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Melody Anne - Forbidden series. Melody Anne - Bound (Book 1).epub. KB. Melody Anne - Broken (Book 2).epub. KB. Melody Anne - Betrayed (Book. The House - Christina KB. Bound_ Forbidden Series - Book - Melody KB. The House - Christina KB. Bound_ Forbidden Series - Book - Melody KB. KB.

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She is also desperate to win custody of her fourteen year old brother and pay her recently deceased mother's medical bills. Her need for quick cash le Warning! Her need for quick cash leads her to Relinquish Control, an exclusive and confidential escort service for rich men with particular needs.

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Jewell finds herself bound to Blake Knight, a hot super rich business man with a tragic past and a serious trust issues when it comes to women. When he and his two brothers were six, eight and ten, they were tied up and forced to watch while their parents were murdered.

No one is allowed to have their hearts. The brothers would never think of letting down their guard with anyone else, certainly not with a woman. With a plot like this I expected a bit of fifty shades of grey style heat with a sprinkling of Pretty Woman magic, romance, a bit of humour and sexy charm. Since this novel is supposed to be a sexy romance, I was desperately hoping for HEA or even HFN as long as there is some romance blooming into the beginnings of genuine love and affection.

Oh, but I was so wrong. There was a lot of sexual attraction and sex but no major heat, no love or romance just power games, emotional abuse with a major cliffhanger ending that left me feeling cold. Jewell: Jewell was no coward but she wasn't a feisty independent woman either and that means she let Black get away with a lot of crap because she was under his power and they both knew it.

I just couldn't connect with her character. For a girl who constantly says she'll do whatever she needs to do in order to get her life together and win custody of her brother back from the authorities', she's all talk and no bite. In this game called power and control, Jewell is a squeaky toy.

Bound by Melody Anne

She has put herself in a vulnerable position and the so called hero was more than willing to remind her who has the power and what is her place in his world. I don't usually like the naive virgin prostitute story line but at firs glance she appeared to be feisty and able to stand up for herself.

Overtime her protest and indignation about Blake's behaviour towards her were starting to sound a bit weak and over played. Jewell tries hard to pretend she is intelligent, fierce and independent woman who can play the game one moment but then fails to carry it through the next moment by giving ultimatums, begging, pleading and doing as she is told in the end.