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Aug 2, Adobe's free PDF reader has long been a standard for handling its You Can Put Much More in Your Dishwasher Than Plates and Soap In addition to viewing PDF files, Preview can display over two dozen other file. Aug 22, Adobe's free PDF reader, Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, connects to the Adobe Document cloud and other cloud storage Even though Preview is the pre- installed PDF reader on every Mac, it's more powerful than you think. This category includes desktop programs that can be used for reading and annotating PDF documents, other than the slow and bloated Adobe Reader. While I.

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Apr 25, Adobe Acrobat isn't the only PDF reader in town. A dedicated free PDF reader will let you do so much more than just open documents. Downloadable add- ons are available to convert PDFs to other formats (and vice. Jan 12, We've compiled a list of the top 10 best PDF readers for Windows PCs. the likes of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, SumatraPDF, Foxit Reader, etc. SumatraPDF supports formats other than PDF as well, including the likes of. Read our roundup of feature-rich PDF viewers that out perform even Adobe Reader. lightweight applications built for nothing more than viewing PDFs to more Unlike many other free PDF readers, with Nitro you can fill in forms and sign.

This Adobe Reader alternative performs better compared to other options. PDFelement has most stable functionalities and security features to protect your documents. It has automated spelling error detection which helps to fix typos and other errors. It can turn any non-fillable form into a fillable one in a simple click. The intelligent form automation technology can help extract data from all types of identical PDFs. It can extract data from hundreds of scanned or non-scanned PDF forms into one editable Excel file.

While both the free and the Pro version allow you to annotate text, insert graphics and drawings, and insert links, the free version adds a Foxit stamp on each page you annotate; the pro version removes the marking. Foxit is available as a portable application. Acrobat enjoys widespread popularity as a result of being offered by the company that created the PDF. For light PDF users, it's a more than adequate tool, although frequent users may seek to try a lighter alternative to get rid of the long load times and the lag that can occur when Acrobat loads within a web browser pane.

You can attach sticky notes to pages and highlight text for your own review.

Best Free Non-Adobe PDF Reader

Advanced features like reorganizing pages and text extraction are only available with the Pro upgrade. PDF-Xchange is available as a portable application. Some of these free readers have features that are not included in Adobe Reader.

I've found that Adobe's standard reader crashes too often on Windows 10, hence my search for an alternative free viewer. Thanks for the info. If what you want is highest quality viewing and printing of PDF files, be it documents, books, or images, then I would suggest going with Adobe Reader DC.

It has a clean modern interface, and I've seen no lag with it. Please contradict me if you've found differently. If an alternative pdf reader gives you specific tools that you must have, then of course, go with that instead; but if you really don't need those tools, then they are just useless bells and whistles.

Other adobe than reader pdf

I would like to simply add an observation; I find it surprising that--even now--March of there are only 3 choices for free PDF readers. This feels like the kind of category that would have literally hundreds.

Best Free Non-Adobe PDF Reader

I wonder why? Maybe the hundreds of developers who would create these free versions are satisfied enough with Adobe? One question: It's very popular, but I'd like to know what I and all those other people are missing. My experience of free PDF readers, even Adobe Acrobat, is that they tend to have significant pitfalls.

I'm not surprised Jojo only recommends three products.

Adobe pdf reader other than

Many of the free viewers do not have enough free features or have other specific limitations. Remah, Just to be clear, I have no doubt that the article suggests the 3 that are really good. I just think the world would have more good ones. I do agree there seem to be a lot that have significant pitfalls. Which, of course, distinctly highlights the value of Gizmo's--selecting the 3 best out of numerous sub-optimal choices: My recollection is that the only features offered in the Editor that were not found in the Reader resulted in watermarks being applied to the resulting PDFs.

If that is still the case, there would seem to be no long term benefit that comes from the free version of the Editor other than as a trial for the paid version.

If anyone has some recent experience with the Editor that differs from mine, I would be pleased to give it another shot. I had exactly the same experience. The Editor free version seems to be just a tease to get you to upgrade.

The best free PDF reader 2019

Might be time to remove this product from the free non Adobe PDF listings. A shareware software doesn't mean that it is Commercial one which you have to pay after the trial period , it means that:. Will revert to the free version with certain limitations once after the trial period is over eg. This typically can be considered as free.

Will be having significant limitations also called Demo software after the trial period is over and you might have to pay for it to continue using the product for it's basic features. Kaspersky Antivirus. Freeware products with a commercial version have generally separate names, hence it can earn the license of being Freeware eg.

Best Free Non-Adobe PDF Reader | Gizmo's Freeware

There are a lot of Licensing terms that might be different across various softwares, which is what creates this confusion. But this is the general rule. The ultimate licensing of a product and hence usage will be described in the EULA of a software, which is generally shown in a dialog box during installation, or will be described on their website.

I would even go further and add that it would be better still for their statement about the "free version" to be more prominent than the "free download" statement I originally quoted, which was rather tucked away on their site. They actually do not mention on their site which has changed by the way , but the PdfXchange Editor does have a free version, which you can select during installation. In the About section too, they mention about the free version, which has most functionalities available.

But yes, they should mention about the free version on their site somewhere atleast. There is no mention of it currently.

It worked just fine. Not sure why they don't mention this on the site, guess they want you to download it and then find out it can be had for free? In PDF X-change free, if you do simple annotations like squares, ovals, lines, arrows, text, does it 'watermark' or stamp the file when saved? Good stuff. SlimPDF Reader really is little more than a viewer, but that's no bad thing.

Controls and navigations are simple and self-explanatory, and the program benefits from being lightning-fast.

Search, print and rotate are the most advanced features you'll find, although you are invited to try a free trial of the PDF to Office converter. The only real drawback is the inability to view two pages side-by-side as a spread. As this is an ebook reader, you-re encouraged to organize all of your books into a library, sortable by type and fully searchable — but there's nothing to stop you from just opening individual PDFs.

The program has a slightly unusual look, but it is a joy to use. Navigation of PDFs is wonderfully simple, and there are a number of viewing modes to choose from, including an eye-friendly night mode. You can quickly add bookmarks and create notes, which are accessed through the fly-out Contents pane.

A frill-free PDF reader that barely makes a dent in your drive space.