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TCS aptitude Questions must be prepared according the Latest TCS Question papers. Huge repository of TCS placement papers for download in pdf/word format. TCS placement test pattern, interview questions and TCS Aptitude Questions. Get TCS Previous Placement Papers and Practice Free Technical,Aptitude, GD, Interview, Selection process Questions and Answers updated on Apr

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TCS Placement Papers PDF Download | Aptitude, Reasoning & Verbal Ability Model Papers. Aspirants who want to get placed in. Aspirants can now download the TCS Placement Papers by going To download TCS Aptitude Test Papers Pdf: Click Here. This PDF placement paper contains 4 rounds of the TCS placement pattern. Quantitative aptitude, Critical reasoning questions and Psychometric test [HR test ].

There are many reasons why people get puppies. After all, puppies are cute, friendly, and playful. But even though puppies make good pets, there are good reason why you should consider getting an adult dog instead. When you get a puppy, you have to teach it how to behave. You have to make sure that the puppy is housebroken so that it does not got to the bathroom inside the house. You have to teach the puppy not to jump up on your guests or chew on your shoes.

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Tcs Placement Papers With Solution

Similar Posts. Upcoming Off Campus Drives Pipe C can empty it in 12 hours. If all the three pipes are opened together, then the tank will be filled in? The compound interest on Rs. The period in years is? Let the time be n years. A cylinder and a cone have the same height and same radius of the base. The ratio between the volumes of the cylinder and cone is?

Find the one which does not belong to that group? Boxing, Chess, Wrestling and Squash are individual events, while Baseball is a team event. His loss percent is? Option 4 Solution Suppose he has items. Let C. Eighteen years ago, a father was three times as old as his son.

Tcs Placement Papers With Solution

Now the father is only twice as old his son. Then the sum of the present ages of the son and the father is? Let the present ages of the father and son be 2x and x years respectively.

Aptitude test papers pdf tcs

Find the number of males aged below 50 years? The sum of four consecutive even numbers is What would be the smallest number? Among a group of people, 35 percent invest in municipal bonds, 18 percent invest in oil stocks, and 7 percent invest in both municipal bonds and oil stocks.

If 1 person is to be randomly selected from people, what is the probability that the person selected will be one who invests in municipal bonds but not in oil stocks? What is the cost of white washing the four walls of the room at Rs. Four of the following five are alike in a certain way and so form a group. Which is the one that does not belong to that group? After a close look you will get the exact each number is one more than square of a natural number, i.

Choose the correct alternative that will continue the same pattern and fill in the blank spaces? Option 4 Solution Odd-positioned letters are coded as the positions forward and even-positioned three positions forward.

Study the following information and answer the questions given below? After 4 p.

Papers test pdf aptitude tcs

His uncle talked to him for some time. Ramesh saw that the shadow of his uncle was to his right side.

Which direction was his uncle facing during their talk? Now, East is to the right of Ramesh.

Papers test tcs pdf aptitude

So Ramesh faces North. And his uncle, who is opposite him, faces South. The pattern for the first letter: In this session, we are discussed about Reasoning test sample papers. This session deals with verbal logic reasoning test. Verbal logic always consists of series of questions.

TCS Placement Papers With Solution and Most Asked Interview Questions Pdf Download

Practice this Reasoning sample papers before going to attend for the Online written test. Solution In all others, the digit indicates the gap between the two letters.

Each term of the series is obtained by multiplying the preceding term by 2. One afternoon, Manisha and Madhuri were talking to each other face to face in Bhopal on M. How many bicycles are there? I got the series 3 12 7 26 15 b?

TCS Placement Papers With Solution 2019 and question Papers Pdf Download

If A filled 10 liters in hour B can fills 20 liters in same time. Likewise B can fill 10, 20, 40, 80, It makes 2 musical sounds after being defective. What is the probability that same musical sound would be produced 5 times consecutively? And six different flavors are there they have to select 2 flavors from 6 flavors. In how many ways we can select? Find X 13 A hollow space on earth surface is to be filled.

Total cost of filling is Rs