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Project 5 - Student's Book - 4th edition (tvnovellas.infonson).pdf - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. This new edition of Tom Hutchinson's bestselling course combines all the aspects that students and teachers loved from the previous edition with exiting new. The Project fourth edition Workbook provides extra practice of all the language and practice for students, and further resources for teachers.

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Download for free Oxford Project English Full Set All Editions 1 2 3 4 5 Plus - students teahers book workbook audio cd multirom test key answers - Учебно- методический комплекс Project Fourth Edition - - четвертое издание. Welcome to the Project Student's Site. Here you will find lots of interesting activities to help you get the most out of Project. We hope you Level 4; Level 5 cover. The Project Fourth Edition Online Practice offers an easy-to-use online It provides five levels of additional material linked to the lessons in the Student's Books.

This new edition of Tom Hutchinson's bestselling course combines all the aspects that students and teachers loved from the previous edition with exiting new digital components, extra resources and more teacher support than ever before. In later levels of the course the cartoons are replaced with dramatized episodes of Kids, the photo-story from the Student's Book. For your kinaesthetic learners there are new fun total physical response pronunciation activities in the pronunciation bank at the back of the Student's Book. Other students will enjoy reading the stories in the extensive reading bank. And you will love all the teacher support available with Project fourth edition. Use digital resources more effectively in your lessons with the digital workshops that give you step by step guides to using some of the most educationally beneficial sites on the internet as well as ideas for how you can use them with the projects in the Student's Book. Key Features:

Example If I had enough money I download a new car. Example If I , I. Use all the information shown in the pictures. Last week I won a car in a competition and I thought I was the luckiest man in the world. Thanks to my luck, I can drive around in a nice new vehicle, but some people actually owe their lives to their good luck. That same morning I read of a number of amazing escapes. A group of children were travelling on an opentop bus which was hit by a sports car.

The children were thrown from the top of the bus.

Book project edition 5 fourth teachers

Fortunately, they landed on soft grass and no one was hurt. The driver of the sports car was arrested for dangerous driving. In another bus accident a woman in her seventies slipped and fell under a bus as it drove away from a bus stop. Instead, the plane stayed stuck in the wires.

Teachers fourth edition book 5 project

The pilot stayed calm and quickly brought the plane down to 3, metres, where it was possible for the passengers to breathe normally. When the plane landed in Manila and they saw the size of the hole, some of the passengers were so scared they felt sick. He even took part in the Olympics.

Fourth project book 5 edition teachers

I prefer to play it myself. I bought it because I just love red cars. Choose which person is best for each job and why, and complete the chart.

Write a letter to a friend advising them to apply for it. Remember to say: Why you are writing What the job is What they will have to do Why you think it would be a good job for them.

Project 5 test

You will also need to do a little work in the house, looking after plants and keeping the rooms clean. If you know your town well and are a well-organized, friendly person you could be perfect for this new opportunity. You will also be expected to help them organize schools for their children, and introduce them to local people.

When you work as a dream maker your customers will tell you their greatest wish, and all you have to do is make it happen for them.

When new perfumes are tested on people, your job will be to smell them and report on the result. You have to know good smells from the bad ones, but you will also have to write a report describing each smell.

But it would be nice to have a part-time job. My life was much better when I was at school. I used to love doing projects — using my computer to get information about things and writing about them. But the best thing I did was arranging the annual concert.


Before my brother started school I used to look after him while my Mum went to work. I also like good food and drink. I make a little money writing magazine articles on fashion, food and wine. He prefers to play it himself. She even took part in the Olympics.

I bought it because I just love red clothes. Are the sentences true T or false F? B a You might get stung. What are their jobs? Use the words in the box. The information you give about yourself does not need to be true.

Use these headings: Why you would like this job What your education is Other jobs you have done What kind of person you are Why you think you would be good at the job. With this computer you can watch TV, listen to music, copy CDs, record your own voice, make videos and talk to your friends. Your computer comes complete with all the necessary hardware and software.

As well as the usual operating system programs, your computer comes with a number of additional programs which you can start by clicking on the icons the small pictures which you will see on your screen.

For these programs there are teaching programs which you should look at before starting to use them. Of course, these programs also need the correct hardware. For all the programs the loudspeakers play all sounds automatically. The microphone is an external one so you need to connect it and switch it on before making recordings or talking to your friends by Internet phone. It uses a battery and has its own disk so you can record anywhere. Here you have everything you need for a complete multimedia experience.

Book edition teachers fourth project 5

All you have to do is switch on and start enjoying your new computer. Example When you want to download things in another country, you need to use foreign.

Example They built this bridge in Example The Euro can use in many London shops. The slow train takes much longer. Internet shopping — how to get the best deal. Internet shopping is becoming more popular every day.

Calaméo - Project 5 test

Some men like it because they hate going to shops. And, although many women love walking around shops and trying on clothes, they too are changing their shopping habits and downloading on-line. For one thing, they realize that the best prices are found on the Internet. There are other advantages, too. Sometimes badly designed websites can be annoying to use, but most sites are well thought out, making Internet shopping a relaxing and pleasant experience.

For most people the main reason they download from online shops is that they get the very best deals there. Price comparison sites will tell you where to get the cheapest prices for electronic products, jewellery, or anything else you want. Are there no problems with on-line shopping, then? Of course there are. One way to solve this problem is to visit a traditional shop to choose what you want, and then to download it on the Internet.

This is a very popular trick. Students work in groups, taking on the roles of Rosy, Greg, Luke and Anna to act out the dialogues on page 6.

Project 5 test

Students work in groups of four to write their own scripts from the story and act it out for the class. The class can vote for the best one. Optional Extra For stronger students. To help students improve their writing, take the pairs of sentences the students write and discuss joining them together using different conjunctions, e. I'm going to work in a bank.

I think it will probably be boring, but maybe I'll like it. We 'l! Then play audio recording 1. Play it again for students to listen, and ask them to clap their hands to keep the rhythm. Bookmark it to easily review again before an exam.

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