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See all books authored by Masamune Shirow, including The Ghost in the Shell 1 Movie Tie-In Edition, and Ghost in the Shell Official Art Book Playstation. Pieces Gem 01 – Ghost In The Shell Data + Alpha is an art book by renowned manga artist Shirow Masamune, and collects previously. Masamune Shirow Works - Intron Depot 5: BATTALION Art Book. Regular price: $ Masamune Shirow Art Book - Togihime Zohushi no Ni 2. $

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Masamune Shirow. Masamune Shirow Books By Masamune Shirow by Shirow Masamune Appleseed Book 1: The Promethean Challenge Sep 10, Shirow Masamune Pieces 1: Premium Gallery Artbook on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In Japanese text. Exon Depot - artbook, from erotic manga and poster books by Masamune Shirow, сomprised of a series of three fully colored short stories.

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Related to the economy is the concern that Japan isn't making a smooth transition from a hardware to a software-based economy. Everyone worries that Japan is terribly behind the West in the network revolution, and in Internet usage. But whereas last year all the high school and college kids had pagers, this year everyone seems to be crossing the street talking on candy-bar sized PHS phones, many of which have text messaging capability, not to mention email, fax, and even anti-bacterial coatings to ward off germs.

A magazine claims that the once invincible karaoke industry is now in a slump, partly because young people are spending all their money on communications charges; some of the phones retail for one yen. There's even a certain discontinuity here in the manga, or comic book business. Japan is the only nation on earth where comic books have become a truly mainstream medium of expression, on par with film or novels.

Comics are a six billion dollar industry, everyone reads them, and successful manga artists have the status of intellectual and social celebrities. The manga industry, moreover, has become a meta-industry for Japan's giant video game and anime industries, and is now the engine behind what many consider to be Japan's biggest success in "software" in the Japanese, generic sense.

Increasingly, high corporate and government officials who used to look askance at manga and anime, are beginning to think of them as a potentially viable export industry, a "software" version of the auto and consumer electronics industries which served Japan so well in the past. Yet in the last year or so there's been a tiny slump in the growth rate of manga sales, and industry executives worry terribly about possible erosion of readership, especially with competition among young children from video games and the Internet.

One problem mainstream publishers complain about is a dearth of artists capable of creating interesting, original stories; Like the economy in general, the Japanese manga industry is a victim of its own success. It's a victim of an overemphasis on mass production, an over-centralization in Tokyo, and a superb education system and value system that overemphasizes conformity.

Which brings us back to Masamune Shirow. Shirow was born in Kobe in , and has always lived there, which right away makes him very unusual. Tokyo is the overwhelming center of today's Japan, and most successful writers, film makers, scientists, and manga artists, even if born elsewhere, soon move there to live and work. As a manga artist, Shirow also works by himself, at his own pace, which is considered very slow in Japan.

Most successful artists in Tokyo today employ a mass production system with many assistants, and get on a volume-production treadmill with hungry publishers, a treadmill which is very difficult to get off. In the early eighties, while still in college, Shirow began creating comics with friends, as part of Japan's vast manga dojinshi or "fanzine" subculture weekend conventions today attract over a quarter million attendees.

In , with some friends he self-published his first paperback book, Black Magic M Then in , he made his professional debut with the epic sci-fi work, Appleseed, which was published by the small Osaka publisher, Seishinsha, again as a paperback book.

This, too, was unusual, in that most artists start out by serializing stories in major Tokyo manga magazines. Subsequently Shirow went on to create a series of popular works such as Dominion, Orion, and the now-famous Ghost in the Shell.

Art shirow book masamune

During much of this time he worked as a high school art teacher. Shirow's manga are characterized by their high tech themes and pseudo-realistic "mecha"; an information-dense visual and narrative structure; and an entertaining, often tongue-in-cheek approach that never lets anything get too serious.

Most of his works are science fiction, with alluring female police officer protagonists. The exception is Orion, a metaphysical spoof on, or romp through, the worlds of Buddhism, Taoism, Shinto, and quantum physics.

Art book masamune shirow

From the beginning, Shirow's work has appealed to a special type of manga fan, many of whom are not Japanese. He realized that Shirow's otherwise un-Japanese style might appeal to U. As a result, Shirow received wide exposure in North America and the U. He is perhaps the only major Japanese manga artist who has had all of his paperback compilations published in English.

By the time Shirow's cyber-net-AI-metaphysical adventure, Ghost in the Shell, started appearing in English in , Shirow had an American cult following. Still, Shirow's widest exposure has come not through the Ghost in the Shell manga. In Japan, popular manga works are almost always animated for video, television, or theaters.

Masamune Shirow Intron DEPOT 6 Barbwire 01 Anime Art Book

In Ghost in the Shell was first turned into a theatrical feature, then released on video. But in what was then unprecedented for the notoriously low-budget anime world, Ghost in the Shellhad a relatively large budget, and it was financed partly with foreign capital provided by the London and Chicago-based company, Manga Entertainment, a subsidiary of the giant Island International. Directed by Mamoru Oshii with a foreign audience in mind, Ghost in the Shell had music provided by U2, computer graphics, and a lyrical moodiness.

It was stripped of Shirow's innate playfulness and wacky humor, and in many senses it was a completely different work, more Oshii's than Shirow's. Yet in one week of August, , the video topped Billboard's U.


S domestic video sales chart, and as of the end of it had sold over a quarter of a million copies, an unprecedented feat for Japanese animation. While still reflecting on all this, I arrive at Kobe station, and am met by Mr. Ogasawara, Shirow's buddy and defacto manager from Seishinsha. Ogasawara has always been my interface with Shirow, and he loves the Grateful Dead, so we get along great. Since I'm not allowed to photograph Shirow or visit where he works, he's agreed to take me around sites in Kobe that have a connection to Shirow's world, and to prep me for the interview.

We visit the famous Kiku Masamune sake brewery, which may or may not be the inspiration for the first half of Shirow's pen name, tour a few of the now-rebuilt earthquake sites, and then meet Shirow at the Oriental Hotel. Shirow's a comfortable but somewhat shy sort of person, who speaks softly with a trace of the region's dialect. As we head toward the hotel's lobby-cafe to conduct the interview, both he and Ogasawara enjoy telling me how a high-ranking Yakuza boss was gunned down in cold blood here only a few months earlier.

The interview starts out hesitantly, rambling a little, as we slowly get to know each other. We chat around the usual introductory material, before I get to the questions I've been burning to ask him.

To my surprise, I learn that he doesn't use the Internet. But he's heavily into computers, and, of course, he's wearing a tiny portable phone. Ogasawara occasionally chimes in for clarification.

FS Ghost in the Shell and other works of yours are filled with technological information, both real and not-real, on quantum physics, AI, robotics and networks. Where do you get this information from, and how do you process it? I sometimes visit the facilities they have at the local universities, but books are the main thing FS What sort of books have had the most influence on you?

Entomologists apparently don't have many places to publish their work, and as a result, their writing tends to be especially interesting when they do publish.

FS Many Japanese artists seem fascinated by insects, or at least were fascinated by them as children. As a child did you used to run around in the hills of Kobe with a collector's net?

Most Japanese boys love bugs, especially the large Atlas or Stag beetles. They stimulate your imagination. They're almost like toys. FS Much sci-tech information in your manga seems to be delivered as a sort of background, ambient noise, which many readers probably don't understand right away but eventually soak up unconsciously through osmosis.

Is this a deliberate strategy? It merely happens because of the way the stories are structured. I don't deliberately have a lot of explanations about the reality in which the characters live. To the characters this information is obvious, and natural; the readers enter the world of the characters, and it should ideally become a "natural" world for them, too.

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FS Do you ever get complaints from people who can't understand what's going on in your stories because there's too much complicated information? I realize my stories should be easy to read, and I try to make them easy to read. It's a tug of war; I don't want to make the stories too simple, nor do I want to make them too complex. I struggle to find a good balance I know it's tough for the readers sometimes FS I personally like your information-dense approach, but I have to confess that translating the stories can be tough.

I once spent days searching for a scientific term in a library, only to learn later that you had made it up While I' m at it.

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Everything seemed to be going fine from there on. I didn't think these two would be the first girls I'd be writing about, but it actually turned out to be a lot of fun. I accept maki with abs. She ll tell you that the dark knight was called back to paramekia on assignment, so borgan was placed in control at bofsk.

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If Maki is a good furry girl mommy and daddy will have "special time" with her. Next page. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Learn more about site Prime. Get fast, free shipping with site Prime. Books By Masamune Shirow. Popularity Popularity Featured Price: Low to High Price: High to Low Avg. Get it by Tuesday, Jun 04 Only 14 left in stock more on the way. The Ghost in the Shell Vol. Get it by Tuesday, Jun 04 Only 6 left in stock more on the way. Other Formats: Comic Book.

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Get it by Monday, Jun 03 Only 5 left in stock more on the way. Intron Depot 5: Battalion Mar 25, Only 1 left in stock - order soon.