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OjIv SOME BLUNDERS OF INDIAN HISTORICAL RESEARCH P. N. OAK, M A., LL., B. Pnildtnt, Initiate for BenritlDg World History HIND! N j Road, " r. Some Blunders Of Indian Historical Research by P.N. Oak. The author, in this book incites some blunders of India historical Research. This is Oak's most popular. Historical Research P N Oak. Download Some Blunders of Indian Historical Research pdf · Read Online Some Blunders of Indian Historical Research pdf .

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The book Some Blunders of Indian Historical Research by P.N. Oak in English in PDF format. Some Blunders of Indian Historical Research - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. - download Some Blunders of Indian Historical Research book online at best prices in india on Read Some Blunders of Indian Historical.

Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Books by Language. Full text of " English books of P. OAK, M A. N j Road, 2. A jay Printers, X, Navln Shsihdara.

Cabo u Hlld For,oueo l oci K. Dt World u aa Weare,tbcrcfo e,caughtina lctou. UOO that hiltory despite iu contradiclioosa. Coatiauioa IDYrcJUrchtbrouabactaalolsiutobbtono sites, aodbrowsinalhrouah bittorics I have bceo 1ble topthrr eonsicknobte evldeae bu bcoowrincn by Sba,..

Some Blunders of Indian Historical Research - P N Oak

Jcoplwu, wlf-appolotcdcbrooiclu ,. At all arcwontto do. My fathertold me" Of"on the autborhyor w.: Thenme Madam lllekatolbascbuildiopbccouscthey Vedic tcbools. Dowsoo, Vol" Ito 1. Thus betweontbcmselve. OpeIJ tdinl! That eventtook placemorechan thrte hundredofterLord Buddha'sdemise. Foocoolet 3, 4,edition Jtundrcd 'c-1 ra , Ourtn1 lltflllh dornroauonforthoooxlycaraWeAtornscholara' tmm11urcmcdloevol concop11 about time and spaco,tho orl1ln of the co.

Tbt rub,.. SaaQrk Loeaa by T. Murw, Tilt Vodtclido by ketrb aodllkOoonrc1 as -d bytbc aacltlnct ioo, aodhaveperhapsattained greaterbeoabu or remporat andspiritual acbievemenubuthavebeenlostand rotgoueo. Likewise oura is notthe oo. Muyotherciviltulloosmorrwoodmalaod similar ordiffc. AI Ubla tribe o fJetsin.. Mongolians studyancien Indian lorecooner: Vic are told thal Dc.

O IO tbe 11tb C. Had l. There io yet another poi Diet to Dclbi's antiquity. In Dclbo there 11 a monument called Purana l. Old Forr. Many oril! Like the Bntisb cmp1re whbin our own memory, io tbc remote past the Jodian empire alcnd.. Hence II I belna updated ancl sotu adclouoos ba'fC been made bore aod lbctc 11 u 1 admitatioo over tbo contcnta LDdiaa bistory u it is bcios tauabt in oor educatiooat ioshtutJoos.

Wbat i llill more uaalc is that besides the many diltor tioos, perversions and anomalies tbat ftbou. II b io that vall reaioo, attbe very lout, tbat the diavijayu conqueJII which we bear about very ol't. At lean a broacl rcalitation of the major poiou at wbicb Indian hiotorical research bu branched off the path or faCiual and ebroooloaical 1ru1h, and a realizAtion that a1 Jeut some of ita importanl cbapton aro misslna, is essential on tbe pah of scholars, ttachina inatitulloo.

I "''"'" crt Off b h. Foom tbtJ poont of view tbtl! Over tho 'Cin, cspealliY wbco I v;,ued Oclbl. How wu JJaificeot O Ofturoc. J bow i. And if for cc. If tbey only tombs tor tbc1r predecessors ilnd mos. Bobner, Jolltlmer aod. A thouaallllollll ooc ncb con. Those queslioas tel me tbiokioa furiously. In my despcra tloa ltaroed to the billory of olber oouotrlca of tho world to -"a ponUd. The imaac or Rome cam. Qipocd n from time to time? That Colld b"' lboe 1an a lloolb ,.

S moou. Obviously tbls aoswer too ia obsurd.

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Kioa James thea smiled, so aoestbo story, and remarked that they wcro all nitwila btautc the qucstlon ittdf was wrona. The same holds uue of ladion mcdiocval mooumC1ltS. That is wby the assump1ion lcad tbo numcroUJ incoot11te. Ius to show tho I even o single tomb, fort or mosque wat ever comm! Jslontd by o sioatc Sara""o cbict or ruler.

Thcrc are oo design draW lop. El 'ptOfoaom who jumped. J bY '2tiout Phatoob wbo lived ic tbcm aod stored their lidc tbecr tbe pract! Tilt llpcraa tides or Py ld The deod welabt or that cotostal falrebood now lies 10 heavy aad 10 deep that Tbcy, tbcrcrorc.

We are, tbcrcfo e, caught in a lctou. We tca. UOO that hiltory despite iu contradiclioos a. That enables us to cooctude 1bar aU utaol mediaeval roads, bridcc.

I wish to alert biatorians tbai they should not try to oonat the hucrlptioDJ on monumeotJ with I be origio of the: Cllt I' This ; 1 1 common bumoo foilina. It ia lbis gullibillly wblob hoa led historians bol I Indian Monument. Mabamahopadhyaya Ootto Vamao Potdar, a ell known bistorlon anclexvice chancellor of tbc l'oona Unovcnity rocntiooe.

The 'lo1quc at Ollar In C. Tbc Adbao-donkaZopda 11 Ajmer bas beco uoiraauy adtllined , 0 be a pan of Vigrahnaj Visbaldeo's seminary, Tbe 1 o-callcd Kutub Minar at Delhi is now widely admitted 10 be on eatlicr Hindu tower.

But if a comprcbeosivt list Tbm innancn stRogtbencd my doubr. Whit proof Only a few centuries bact. Uaraedownloada, oa a bill io Srinaaar, 11 a famous Vrrl.. S co Vcnoaa.

Ttus markl the aource or I he river Jhclum tthieh cmuac: Hindus arc ko! Tim for their eob wor1hip. Popular Hindu lore credits a cobra wltb being tbc mllln prop or our earth. Tbc r-iver-fount is enclosed in 11 small circular cistcro. Nearby can be seeD the remains or extensive plinths clearly and1cating lOme budd ing wbicb. These todlcauoaJ o. The aru if acanted b sure to yield more.

That claim c. Had a Muslim emperor beeo tbe tbe premosel would have been a mosque ClOd oot tbe bounl of Hiodu priests and Hindu deotfcs. Akbar and Jabaaaor da! Fscrual yidcncc Ler us also be clear about another poin1. They clamour for wbar they call daCilmrnrary crldcnce. Let me tell them that tbey koow not hal rht are tolkins about. Firstly, they themselves have been sultry or bavina 11cribed tbe various mediaeval monumeots to doll'cnnt Mullim sultar.

Butrbey know fully "'lit I do that are ever so maoy veuions of these rncmoono aod ebrooiclCJ wlddy differing from each other, and cursory references 10 a few monuments are found io isolated.. HiJtoriltnt also know that these chronicles nod mcmonaare aotariaus for eooraining w11hrul thinking. But wtll our.. Let , therefore, lradilion-bound hlttofillllt make I fttbb Of- caned documentary proor aod I brow their band up ia a.

The above.. All thcJe ccnaurie. Thtre are two htaurirut landscape aardeno in Kashmir, known u Nisbat and Shalimar.

Blunders historical some research pdf of indian

Hillery hos wrongly a. Nilbat and Shalimar t variation of. Shalimrs means "o mnroio rrock windloa throuah rice fields sal or tbrouab limbtr trees lhol Throuahout the gordeos ooe cso dlscero a plinth patcern suggesting that the gardens were enclosed by fortifioatooos ond were part or dcmollahcd palaces.

Their still sr Tho aatewayure In the ornate Hindu aryle. A vish to Kasbm1r tbeo was.. That fount bad beta Patr b. Tbc name of Kashmir's famous llllre "Dal" is also or Sa knt oraa1n "Oal'' means a leaf and signi6ct foliaae. Tbc n: The name Cbandaowadi Is also purely Saoskril. II will lhus bo teen that in Kashmir there ie hardly any 1racc or Muslim culture excepl in its populalion whicb wu fort1bly conve"ed 10 Islam. Liter when a Muslim ruler called Zajouudin made it his rw- dcoce the palace got associated wi1b bis rumc.

This should suftice lo convince all tbat "11 mediaeval moou mon1, ueh as oy ist, io Kashmir were buill by pre Muslito RaJput rulen. Thy may tbcmse vcs ponder on the roct whether their traditional clainu in favour of Ibis or that sullao, oro based oo documtnlary evidence.

There Ia aloo no rcuon why we should express despair and hclplcsrncu In the absence or documentill ' evidence and the falsity of mediaeval chrooiclu. Bbturditacs and eaigmas. Tbcy "re ao1. All lbe mooumcn11 belona to the pu-Musluu era a.. BSilAcu 2' rule" Evon lhe tomb and Pt! Hindu a nd lemple. Cuaninaham doant ClfC. He didn't bl. That is why all the aooCalled upcrts ia Muslim or Moalll arc nod architecture: Their bt.

Cunningham transferred tbo entire Hindu architcccurat credit to a o1l Muslim account to spite: The only building in Deihl wblcb answers four.. Taimurlana who iovaded Delhi In ,! Thai it 0 s. It could not have stuck 00 uo1eso.. Had Shabjabllll built the fort, the bank atreteh of the Yamuna ott be rc: The Otlbl of tbe fort bas a pair of stone elephant out 11 dc IJiam strictly forbids the raising of any images wbilc RaJpUt mooarc: Ruooio1 water channels, through whicb Yamuna water cowted tiJ way throughout the fort, again suueat Rojput eoonfiJCtioo bc: Tbe Sbtavao aod 8bado pavilions and tbe Kosar Kuod io tbt: The marble balcony in which the ruler Uicd to aitltl tbe DiwaoiAm bas a t.

Tbc Diwao-iKbat bas a alrlklng. All of tbcm. A martlc arm wall our abo DiwaoiKb dttplay 1 belaocc moor aymbollc of royal justice. Tbc tnd tbo Dlwao-iAm have a mandap style Hmdu workmaosbip. Besides, tbe OiwaniKbas. Sucb a bout cao only emanate from a captor.

Had Shahjaboo bc: Tbe oriS-irtal buildc: Moreover a builder is more- C: ODICious of tbc buildinc's deft: Padmtnt, the queen of Cbitor fort Is fomcd ror her physical allure. Bot Pad mini's phyical bt: Tbio aboulcl convtooc iitors to tbc Red Fort, ood hhtonaAJ that the twa,. I tlO! Ooo la tbc red Jain Temple ud the other tho o: Slwtbr Temple. Hod Sbahjallall bu! Cbandol Cbowk, tbo maio thoroilahfare stemmlna rrom tbe 1or1 lo almost oxclusovety inhabited by Hindus.

To maioralo tk! As tosri6es Old Delhi exi11ed eeoru- roa bd'oro Sba! II aalut such over,. Muslim cbronlclcs smack or the Arabian Nlahll. Brttllb biJtoriaos Sor H. EIJool I tomb built for bos predoces-. Botfl tbeso con P bould coovioee any serious student or hlstory t hat SJdcraroons 1 di alace1 1hc. This also explains wby tho bodies or Allauddln KhiiJi ood lltmusb have been un ceremoniously tucked oway in lhlme outer apartments or tbc so- ClUed Kutub Mioar building complex.

Aocoeot Hindu shes coosbtioa or captured palaees, temples and mansions wcte frtcly used to bouse the living aod the dead. CAL at: It JignlficJ , Around tho tower.

Q-'JU ''II , - , It that it is -: Another Important con. The stone Oowcrt arc 1 lmpo. Muslims never usc such dowers on the bu. The Amble: Sir Soyyad Ahmad Khan. J aallc: The figure 24 bei.

Even the br1clc red colour or tbe rower is sacred to lbC' Htndus. The Hindu title or the tower Wll! Vishnu DhwJ I. Jr Mad"" ratdtn alto dcstro,. A Jlgaotic red stone, ornate gatc:: The frieze patterns oo this building too oltoto.. Considerod alooa with tbe tills t. Uoa to the m!

Somolar Jtnps haw bccD used io the none walla or I" R" d 11 another proof or hs havlna been pre-Mu om u , Lotlll pAttern is never Mushm. Around obe sbrioc can be noticed to numerable otber pavi- Uoos. Muslim faklra happened to occupy such devastated sties. Tbcy were later buried where they arayed. Tbe burial ploeu of Muslim fakira arc, therefore. QOI ouaiool constructions but earlier captured buildings. Even to this day it forms part of "hat is callod the Jaipur estate In New Delbi.

Buma,yun UICd to llve there. K01AN I "" od mplo only tboul hair a mile ""' ay, It.. Out lb. He them OS Viabnu's footpnata. Tbatcoofirms our fiodiog that what is believed to IN; Hull!. USow tamale of Kumayun'a team ina hare! S ltuotlu llliUilc liao ot iorerlocked uiaoaJu?

Y depaumcat haa atver cared to clc: JUiokrl Tbc area in wb1ch tho Niz. Obviously tho refcre. Humayun's s: Tbrouabout blo Ak.

He was also faced with revohs by bis owu oobte: Jt ia absurd to think lhll ycar-old Akbar would ever raise 11 stupcn. Some ebroolclero have diohoncatly alaimed tbtt it wu Akbar's foster mother, a cblldlell ovidO"' or Humayun wbo 'built lhe moaumcal for bet butbllld. Th11 ciaUD mull be tub- jeeted to a close cross A tbUdlw widow or a dcccued mooueb, Illiterate and keeping bcnetr witbio tba i mpeomable ooofinct or a batqa, one amoaJ a lftmiaaloc ol 5.

Tbit clatm canoot otand close scruuny, Fortrly hlltorlans arc divided on the point wbother lito JJ! III'Oicum bullllo or This aborp divergence h dur to the fact tht both the groups are on a completely.

Moreover it is not a bulldiaa which cald bt coo11ructe.! All auribuceo pnm: Jf bis dead body can bo"t of ouca rutiDJ plaoc how mucb ma rc Javlah abould be thr Pllaoc io wblob Safdarjaaa ahould have stayed wbllc llhvc Wltae11 that pelac: Ditcl tbac Safdarjaaa' soa or bclr: How h '' thea tbal ooe who did not bave IDY palac.

Thuc aro only two moundt or loou: Out which wife l Slnc l1e had horcnt fili i or oonlort, And then If there arc two ara. Therefore bit tomb In Deihl Is an hou. Tbt very word.. U isollltc. Dclhl lruldc it cao be tceo burnt ond ru10ecl teuomcou.

II ouJbl toM tnhtod tbot do not co U.. ToJ 1 , ' "'ld but co toed 11 over and plott exlstins. Towards Turt I tbat thlJ tog wa. From It It bu beco wrongly w umd that Ferouhah Tusbloq for bis o o eutle.. But Arbok pillar is firmly plun. Jcoplwu, wlf-appolotcd cbrooiclu ,. At all arc wont to do. My father told me" Of "on the autborhy or w.: Whot the object "'" lo bauliagca beat hen Pillar to be hoisted oa Jus own east1e ia Oclb1 God alone koow1.

It II dear. Later whco Fuonbob roted to O. Ped hlu Ao ' " The rigbl oolulioo il:: He"" very p. Cbrlililll or lain or Sl. Paul's or Notre Dome.

IlCln Spain are. Alltbote are ;puriou. So when people seek my advice on "'hat co see at h11rorlc p aces I tell 'hem atot to be eootent witb touunc bunted tJilts to select bauot. Usually one finds roost of the van expanse or btsroric build, i"8' locked ond barred ond yet visitor docrol smell a ral.

Tourlm or tho wotld rouy contribule fuD. Cbnlltao -blab Therefore tbo. Uiaao aod tho vast ravaacd ar -. Many -S blotted OW of Ulllc: Tbe few royal a. J tbc. Q Delhi mwt ba. Um nalctl. Pcovlc doo't realize lhaJ: Tbe Moslun tl'llll- of tile Ql d to dtmolish their maoJioo Which h I' C.. Tbr J. Its old owner approached hi fricads Ollld relatiOOJ for odvioc. Slnoe Muslims themselves had llleatbc taot,. Tbo Aluuedabad Mu1llml the sbock of lhdr hfe- Ne-. Out lbat dou not perturb ahem bteaute abat has beeo Muslim practice: Bros's mansion IIKy would have 10 surreader tho bllildina they were misusilla u a mosque when durina the hrarioa it turo.

A somilar Muslim lhrcal wns stalled around in New O. The 1Qil4ted Hiadu residents approach ed me. Thereupon I toured tho monumeot with their workerl. I polnred out to them how every uetalltbtre proved tbe edifice 10 be 1 Hindu Mandlr Math o templ.. Tbe buoldiop themselves bear nuaoc c!! Koraooe ov: Tboor bo close tbclr eyes to their own history will DOC'"'''""' ubtt. It Is Ot"f80 tO Al. Who knowt 1be. Contrarrly tho modem ateheologlcol notice at lbc Taj eotroooc asserts that the Taj wu ready brand oow In !.

Oou the an: Ill Tbat bo could. So CYC. But oot ooly it t he burial date not mc: V4flet from lb monlbl 10 nia. Even by birth Mumtn bcona a commoner sbc did ant dcser"'-e a palatial monument. Had be be.. But tb maimlns nory Is apparently true! J 17 The sublerraoun emerscncy. Some others,.. These or.

We therefore, fully accept Taven: We fully accept tbem. They fit on four square with our caae. J OWD wife. That lswby the work draaged on.. Wbat greater proof Is ocedod of tbe uuer falllly of the traditional Taj tbcory. I , rau"" Ooc aurrbul the TaJ desla. A oneoao. The coofusion n the Mutlim camp or sc.

Tbe thlld vcrr 00 iJ rbc Ahmad Mcbodis was tbc urchhccc. Even SbahJahan' own or een his wife's plocc did oot possess such fairy-t ole laarurcs wb. Bur the accounts of those lixturu nrc nevtrthtlen true. We accept them u such. The The belief thll it wu an 01'C1' plot that Sbl bJaban rook and nor a ready palau Ia rooted In rbe auumptioo tbatl built tbe tomb. That usumplioa b baselus.

TbOK were moeat for counkn ond ol. Tbe gardco could bave, therefore, only been tbe adjunct of a palace pure and olmple.

He could not stay there permaaenrly lo pita of iu maani6ccnco because its defeasl't"t St: S io- aide. That shows the blllbbuall tcerecy maintained abouttbo undergrouod noon of tbc Taj. M preIJCS. The Go.. OJCMU will be all lhe wlter by lr!

IC matcnal for We IDI buc. OSD '"'"" II! Tbe new tlgbl lhrnwn on the o;lgin of the Taj Mahal abould. Will our historians rise to tho occasion or tbe publie cry ow for tbdr tiJbl to be told tbe truth I Wbal pusu for lbt history of lbc Musil en pertod an lad a a today Is 99 per ceat or tbcllulf lbal Arabian Naghto IS mtde of.

Tbe agc-old araumcnt of believers io tbe oo-c: Endorsing tho fiodloa that 1ho Taj Mahal far from bcioa a 17th Ceotury Muslim tomb. Dr fvl. Minnetota, U. Your scbolatly lnvestianuons hoVe boulertd our own theories. Sidjt fur the throne W8S dtS: Butt be extant TakhteTaus is camt6. IooeiO tbt lady on tb. It was sacrilegious r. IllS now called tbe maio mosque. Tbc malo points of the cvideocc may be summed vp as under: A number of Muslim chronicles ptrtainina to the rcicos cf rulers precc: Sbtlat and published by The l!

The Rn lavina emerged out 10 give b. Bihar states that tbe ball! Buttbat is oot tile. Yna blll! Tbc caller has recorded that the m"'llllip WU on ruins. This piece of testimony n elrar that Akbar. In the notes that be bas left or his visit he u. Had Fet b S. It with aoclcm Agra- a L Tloc Sull. II tbat lhe l1k6 had long suffered from nealeet and laek of matnlena,.. Hid tbc lake been nowly conmuctcd 10 a walerroservolr for the FOiebpur Sikri 1ownsbop ot sboalcl not have bunl.

They further mon that the lo,. It impOS5lble for Akbat 10 live In tho ancient Rojput Had Akbar both 1be loke and towntblp coastructod and completed by 1 S83 then firstly tbe lake would not have bu! Lookin1 resplendent tho lamp-post was called "Hir80lllayo aoldeo ".

Tbut same Sanslmt has now beeo defily traostormrd into Hiran-Mlnor to lit 1n with the forged Akbar-! Tbc bolts or two bugo elopbi. Their ,, Silllllt, Ddbi I! Moreover tbc el b Ira oU alooJ been a of royal aod cliyiae misbt ep tat baa pocy ia l: Diioos where peacock plumes oo walls: Tbo eutore township with Irs stables for houes A sbala aocl elepbaou Gajubala 10d intricaleiy omamsbva. Tbi show, that alien Muslim u euy:: It bas liJo a Pll oi'Stlaa Cbisu.

UR allowed 1be maaoiGcer. It l1 olao doubtr.. J wbolber Sbeokb Sal"" Cboali 11 all lies burled wberc be it suppose4 10 be becau10 bls crave appcan quite difl'orcol In 1bapo from the other trianfllllor mounds. One vcraodab of that same huge quadrangle Ia also desiaoatcd u a mosque. Thls also proves that thil botcbpotcb or.

Smi1b and otbcr Western bilforiaos bavc noted that tbe 00oliled. In tbe huge quadraoale Jnfroot of the Panch Mahala buae Cbaupa1 board bas been delineated on thepavecl redstone O. Chaupat Backaammoo is ao u clusivtl ' Hondu of hoary origio. Cbaupat it never played in Muslim bduscbolcls. Tbls board also proves that the township wu buill by tho Rajputs. Tbc term "Sikri is of Saosktit oroaoo.

In Sanskrit "Sikau" me. From tbi. Tbc suftlx "Pur" abo indicates a township, In Saaskrlt. The prcfia ': Fateh" anl6c a township. Therefore, the Muslim prc5a "Fateb" itself l. In the quadraoalc to front of tbc Paocb Mabal to a ral: In rbe recorda of Al: Had Akby 10 o d td h. But tho mediaeval tame. Evco before tbe 6ttit' of Fatcbpur Sikri rowtubip.

Mcordrns to eurreM falsiliec! Hostory rccordl Akbu. Thll a monarch.. It only proves tbat Akbar lived i. D RaJpOt royal -pr. Jacc complex Slormed and captured by bis tnondfatber. That in spite or oucb mossive evideaco. L - I u mudtp desrp. No Muslr tat.. Wbe Jeribc, One lie doeuauotary t'Vidt Y rultrs. Tbey frawru on rma;es!: Smce Th flllg tlephaorrmages.

Of research historical blunders pdf some indian

J' 1bct clatm bu bee c 1 ' 0 ot JUstice in bla Morrao1. Soocc tbo Mosulr aod other M. Tbe arehtrecrurc of the royal opartmcou at clottly r U bu11t mooumc. Hiatorlans aay that the rnoaumeot was SibJider Lodi's pal"" before beiqued.. Akbar's sepulcbr:.

This may be true so far as it lOti. INl even Sikaodcr Lodi did not build Johngor clur" that 1. Tho workpn avuoloble ro Mog 1 '"Ole oa aucb oD. Jabangir has q d punllhtng tbott f hi. Afcer Akb "''' e co nllay ooncempanuy ar was burted In s -d l"l"' wbtcb oarlier been 8 R. Muslim priuts lliaoglrs, wbtob 0 3. And be mtng tbal he ordered a special comb kll-lalc lirtts lod canard would be. Such baoky o,! Akbratomb blllt false claim that he commf' ' Khurru Bogh- AIItu:: Allhobod proidcs anOiher OJthip or onc1ent monumeoLL Th.

Tbe two magoi6centarcbways, lo the town woll, oncleadfoa to tho Bnsb ond the other to the old town, are both of Hindu They ha,e the stoocOower cmb1enn, omamC. Beyond the orcbway, io11de tho town, Jiu Rani Mlodi and Att now abbro.

II was tb. Th10 will be app.

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If Khturu Baah were 10 be properl7 ,.. When emperors like Harsha visited erayos I. Allahftbad for Jivina away all their wealtb to lbe poor, tbey s oaycd In tht fort.

That, 1bcrofore. A popular myth it that since cbe Oanan cbaoaes hs bed no gluts could be cooooruttcd. This Is a fllcilc n pl. Tbac is oor, 1herefore. MOftoYa tbe c: It mu: YtCrc Ul s aod gbats lJ was, there Khosru uon but '"" latu used osa butlt by Boab rca.

The Olhcr Wll chc rorl wbocb w: Kurnr MaJUmdar'a lQ, '11mr ,. Wbat os more, they oro ollou tbc In Abm1d Shoh's 11 b 1 , bod rofinoresmat me l e h. Apto ii bt b4J burl! J ,, Hindu ttylc. II lfchuccturc mty be eomp;aced with t. JID M.. Jid w"'1 the 10C1t. M Bhodmko. Tbat w. Oenuine moJqueJ do not have oven o. A or lhis buQ. One sucb is. Tbry only proo-e that Qonl S1p11'1 aod ltupmstl's pal.

Aloocslde rbe mooumauo tb. TllOK ru1AJ, idc. Y for wbolo and ao his bol Tblr rare engonccnna and I he e. Hindu buildings. It wu destroyed at Ahmad Sbab's orders. Irs buge towtnoa arcbWiyt now 1tand jn naked 11olation.

Kumar MuJumdar 1 remark quoted earlier. Tbc iovders and captors btlonaed ro different narionohtics, The diverse tlled oncluded Ptbans, Abyuioians, l raoi3ns, Turks aad A robs. Dbat Dbar is a Sanskrot namt. That clty was the capilli or a nourishina emporc on ancieot rimu. As such u bod mao7 temple and palaeet. Mou or tbesc oow sraod convened mto moaqucs.

But what l1 morc, there is wriuen proof. Slone cwbtdded in the toll aod tbose plastered over io tbc walls. A arapbic that of a monument copbllllllllc: A few ycoro back ,. Oskrtt tneratutc. U Is so anotcnt a Site that its or lain cannot be utablisbtd "ith any dearee of certainty. Its pillars, bracktll and Anyone upcricocc or bu1ldift1 or wb. Sucb II lhtDI it lmpos51b1t, unrca. Mu1Um mvaGers. And t. Several anomaHcs and contradictions coutd be: The only cooctu one bu to draw.

Its et. The Taraaadh-e Sansknt namc- os. The rposque half-way up the mountaoa lrsd WI! I Hoodu temple prior to the capture of tho fort by tbc Mushms.

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It 15 mt".. Th id u mcntJ lfc tll of 1m.. Thot 11 """'""'they sta rted wot h wrong ond Tboy mull now unlearn that and begin lo nssocin1e the dbm. Bijapur is a Sanslrrr1 name aod sgnifies a very ancrtnt and nourishing city.

II was caplured and ovtr by the Muslim Adil Shohi dynl. Around that shrine lie scauered and burred innumerable Hindu images. A few or the excavated ones bovc been oollrctrd in lmall mustum in a nearby building. Shiva is! Moreover wbo dati b1 k or such fe. The huge To llavdl ond tbe "'"sive walla around Bjapur town lltC all or pre-Muslim orr gin. The Ad II Sbhs ouly captur-. They deslroyed a sood many buildings and built none: Malana Spacious lounaes.

The nme Madam llleka to lbasc buildiop bccousc they Vedic tcbools. Dowsoo, Vol" I to 1. Hmory or rbe SbabJ: TarkbFirozshashl by Slwn'-iSbiraz Alif.

Some Blunders Of Indian Historical Research by P.N. Oak at Vedic Books

Rambles aed RecolltJooa of an lodi1o Oflici41, by lr. Daudi, ll. Akbu should rank amoo1 tbc """" lyranls or -orld bbiOI' ' DOl to speak or llldia alollc. Akbar and bls rciao wu full of atroclrieJ. AJ for the olbtr p. In cootlnuaUoo of 1bc above..

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Be also used to take liberal bel plop of horrlfyina combinations of bolh, drup aod drlokJ. This clctrl ' impliu that Akbar wu very ofteo drunk. D feU ulecp wlllle taltioalo isium , tbG rraJOa beloa thai be made midi -. On page it " rn. WII Ae followed tbe praeroce of bas family for. AU bulorilliJ uaanimouJiy testify to Akbar' s illito. Wbnt else could they do foeed wllb a cruel aod unscrupulous, ollpowcrful monuch! On page 81 Snutb 1oforms us tbal Aqu"" 'the aood Jc. Akbar bhubtasly..

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