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EM 385-1-1 PDF

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This manual supersedes EM , 3 September , U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Safety and Health Requirements Manual. This course provides a comprehensive look at all regulations outlined in the current EM manual. Completing this course will support worker compliance. The official EM , Safety and Health Requirements Manual, version, published by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is now an app!.

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Manual. No. 30 November Safety. SAFETY AND HEALTH Contractors shall comply with the latest version of EM (including interim. EM , Safety and Health Requirements Manual. You can download a copy of the Complete EM , Version or it can be accessed through the. EM 30 Nov SECTION 1. Program Management. A General. This Section provides the overall programmatic guidance for.

Select either the hour or hour course above to register for EM training. Log in to your account on a mobile phone, tablet or computer. Flexible timeline—With unlimited time to complete the EM online training, you are able to take frequent breaks and resume where you left off. Email access to an authorized course trainer—If you need assistance with course material or want to learn how to prep for the final exam, email one of our authorized course trainers for help. Easy e-learning course—We provide an image-based, easy-to-use online training course that helps students retain the training material and enjoy the course.

Some were obvious shams apparently intended to be evaluated on the basis of their weight rather than their content. In one case, a cover page bearing the company's logo and the words "Safety Program" in large bold type was stapled over the cover of a copy of 29 CFR Activity Hazard Analysis If the accident prevention plan is viewed as the strategic guide for accident prevention, activity hazard analysis might be seen as the tactical guide. Section If those welders in the Pentagon had performed such an analysis, they may have removed or protected the combustible material from being exposed to flying sparks and had portable extinguishers and employees who were trained how to use them.

The al Qaeda cell would have been neutralized. Is that a far-fetched scenario?

Perhaps, but two years ago, so would the thought of two airplanes being flown deliberately into occupied buildings. EM vs. For example, both require that scaffolds be plumb, level, fully planked and provided with guard rails.

EM Safety & Health Topics (EM)

Both require that flexible electrical cords be a type approved for hard service use. Both require that moving parts of equipment and machinery be guarded, and that personal protective equipment be used to reduce the likelihood of injury.

In particular, the level of emphasis that EM places on employee training and job site inspections suggests that EM views these two elements as being critical for preventing accidents.

This makes sense because employee training is crucial for informing employees of the potential hazards to which they are exposed and the precautions that should be taken to mitigate those hazards, especially those that are not particularly obvious. For example, many people would probably recognize the hazard posed by a power cord so badly worn that the conductors are visible or by smoking near an open container of gasoline.

EM 385-1-1 Safety & Health Topics (EM385)

Yet many employees might not be aware of the need for performing a ring test before mounting a new grinding wheel, or the need to evaluate a confined space for atmospheric hazards. Job site inspections provide a practical means for determining the effectiveness of the training by seeing whether or not employees have incorporated it into their day-to-day activities.

For example, if job site inspections consistently reveal that damaged hand tools are being used, it might be necessary to reinforce the initial training and increase the level of supervision to ensure more thorough examination of hand tools before use, and removal of damaged tools from service.

Pdf em 385-1-1

Specifically, element 6 of the accident prevention plan demands that a list of subjects that are discussed with employees during their safety indoctrination be provided. This should give pause to any contractors who do not provide safety indoctrination and hope to work on DoD projects. In addition to the initial safety indoctrination, EM includes provisions for ongoing training, specifically section Documentation shall be maintained and copies furnished to the designated authority on request.

They must also review pertinent aspects of appropriate activity hazard analyses by trade. This requirement clearly suggests that EM expects that workers will be briefed on the specific hazards of the job they are working on and on the precautions they must take, and that the content of these briefings will change as the job progresses.

Consequently, the approach of providing generic safety talks would be unacceptable. In many construction companies, the corporate office provides foremen with prepared safety talks that they are supposed to review with their crew. In many situations, the content of these talks has little or nothing to do with the particular job. App Store Preview.

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USACE EM-385-1-1 Safety Manual

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385-1-1 pdf em

What Is EM Training? EM training courses offer a comprehensive look at health and safety regulations within the EM manual. More specifically, these courses focus on preventing jobsite hazards and educating contractors on how to protect their employees.

What Is the EM Manual? The EM manual is a 1,page document detailing regulations and Corps of Engineers interpretations for specific topics regarding construction on military work projects. All contractors are required to be in compliance with the latest version of this manual.