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18 Macedo, Nada a Perder, 73ff. Edir Macedo's full name is Edir Macedo Bezerra, hence Elcy's last name. Today he goes simply by Edir. His mother, Eugênia Macedo, got pregnant 33 times but only seven of her children .. ). xiii Edir Macedo, Nada A Perder 2 (São Paulo: Planeta do Brasil. Lo volví a leer ahora que acabo de ver la película "Nada que perder" basada en el Este libro cuenta la historia de los inicios de Edir Macedo y de la Iglesia.

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NADA A PERDER 1. p. 1 / Embed or link this publication. Description. NADA A PERDER 1. Popular Pages. p. 1. [close]. p. 2. EDIR MACEDO. [close]. p. 3. This. Sem Nada a Perder - Edir Macedo. publication was reported as an alleged copyright violation. Publishers may not upload content protected by copyright. Nada a perder by Edir Macedo & Mauro Rocha is Biographies & Memoirs Segredos guardados por décadas. Momentos de decisão e.

Planeta, ISBN 1. Macedo, Bispo, Eu olho para frente. O sol, as nuvens, a lua, as estrelas. Por onde viajo, passo horas olhando para o horizonte azul e meditando em Deus. O sol aquece meu corpo.

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O sol, as nuvens, a lua, as estrelas. Por onde viajo, passo horas olhando para o horizonte azul e meditando em Deus. O sol aquece meu corpo. Olho para dentro de mim. Era o alimento de sua alma. Sigo esse exemplo.

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Me fazem pensar. A clausura me agoniza. Que ser humano consegue viver feliz sem poder. Parecem coisas simples, elementares, mas, apenas por um instante, imagine-se vivendo sem o controle de suas atitudes. Cristiane, a mais velha, morava e estudava nos Estados Unidos. O culto durou duas horas.

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O culto havia sido maravilhoso. O Clero Romano mandava e desmandava no Brasil, mais do que nos dias de hoje. Mas eu nunca olhei para isso. O meu nome foi surrado por anos seguidos. Muita gente sequer me conhece e deseja o mal para mim.

Cambridge University Press, , — The infant mortality rate, for instance was around out of every thousand. As a comparison, the US rate in the 70s was less than 20 out of every thousand. In addition, it seems reasonable to argue that nutrition-related factors were bigger in Brazil that they were in the US.

Sociologia do novo pentecostalismo no Brasil Edicoes Loyola, n. Comparing the socio-economic status of the average UCKG member to that of the rest of the Brazilian population he says: Vision of the Disinherited: The Making of American Pentecostalism.

Hendrickson Publishers, He never accepted that the church functioned as a tool in the hands of the elite. The people had to decide: Larousse Brasil, ] , The first wave was in the s with the creation of the Christian Congregation and the Assemblies of God The churches of this period emphasize holiness and practice tongues and healing.

The second wave begins in the s and s when various indigenous and more dynamic groups start being formed. Some of these groups grew partially because this period was characterized by the beginning of Brazilian mass urbanization. The theology of second-wave groups, however, does not differ radically from that of first-wave churches.

The third wave begins in the s and is characterized by the creation of Neopentecostal churches—of which UCKG is the most powerful. Then, two-thirds of the country was already urban and economic conditions were worsened for the lower classes. The period is also characterized by the modernization of the country under the military dictatorships.

Mass media, something Neopentecostals widely use, becomes a widespread reality during this period. An emphasis on prosperity and exorcism—and the de-emphasizing of holiness anxieties—characterizes groups founded during this period.

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Larousse Brasil, , 59— In addition, UCKG has a strict policy when it comes to media contact. This is a rather common practice in Brazil. In this sense, Macedo was well within the spectrum of practiced Catholicism. Oxford University Press, Geracao Editorial, , What Chestnut fails to notice, however, is that the UCKG does this much more often than any other church and, more importantly, that the practice of exorcism as manifested in the UCKG also functions as a legitimization of spiritual experiences that take place in other religious contexts.

Another factor that Chestnut does not mention is that in the same exorcism, the UCKG sometimes portrays both Catholicism and Afro-Religiosity as partners in their alleged spiritual alienation of their followers.

Although there are advantages to the religious economy model, the rational choice element presents obstacles for a proper understanding of an array of unarticulated anxieties.

The Growth and Global Impact of Pentecostalism, ed. Donald E. Miller, Kimon H.

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Sargeant, and Richard Flory [Oxford: Oxford University Press, ], 65— This book is one of the most popular works written by Macedo. It is full of pictures of afro-Brazilian religious practices and it reads as an evangelistic tool for reaching people who are involved in the practice of afro-Brazilian religions.

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For a classic treatment of the functionalist approach to collective representation see Emile Durkheim, The Elementary Forms of Religious Life, trans. Karen E.

Sem Nada a Perder - Edir Macedo

Fields, Reprint edition New York: Free Press, A more recent and widely popular model for articulating the relationship between the individual and his or her social imaginary see Peter Ludwig Berger, The Sacred Canopy: Anchor Books, Routledge, Planeta do Brasil, , Contemporary Religious Change in Latin America, ed. Timothy Steigenga and Edward Cleary Piscataway: Rutgers University Press, , Related Papers. By Linda Van de Kamp. South-South Transnational Spaces of Conquest: The Spirit of Brazil: By Andrew Chesnut.

By Kenneth Eagleton.