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P Bahadur Physical Numerical Chemistry is a comprehensive book which provides students in-depth knowledge for various entrance exams. Download Numerical Problems in Physical Chemistry By P. Bahadur – Numerical Problems in Physical Chemistry By P. Bahadur is a comprehensive book. If the rate of change of rms speed of a gas is iwicc the rate of change of absolute temperature, calculate the rms speed of Ne. Calculate the.

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Where can I get pdf of principles of physical chemistry book written by Puri.R. Sharma? Where can I get the book (PDF or e-pub) of Fundamental Concepts of Inorganic Chemistry by Asim K Das? Why are the concepts of physical chemistry by P Bahadur good for theory only and not for. P Bahadur Physical Numerical Chemistry is a comprehensive book which provides students in-depth knowledge for various entrance exams like IIT-JEE (Main & Advance). Physical Chemistry book by P Bahadur comprises of more than three thousand numeric problems and covers each topic. Physical Chemistry by P Bahadur. A. Gautam. I m B I B ^^S^IIabli^aSenal Problems in AND ALL OTHER ENGINEERING ENTRANCE EXAMINATIONS.

All concepts are discussed in a simple and lucid manner, with extensive explanations and examples. Even if you are theoretically prepared and basics are well sound, Then this is the best book for objective Numerical preparations. P Bahadur numerical Chemistry is a good guide for helping students for solving numerical problems of chemistry, practice numerical concepts of Physical Chemistry and revising them again one or two months before IIT JEE exam or another competitive entrance exam. In the same way, you need to know some basic concepts of chemistry before starting up with P Bahadur Chemical Calculations. For this, you can download O P Tandon. Lots of examples are solved to give detailed content information. A huge of contents are covered for making this one of the best coverage books.

No water is to be used.


In a reaction vessel 0. Find the weight of H 2 S 0 4 in mL of a solution of 0. What is the molarity of the solution? How many mL of 2. What volume of water is required to make 0. How many millilitre of 0. How many moles of NaOH are contained in 27 mL of 0. The density is 1. A sample of NaOH weighing 0. Find the weight of NaOH in its 60 milli-equivalcnts.

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What is the strength in g per litre of a solution of H 2 S 0 4. A sample of N a N 0 3 weighing 0. Find the milli-cquivalcnt ol: Calculate molality of resulting solution if density of ethanol is 0. What should be the molarity of such a sample of the acid if the density of solution is 1.

How many g of BaS0 4 are formed? Suppose 5 g of acetic acid are dissolved in one litre of ethanol. Calculate the concentration of each ion in solution. What is the weight of BaS0 4 formed? An antifreeze solution is prepared from A sample of H 2 S0 4 density 1. Calculate the amount of oxalic acid H 2 C 2 0 4. What are the final concentrations of all the ions when following are mixed? Find the molality of H 2 S 0 4 solution whose specific gravity is 1.

What is molarity of acid? What volume of acid has to be used to make 1 litre of 0. If the density of the solution is 1. Calculate the molality of the solution. A sample of drinking water was found to be severely contaminated with chloroform. The density of the solution is 1. Neutralization reaction is. NaOH aq. What is its molality and molarity? The level of contamination was 15 ppm by mass. Calculate the volume of 1. How many mL of a 0. Fe SCN 3. I mole. IO22 molecules. C3H8 CaCl 2.

Solution 4. Total mass before the chemical change. Solution 3. This confirms the law of conservation of mass.

Pdf p bahadur

Cu H20 2. After sparking. Li 2 0 is one of the most efficient in terms of absorbing capacity per unit weight. For the same amount of copper. After washing the gas with water and drying. A sample of gaseous hydrocarbon occupying 1. Hence calculate ihe molecular weight of ozone. The weight of one litre sample of ozonised oxygen at NTP was found to be 1.

The container is heated to K. Copper forms two oxides. One sample of polystyrene prepared in this manner was found to contain When mL of this mixture at NTP were treated with terpentine oil. This was mixed with What is the ratio of the valencies of copper in first and second oxides? Derive molecular formula of ammonia. The total pressure is 0. Find the amount mole percent of N 2 H 4 g in the original mixture?

Chemical absorbers can be used lo remove exhaled C 0 2 of space travellers in short space flights. After the completion of the combustion of H 2. A sample of polystyrene prepared by heating styrenc with tribromobenzoyl peroxide in the absence of air has the formula Br 3 C. What is the value of n? Igniting Mn0 2 in air converts it quantitatively to Mn30 4.

The specific heat of metal is 0. This is heated and decomposed to magnesium pyrophosphate [Mg2P]. What is weight percentage of CH 4 and C2H4 in mixture. What is the composition of the alloy?

In a gravimetric determination of P. What weight of NaH 2 P0 4 was present originally? Cu weighing 8. A solution ol H2PO4 yielded 1.

What is hydrated sulphate? The sample is heated in air to constant mass. Determine the formula of ammonia from the following data: Find Ihe mol. A granulated sample of aircraft alloy Al. Some vapours come out which are absorbed in AgN03 acidified solution. C2H4 was burnt excess of oxygen yielding A hydrated sulphate of metal contained 8.

How much BaCl2'2H20 and pure water are to be mixed to prepare 50 g of Calculate molarity of free H2S0 4 in solution. SO4 ions are replaced by OH". The cupric salt i. After the metal is completely dissolved. What weight of FeiOj can be obtained from the precipitate? Also report the normality of NaOH left in the resultant solution. What is the equivalent weight of anhydrous acid? BaCl2 solution. The titration was repeated using phenolphthalein as indicator.

Pdf p bahadur

To 50 litre of 0. One g of hydrated salt yielding on strong heating 0. What is the coefficient of n in this equation for each reaction? When this water is passed through on anion exchange resin. Assume density of water 1. Chloride samples are prepared for analysis by using NaCl.

Cu" of a monobasic acid contains 3 molecules of water of hydration per atom of Cu. A sample of water has its hardness due to only CaS0 4. A piece of Al weighing 2. A precipitate of AgCl and AgBr weighs 0. This time 25 mL of 0. This required Manganese trifluoride can be prepared by the reaction: A drop 0.

The titration in presence of fluoride ion consumed The volume of H 2 evolved at Mow many tnLof 0. F 2 is utilized to convert all of Mnl 2 to MnF3. A solution of specific gravity 1.

Neglect any change in volume. If a series of catalytic reactions could be used for converting all the carbon atoms into butadiene.

Now 10 mL of this solution required 3. The solution requires The solution was then boiled to get rid off PH3 g and then cooled finally to room temperature and diluted to mL. What volume of 0. The resulting solution was found to be 0. Assuming whole. The resultant gas. Calculate the concentration of sodium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate produced by the reaction of C 0 2 with NaOH.

The molecular mass of an organic acid was determined by 1 lit. The area covered by one palmitic acid molecule 2 may be taken as 0. Find the amount of CO2 present in the volume of air as well as the percentage by volume of CO2 in air. When this solution is dropped on water surface. If we wish to cover an area of cm" with unimolecular film. CO2 and H2O. The cooled gases are passed through 2 litre of 2. CO has no reaction under these conditions. CO does not react with NaOH under these conditions.

CO is formed partailly due to combustion of octane which is responsible to decrease the efficiency of engine. All measurements are made at constant pressure and temperature. A solution of palmitic acid in benzene contains 4. The filtrate obtained after the reaction required 50 mL of a solution of HCI of specific gravity 1. If the resulting solution has density 1. I g of a mixture containing equal no. This solution was titrated with 0.

Also calculate amount of sulphate formed on quantitative conversion of 1. The substance really was a mixture of MgC03 and BaC The water coming off the column requires A separate sample shows the presence of 1. Calculate the ionic strength of a solution containing 0. H 2 S 0 4 and combined SO3 in the sample. SO3 and S 0 2 weighing 1. Addition of NaOH solution was continued dropwise until one drop addition produced a lasting pink colour.

The atomic weight of one metal is 7. A sample of fuming sulphuric acid containing H 2 S0 4. What is molecular weight of anhydrous acid? Two drops of phenolphthalein solution was added to At this point. When Find the percentage of free SO3. The atomic weight of oxygen is What are the formulas of the hydrates? In an experiment. A saturated solution of NaCl in water is 5. After all the Cu was precipitated.

The reaction. I low much water would have to be evaporated from litre of sea water before NaCl would precipitate. The filtrate required 12 mL of 0.

A sample of metallic elements X. If the density of O2 gas under these conditions is 1. Another 25 mL of the mixture was added to mL of 0. In one experiment. Combines with 0. A sample of green crystals of nickel II sulphate heptahydrate was heated carefully to produce the bluish-green nickel II sulphate hexahydrate. Calculate the amount of copper sulphide taken and the volume of 8 M nitric acid required for the reaction. After filtration.

A mixture contains 20 g of caustic soda. What is the atomic weight of X? What is the identity of X? A sea water sample has a density of l. Solution 5. Solution 9. Let Eq. Oo at. Equivalent weight of conipound Molecular weight Total charge on cation or anion. Molar mass of Ar The molecule has C. Cu of bivalent nature Eq. Since potassium chromate and K 2 S0 4 are isomorphs and thus molecular formula of potassium chromate is K 2 Cr0 4.

Let at. Mole of BaC0 3: PV Meq. Let the hydrate be Fe SCN 3. Now 3. Let a g of N 0 2 be present in g mixture.. For minimum mol. Br 2 will be completely used leaving K. In g KBr. The given reaction is. Molality of ethylene glycol: Also balancing of equation is not necessary in this concept. The product analysed 0.

When a mixture of 10 mole of S0 2. There are available 10 tons of a coal sample containing 2. A metal oxide XO. All are sold at the same rate of Rs. CS 2 and Cl 2 in the weight ratio 1: How many moles of uranium metal were used? What is the empirical formula of oxide?

How many moles of U r O v must have been obtained? Two coal samples containing 0. Three different brands of liquid chlorine are available in Ihe market for the use in purifying water of swimming pools. If each molecule is assumed to contain one atom of phosphorus. A sample of uranium metal 0.

Find the composition of products. One litre of C 0 2 is passed over hot coke. The volume becomes 1. How many tons of each of the later two samples should be mixed with the original 10 tons to give 20 tons sample containing 1. Calculate the weight of Zn required for this. Which of the brand you download? Analysis of chlorophyll shows that it contains 2. How many mole of S 0 2 and 0 2 did not enter into combination? Calculate the water of hydration in sample. However on heating U 0 2 N 0 3 2 z H 2 0 gentally only water of hydration is lost.

If If the molecular weight of y is On heating 1. How many atoms of magnesium does 1. A sample of potato strach was ground in a ball mill to give starch like molecule of low molecular weight. What is the mole per cent of H 2 in the mixture? A mixture of oxygen and hydrogen is analysed by passing it over hot copper oxide and through a drying tube.

Extra oxygen was added to increase the pressure to What was the mole fraction of H 2. A gaseous hydrocarbon was exploded with excess of oxygen. On cooling a contraction of 1. Find out the composition of mixture. Hydrogen reduces the CuO according to the equation: Find out molecular formula of hydrocarbon. Oxygen then oxidises the copper formed: The gas was passed over a hot platinum filament which combined H 2 and 0 2 into H 2 0 which was frozen out.

Balance the following equation which represents the combustion of pyrites. When the gas returned to same volume. A further contraction equal to double of the volume of hydrocarbon was noted.

If ml of gas mixture were taken in which volume ratio of 0 2 and CO were 1. A 10 lilrc box contains The combustion was repeated. The gas is burnt in excess 0 2 and all the carbon is recovered as C 0 2.

Calculate the molarity of concentrated solution. No water is added. The resulting solution was allowed to react with NaN0 3 and a new gas was formed again. You are given one litre each of 0. What volume of A and B should be mixed to produce one litre of 1 N acid solution. A known amount of NaCl was heated with conc. The gas evolved was completely absorbed in water and then neutralised by NH 4 OH.

The volume collected was 2. A magnesium ribbon. In either case. A gas known to be a mixture of propane C 3 H g and methane CH 4 is confined in a vessel at temperature Tand pressure mm of Hg. What is the maximum value of 0. What is the value of x if each polymeric molecule contains a 1 sulphur atom.

At the end of the reaction. Calculate the molarity and molality of a given solution of ethanol in water. Calculate the mole fraction of propane in mixture assuming ideal gas behaviour.

Calculate the weight of magnesium that was burnt. The ash was found to consume 0. This C 0 2 shows a pressure of mm of Hg if kept in the same vessel at temperature T. The final product was found to contain 0. The material was prepared by polymerizing C 2 F 4 in the presence of a sulphur-bearing catalyst that served as a nucleus upon which the polymer grew.

I This was collected at NTP. What is the unknown acid? The saponification no. A sample of peanut oil weighing 1. Calculate water of crystallization of Na 2 C0 3 xH 2 0. After saponification is complete. The titration requires To determine which acid you have.

What is molarity of base? For the standardisation of a Ba OH 2 solution. What is saponification no. After filtering the solution and rejecting the precipitate of BaC0 3.

The appropriate reactions are. HCI to become just colourless. Brand 'B' contains maximum conc. Mass of electron at high speed.

Mosley's law. Energy of electron in nth Bohr orbit of H atom. Wavelength emitted during transition in H atom. Radius of nth Bohr orbit of H atom. Velocity of electron in nth Bohr orbit of H atom.


Electronic energy change during transition. An and Ax are uncertainties in momentum. What is the number of photons of light with a wavelength o f 4 0 0 0 pm that provide 1 J of energy? Calculate the ionisation energy of sodium in kJ mol. Calculate the total no. Problem 7. Problem 5. Which part of the electromagnetic spectrum does it belong to? Yellow light emitted from a sodium lamp has a wavelength X of nm. What is the symbol of atom? Uranium has at. Find energy of each of the photons which: Calculate at.

Calculate the number of protons. Calculate the frequency v. Problem 1. Will the answer change if the temperature and pressure are changed? Nitrogen atom has at. Calculate the wavelength. Calculate the wavelength and wave number of the electromagnetic radiation emitted by the transmitter. A 25 watt bulb emits monochromatic yellow light of wavelength of 0.

Calculate the mass of a photon with wavelength 3. Calculate the rate of emission of quanta per second. V Problem 2. Delhi broadcasts on a frequency of kHz kilo hertz.

Nucleus of an atom has 6 protons and 8 neutrons. Electromagnetic radiation of wavelength nm is just sufficient to ionise the sodium atom. Calculate the energy required for the process. What is the energy in joules. Calculate the wave number for the longest wavelength transition in the Balmer series of atomic hydrogen. Calculate the wavelength and energy of radiation emitted for the electronic transition from infinity to stationary state for one H-atom.

The ground state electron energy is What is the longest wavelength of light in cm that can be used to cause this transition? What is the energy associated with the fifth orbit? According to Bohr's theory. Calculate the radius of Bohr's fifth orbit for hydrogen atom.

The energy associated with the first orbit in the hydrogen atom is 'iff J Show that radius of II shell of H-atom is almost four times of I shell.

Calculate the mass of a photon of sodium light having wavelength A and velocity. How much energy is needed to obtain to H-atom in first excited state from ground state. What should be the frequency of radiation to produce photoelcctrons having twice the kinetic energy of those produced by the radiation of frequency IO13 sec" 1.

Two particles A and B are in motion. Calculate uncertainty in its position. The mass of an electron is 9. The error in measurement of velocity is 0. Calculate the critical frequency and the corresponding wavelength of the photon required to eject the electron.

Calculate the wavelength of an electron moving with a velocity of 2. Calculate the wavelength of a moving electron having 4. What is the longest wavelength of radiation with which it can show photoelectric effect? Calculate the uncertainty in position of a dust particle with mass equal to 1 mg if the uncertainty in its velocity is 5. Find out the kinetic energy of the most energetic photoelectron. Calculate threshold frequency d 0 and work function WQ of the metal. Calculate its de Brogiie wavelength.

The energy required to remove an electron from the surface of sodium metal is 2. The minimum energy required for the emission of photoelectron from the surface of a metal is 4. The critical frequency for emitting photoelectrons from a metal surface is 5 x sec. Electrons are emitted with zero velocity from a metal surface when it is exposed to radiation of wavelength A.

If its K. Find out the following: Name these orbitals.

Given below are the sets of quantum numbers for given orbitals. A neutral atom of an element has 2K. An atom of an element has 13 electrons. The sodium flame test has a characteristic yellow colour due to emissions of wavelength nm. What values are assigned to quantum numbers n. A metal surface of threshold frequency 5.

Its nucleus has 14 neutrons. Calculate total spin. How many electrons may enter the orbital denoted by a 2p. What is the mass equivalence of one photon of this wavelength? Calculate the angular momentum of the following: What are the numbers of nodes present in: Will it exhibit photoelectric effect? Indicate the ' arrangement of electrons and the electrovalency of the element.

Find out angular momentum. Point out the followings: Find out atomic no. If there were three possible values -'A. Calculate the magnitude of spin angular momentum of an electron. Mass no. X Wavelength of photon. By eq. The excitation to first excited state from ground state means that electron in H-atom is boosted upto 2nd shell from 1st shell. Work function he. Electronic configuration of neutral atom: What is the maximum wavelength effective for photochemical dissociation of 0 2?

In the X-ray spectrum of Cu. The number of neutrons in the nucleus is 1. If forces of attractions between them is 1. One re-emitted photon has wavelength nm.

The eyes of a certain member of the raptile family pass a visual signal to the brain when the visual receptors are struck by photons of wavelength nm. Find out: Problem 6. Problem 3. If H 2 is exposed to radiation energy of wavelength Calculate energy of other photon re-emitted out. The dissociation of 0 2 into two normal atoms of oxygen requires kJ m o i.

Problem 4. Two carbon discs of 1. What is ihe energy difference between these orbitals in copper? A photon of nm is absorbed by a gas and then re-emits two photons. Permitivity constant is 9. If a total energy of 3. The nucleus of the ion has a mass number of The ionisation energy of a H like Bohr's atom is 4 Rydberg. The IPi of H is What is the wavelength of next line in this series?

It is exposed to electromagnetic waves of A and gives out induced radiations. Determine the values of n and Z. Calculate the. This excited atom can make a transition to the first excited state by successively emitting two photons of energies Calculate the frequency.

Y or Z will have shortest wavelength? A series of lines in the spectrum of atomic H lies at wavelengths Find the wavelength of these induced radiations. A hydrogen-like atom atomic number Z is in a higher excited state of quantum number n. Consider three electron jumps described below for the hydrogen atom X: The kinetic energy of an electron in H like atom is 6.

Each atom then emits a photon of wavelength It requires Also report the atom. Find the quantum no. How many spectral lines are emitted by atomic hydrogen excited to the nth energy level? The hydrogen atom in the ground state is excited by mass of monochromatic radiations of wavelength A.

Find the area of the third Bohr orbit to which this electron belong. Show that: Which transition leads to this wavelength?

How fast were the hydrogen atoms travelling before collision?

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Calculate the spectral line emitted when electron falls from this level to next lower level. The angular momentum of an electron in a Bohr's orbit of H-atom is 14 2 4. Consider the following two electronic transition possibilities in a hydrogen atom as pictured below: Two hydrogen atoms collide head on and end up with zero kinetic energy. The resulting spectrum consists of maximum 15 different lines What is the value of A. Calculate the accelerating potential that must be imparted to a proton beam to give it an effective wavelength of 0.

Calculate the ratio of maximum velocity of the ejected electrons in the two cases. That photon liberated a photo-electron from a stationary H atom in ground state. An electron in a hydrogen like atom. Ionization Potential of H Assuming that the error in the position of ball is the same as the wavelength of itself. It has a total energy of What is the velocity of photoelectron?

In another experiment. Also report the velocity of ejected electron in each case. Show that de-Broglie wavelength of electron accelerated through V volt is nearly given by: Assume that ejected electrons do not interact with any photon. Determine de-Broglie wavelength of an electron having kinetic energy of 1. Point out the angular momentum of an electron in. The photo-electric emission requires a threshold frequency VQ. See solution How many electrons are in the ion?

What is the name of the element? The corresponding wavelength for the transition from n 2 to 7. Also calculate the minimum energy in eV that can be emitted by this atom during deexcitation.. The infrared radiation is strongly absorbed by water raising its temperature and that of the food in which it is incorporated.

A hydrogen like atom of atomic number Z is in an excited state of quantum number In. Find the value of n 2 and Z and report the H like atom. Hydrogen atom in its ground state is excited by means of monochromatic radiations of wavelength A.

A hydrogen like atom described by the Bohr's model is observed to emit six wavelength. Assume that infrared radiation has a wavelength of nm.

These levels have energies between Infrared lamps are used in restaurants and cafeterias to keep food warm. Find out n and Z and the ground slate energy in eV for this atom. Which has a shorter wavelength: It can emit a maximum energy photon of eV. Ground state energy of H atom is How many different lines are possible in the resulting spectrum.

Calculate the longest wavelength among them. If it makes a transition to quantum state n. II n and n-. Also report their values. What is the uncertainty involved in the measurement of its velocity.

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A microscope using suitable photons is employed to locate an electron in an atom within a distance of 1 A. The stopping potential for the photo-electrons ejected by the shorter wavelength is 3. Li from the first to the third Bohr orbit. The resulting radiations are incident normally on a metal plate and ejects photo-electrons. When would the wavelength associated with an electron be equal to wavelength of proton?

Write down the electronic configuration of following species and calculate total spin. Calculate the wavelength of C 0 2 molecule moving with velocity of m sec Find the number of photo-electrons emitted per second and —19 their minimum energies in eV. Assuming that the Bohr model 7 —1 of the atom is applicable to this system.

A doubly ionised lithium atom is hydrogen like with atomic number 3. If the ratio. When light frequency. Calculate the work function of the metal and stopping potential for the photo-electrons ejected by the longer wavelength. Take the mass of the nucleus to be infinite. Radioactive equilibrium. Maximum yield of daughter element: Binding energy B. Radioactivity p ' Chapter at a Glance 1. Parallel path decay: Different units of rate of decay: N is no. Total B. Problem I. The atomic mass of l 6 0 is The mass of electron is The individual masses of neutronand proton are 1.

Complete the following nuclear reactions: Write the equation for these nuclear changes. Calculate the binding energy of the oxygen nucleus. Give one example each of a a-emission. Pb ? The isotopic masses of 2 H and 4 He are Problem 2. V Problem 5. How many a.. Complete the equations for the following nuclear processes: What is meant by nuclear binding energy? Calculate the binding energy per nucleon of Li isotope. How many g o Tb a and P-particles are emitted out during this process?

The half life of 3gSr90 is 20 year. The same. If the half-life of 27 Co is 7 year. I he radioactive isotope 17C0 which has now replaced radium in the treatment of cancer can be made by a n. A sample of uranium ore was analysed and found to contain 1. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

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