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PENTECOST by Leonard Ravenhill. Lord Montgomery, that Note how few books are available on the fruits of the Spirit, but how many on the gifts of the Spirit. From: Revival Praying by Leonard Ravenhill. Ceaseless Prayer: Lord God, give me tears to weep over my own sin and over lost sinners. Conditions for Revival. Leonard Ravenhill ( )Listen to freely downloadable audio He wrote the book: 'Why Revival Tarries' which has become a classic.

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Leonard Ravenhill has 29 books on Goodreads with ratings. Leonard Ravenhill's most popular book is Why Revival Tarries: A Classic on Revival. Paul Ravenhill, Meditation. Meat for Men Ch12, Leonard Ravenhill, Book, N/A, 6- Heart Breathings, Excerpt 23, Leonard Ravenhill, Book, N/A, Leonard Ravenhill. He's an expert on revival, and you guys are having a revival.” Ravenhill was a stranger to us. We heard he had written a book, “Why Revival.

His book, Why Revival Tarries, has been used by God world-wide during the last 40 years to stir thousands of Christian leaders with a burden for genuine spiritual awakening. To have heard Leonard Ravenhill preach in the second half of the 20th century was indeed a soul-jarring experience. Now, via the internet, thousands more have discovered the powerful ministry of this British prophet and revivalist. Ravenhill's spiritual life, uniquely marked by experiential godliness, was firmly rooted in 18th century Methodism, similar to John Wesley and George Whitefield. His grandmother, mother, and later his father, were all converted through that heritage of spiritual life and the powerful movings of the Holy Spirit.

Are they willing to do the work of prayer, suffering, and dying to themselves to see revival?


As a Christian leader I feel well reprimanded for my lack of prayer, earnestness, and commitme What can I say about Ravenhill? As a Christian leader I feel well reprimanded for my lack of prayer, earnestness, and commitment to God's call.

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Reading Ravenhill is like listening to a prophet. For me it was a much needed kick in the pants.

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There are some significant negatives, though. For one, Ravenhill's insights seem true, but his applications can feel legalistic. Yes, it's true that there is an appalling lack of prayer among Christian leaders myself included. There is far too much emphasis on academic knowledge in church leadership, and not nearly enough on spiritual work. But Ravenhill goes on to say that "ministers who do not spend two hours a day in prayer are not worth a dime a dozen".

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Two hours? Where is that number coming from? It's a vivid way of making his point, but it also feels legalistic and based on a human attempt to quantify how much time a person needs to pray. The overall point is true, but the specific wording is un-Biblical and unhelpful. Similarly, there's very little sense in his writing of God's grace, or that people go through a process of growth. His method is an in-your-face why-won't-you-pray-more-don't-you-love-the-lost?

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I should also mention that he has some strong anti-Catholic sentiments. So I would say that this book is not for everyone. Even so, and with all its flaws, I found the book to contain some great insights, and helpful in identifying areas where I am deeply in need of spiritual growth. After reading it, I am motivated to pray more, and surrender more of my life and lifestyle to God. The church especially including myself really needs the prodding that Ravenhill is attempting to give.

He brings a much needed word to the people of God about what it means to really pray and to live for Jesus with a fervor that today's church seems to be missing.

Deeply challenging but also encouraging to know that God does show up when His people look to Him. I'd reccommend this to anyone who wants to be challenged to grow with Jesus in prayer.

Feb 15, Jay Miklovic rated it liked it This classic book on revival was one that I truly enjoyed and was stirred by the first time I read it. Yet now in my second reading it leaves me scratching my head.

This book has so many great one liners, and Ravenhill's style was fantastic, there is something almost poetic about each of the essays in this book.

I enjoyed his word play. The down side of this book is that it leaves God's hands utterly tied. Error rating book. Refresh and try again. Tozer ,. David Wilkerson ,.

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