the daughter of a friend of Bruce Patman's family.

Rene Glize is Elizabeth's friend from Cannes, France. He wears "unmistakably" tight French jeans. At first hostile towards her and Jessica, due to their shared American heritage, he and Liz eventually become good friends; during her harrowing adventures in London he is her closest friend and comforter.

He first appeared in the non-canonical book Spring Break, along with his mother Avery and his sister Ferney, but became part of canon whilst Liz and Jess were in London.

George Warren is Enid's, then Robin's, boyfriend. Robin and George fell in love while taking pilot classes together. Ronnie Edwards is Enid's boyfriend, who had gambling problems. Barry Rork is Amy's boyfriend who volunteers at the teen helpline. Justin Belson, is a boy who used to go out with Molly Hecht. He and Regina became friends, incurring Molly's jealousy and indirectly had a hand in her death.

Molly Hecht is a reformed drug addict who used to be part of a bad crowd.