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CCNA NOTES - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. We offer free Cisco CCNA, CCNP, CCIE ebooks to students. All networking aspirants can download these pdf free of cost and can enhance their networking knowledge easily. CCNA R&S Practical Ebook. CCNA R&S ebook contains the . Certified Instructor Trainer, having earned CCNA Security and CCNP level . Cisco Networking Academy courses in the CCNA Routing and Switching curricula.

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CCNA NOTES Created by gangadhar on Mar 20, AM. Last modified by gangadhar on Mar 20, AM. Visibility: Open to anyone. A free CCNA tutorial site that closely follows the Cisco CCNA curriculum. Here you can find articles that will help you to study for your CCNA exam. These notes cover the current examination as the 'single exam option for CCNA and the two stage examination track consisting of a basic 'ICND-1'.

There are many opportunities in networking domain and only missing part is proper knowledge of the subject. Nowadays things are available at a single click, all the resources are available at your door steps. You need to make sure you have a plan and then you stick to that plan. This is the first stepping stone to build an amazing career in networking domain. It is very easy to read through endless of articles online and watching videos but when it comes to practice most of the candidates get stuck. Do you know the demand of networking candidates is increasing day by day? But there is lack of awareness among beginners about the Networking Industry.

Bridges: As network grow larger, they often get difficult to handle. To manage these growing network, they are often divided into smaller LANs.

These smaller LANS are connected to each other through bridges. This helps not only to reduce traffic drain on the network but also monitors packets as they move between segments. It keeps the track of the MAC address that is associated with various ports. Switches: Switches are used in the option to bridges. It is becoming the more common way to connect network as they are simply faster and more intelligent than bridges.

It is capable of transmitting information to specific workstations. Switches enable each workstation to transmit information over the network independent of the other workstations. It is like a modern phone line, where several private conversation takes place at one time.

Routers: The aim of using a router is to direct data along the most efficient and economical route to the destination device. Routers connect two or more different networks together, such as an Internet Protocol network.

Brouters: It is a combination of both routers and bridge. Brouter act as a filter that enables some data into the local network and redirects unknown data to the other network. Modems: It is a device that converts the computer-generated digital signals of a computer into analog signals, traveling via phone lines.

CCNA NOTES | Computer Network | Routing

It determines how a computer should be connected to the Internet and how data should be transmitted between them. TCP: It is responsible for breaking data down into small packets before they can be sent on the network. Also, for assembling the packets again when they arrive. IP Internet Protocol : It is responsible for addressing, sending and receiving the data packets over the internet. When we type something in an address bar, our request will be processed to the server.

The server will respond back to us with the request. The messages are sent and received in small packages. This layer includes two activities Transmitting data to the Network Interface layers Routing the data to the correct destinations So how this happen? Internet layer packs data into data packets referred as IP datagrams. It consists of source and destination IP address. Beside this, IP datagram header field consists of information like version, header length, type of service, datagram length, time to live, and so on.

The datagram are transported through network using these protocols. They each resemble some function like. It determines how to route message on the network. Likewise, you will have ICMP protocol. It is responsible for diagnostic functions and reporting errors due to the unsuccessful delivery of IP packets. The ARP or Address Resolution Protocol is responsible for the resolution of the Internet layer address to the Network Interface layer address such as a hardware address.

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Using DNS Router config ip domain-lookup ip name-server The switch then transmits the frame only to the port which matches the MAC address. So it forwards the received message to all its port. This is known as Flooding. TTL — Field in IP header to indicate how long a packet can travel before it is returned or discarded. If the bridge ID is same for all the bridge. A bridge with less MAC address will be the rest bridge. Designated port Port coming out of a root bridge towards the destination.

Root Port Port connected to the root bridge.

Pdf notes with practical ccna

Forwards the frame just by seeing the destination address only. Latency time is the delay between receiving a frame and forwarding 2. Cannot offer dedicated bandwidth to each segment can offer dedicated Bandwidth to end users. Switch reads the destination and source address and performs CRC to ensure the frame is not damaged.

Latency time is constant and less. Cut-through a. Slower faster One spanning tree instance per port many spanning tree instance per port Less number of ports max. Application-specific Integrated Circuits and a high-capacity switching bus. VLAN 1. Administrator creates VLAN. Forwarding does not take place until the entire frame has been received by switch.

Difference between Bridge and Switch 1. Latency time is high since it has to check the frame and also varies with regard to size of the frame. Two ways of transmitting frame through a switch 1. If damaged. Supports mixed-media backbones. Does not participate in domain. Client 3. But it is confined to the local switch only. It is not transmitted to other switches in the domain.

Configuring VTP config vtp server vtp domain iiht vtp password cisco To see domain status. VTP operates in three modes. Takes control of addition.

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Server default 2. Advertisement includes 1. Configure VTP optional Step 2. Enable trunking Step 3. Switch vlan exit Step 4. Step 5.

Listening — the port listens for any message regarding the blocking state. Is known as Forwarding database 3. In learning state.


Private This listening time is known as Forward Delay Timer default is 15 sec 2. Learning default 15 sec — if no message is received regarding the blocking state till 15 secs the ports moves to the learning state.

Notes practical with pdf ccna

PAT Router config ip nat inside source list 1 pool hcl overload ip nat pool hcl Static NAT Router config ip nat inside source static Router config access-list 1 permit Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Routing and Switching: Intro to Network Lab Manuak.

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Notes practical with pdf ccna

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