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You can also search for your fav mags here.. 1. Free PDF Magazines for Ipad, Iphone, Android and other devices 2. Catalog popular PDF journals 3. Starting a new thread to post India most love technology magazine DIGIT in pdf tvnovellas.infoING STARTEDFirst magazine will be here in. Acrobatic Trick The Problem Hackers can now use a specially made PDF that causes a stack overflow in Adobe Acrobat and/or Reader, and gives them the.

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After Siddharth left, I've returned to a more hands-on role for the magazine – much . Join the conversation within a community of. thinkdigit Your favourite magazine on your favourite We usually give out PDF editions with our June and December special issues. Digit: April , magazine in English by Media - magazine. Read magazine by Media. Read on Web, iPhone, iPad, android and.

An internet connected superintelligence… perhaps even what the Internet itself will become in the future Maybe every connected device itself will be like a neuron in a human brain. Useless by itself, but capable of solving pretty much anything when fired in the right configuration and order. With every new research paper I read in the field of quantum biology, the more convinced I am by the theory that our brain is really a super complex, biological quantum computer. In fact, I can see why some theorists believe that consciousness itself is the result of all the weird effects of quantum mechanics. No point in running regular code on a quantum computer.

To reach the factory reset screen, you have to enter the custom recovery of the phone and for that you need to press the power and volume up hardware. Hey Aditya, looks like the socket has failed. The testing depends on the number of RAM sticks you have and whether your motherboard has more than two slots.

It's pretty good for reducing lag in gaming, so I was thinking whether it can be used in Kali Linux for better performance in monitoring mode but I don't know the concept of the Killer Gigabit card and how it works. So I kind of feel stupid about asking this question. I'm currently using an Intel Wireless adapter. So, if I can use the card in Kali Linux, do tell me how to change the default settings so that I can switch the network card. Use the appropriate kernel version since we updating the kernel might affect compatibility in Kali.

On restart, each time it is dumping physical memory and restarting. Please help me. This DIY project will guide you on how to make the ultimate retro gaming machine. Can listening to your favourite song amidst doing some work really increase your productivity?

Studies can prove that for most type of demanding tasks, anything but silence can hurt your performance. Researchers at the Panoptic Studio in Carnegie Mellon University are trying to understand body languages to improve the way robots relate to human beings. They also believe it holds the key to the future of virtual reality. Januarys are usually the coldest time of the year in most parts of India, and here is how you can build the perfect fireplace to beat the winter.

The internet has begun to corrode. There are so many new bugs in the system and it is being rapidly exploited by hackers and trolls. What is the cost of all this? How can we fix it entirely to make it alright again?

Wired town going wireless The Blacksburg Electronic Village at the time of their launch in the s were the state of the art. Today, with the passing of internet, the once vibrant network has become obsolete. Writing a tweetstorm Ever been annoyed when you want to write more than characters on Twitter? This new research is worth million of dollars and a patent hearing is tearing the scientific community apart. Baidu, one of the biggest entities working on MachineLearning has also open sourced its set of libraries under the name PaddlePaddle.

With so many tools getting open sourced, the community is slowly going to get its hands dirty and from among all these. And now with that having died down, the industry is making actual progress. Aside from lacking the right infrastructure and resources to base the industry on, these few years have only been good for the conglomerates that had the money to actually put big data to use.

Moreover, we now have access to Machine Learning tools that have a much more beginner-friendly learning gradient.

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So what do we expect from ? Read on…. There shall be one This last year quite a lot of proprietary Machine Learning software ended up getting open sourced by the giants from Silicon Valley.

While every Machine Learning library has its pros and cons, there are other factors that will come into play when developers start playing around with ML.

These libraries will proliferate the developer community and at the end of we shall see one particular library becoming the gold standard. This gold standard will then be adopted by all major XaaS providers and will be better integrated with their platforms. Data Sets for these ML platforms will also become. Games too easy?

Now we know that there are several factors that come into play when it comes to this particular trend in. The main demographics of gamers in the past used to be teenagers and kids, they were the majority of the market. Now however, the demographic has shifted to adults who are over the age of And all of a sudden there was an influx of games that were challenging and existing games that were already challenging saw some limelight.

Games now punished players for messing up; no instructions, no guides, no spoonfeeding. But at the end of the day, most major game devs will lean towards wherever the money is and the money is with the working adults. Insert back in my day meme here. There were follow us on:. There have been several Final Fantasy titles released over the past few decades, some have been great, some not so much.

We can assume that most of them did well, considering the franchise is still going strong after well over fifteen titles. Almost all Final Fantasy games are based in the same universe and share certain common traits or attributes. Most titles feature a similar story setting, and many of the core concepts are the same.

Take the magical elements facebook. Next is the story, which in most cases usually puts you in the shoes of a hero — or sometimes even a group of heroes — with a tragic backstory in most cases who has to take on some kind of behemoth task to save his or her war-torn world.

The worlds are huge and full of interesting places to see and explore, all while listening to an amazing soundtrack, which is a Final Fantasy trademark now. Another common trait is the ability to collect and equip items and weapons. You spot your enemy enter and pull an inhuman flick with your scoped weapon; eliminating them and winning the round for your team. India _ Technology Guide News and Reviews _ Technology News,

Of course, you. Hence, we procured several gaming mice and compared them to find out which.

Apart from the specifications and scores, the pros and cons of each mice. While it was really cool to screw around with my own router remotely, you soon realise how helpless you are.

The ease with which someone could locate an exploitable router, find the exploit description and command line parameters via forums, and then proceed to take control, within hours can get anyone paranoid. Using Shodan anyone can locate unprotected IP cameras, webcams and proceed to view the feed.

We hear Mark Zuckerberg tapes over his webcams for the same reason. Security is pivotal for anything connected to the Internet but the lax attitude with which companies treat it is heartbreaking. Security researchers have been talking about IoT for ages but not much in the form of a unified framework has come forth. Even the router issue had been flagged for over 4 months yet nothing was done to patch the same. So with that, I hope doom unto you all. I hope your nudes get captured via unsecured webcams and released on the internets.

I hope that industrial secrets get leaked thanks to easily exploitable backdoors in IP cameras. I hope this issue affects enough of you for the authorities to accelerate work on a unified security framework, especially for the banking sector.

Too darn fast. Every vendor has their own security framework, some are stringent while some are akin to a town crier who shouts out everything he hears. All vendors are quick to claim that their devices use encryption while communicating but not many are willing to divulge any details.

MD5 hashes are so weak that you can look up their plaintext counterparts on Google. Towards mid-November we saw the first ever massive IoT botnet takedown an ISP and multiple popular services like Netflix and Twitter with relative ease. It gets worse. The Mirai botnet, like all massive botnets in the past decade, has started to evolve.

This is where the creepiness begins. One month after Mirai had struck, I was casually browsing and started to notice my mouse cursor slowly creep to the left. I let go and observed it for a while, hoping that I could catch a little twitch on the cable that might have triggered the ghost movement. My router could be accessed from anywhere on the internet. The Digit Test Centre receives hundreds of products every month.

Each of these products is put through a series of tests and is finally given a score. The final score is arrived at after considering a number of factors and evaluating them in terms of features, performance, value for money, build quality, and, in the case of software, even ease of use.

Ground-breaking product. A definite must download! Google launches the first developer preview for its new IoT platform, Android Things. The headset provides a huge soundstage for games and we were able to distinguish the sounds from the left, right, front and back. Long pressing the dial on the left earcup disables surround sound. The audio quality is immersive for FPS and open world games. The quality of the mic is only good enough for in-game chat and TeamSpeak.

The microphone was found to have a hollow and muffled sound signature. The headrest and. The nozzle configuration has also changed for the better with a more densely packed arrangement.

Magazine pdf thinkdigit

As for the printing performance, the denser nozzle arrangement sure does a much better job as it produces really accurate prints. Moire patterns are hardly seen, we had to really squint to notice some within the innermost circles of the standard Siemens-star.

Even fine raster lines were accurately reproduced. Quite impressive! The EPSON L does charge quite the premium, but the total cost of ownership is way better than cartridge based inkjets in the same price segment. Nozzle configuration: Black - pigment, colour - dye; Printing resolution: Frequency response: They might look heavy due to the size but the headset is light, and you can wear it for long gaming sessions.

Magazine pdf thinkdigit

But we received an older unit and the swivel joints had become really loose. RGB lighting is present in two zones on each earcup and we observed that keeping them switched off using the CUE software extends the battery charge immensely. If not the RGB, then the stereo and regular black versions of the headset are available at lower prices. Abhijit Dey. The Chromebook query of hardware and software — that I was not completely sure of until that point.

For starters, there are a lot of them in all shapes and sizes and specifications. While the India availability is sketchy, it would be wrong to deny that there are Chromebooks that satisfy almost every specific requirement need. Hmm, interesting! So what exactly was my friend thinking when he got a Chromebook for his brother? Sometimes, all it takes is a CS: GO match to be convinced about the pros of a Chromebook. Read on The idea behind it - I liked that part.

But mostly it was almost destined to fail, the way it was at that point. In fact, even my reviewer buddies at Digit thought so. Has something changed over this time? This definitely warrants more research. It is a generally accepted idea that nothing really measures up to the glory of a full fledged all-component-blazing PC, and everyone should go for it. I have a lot of friends who swear by the PC master race and I am somewhat of a loyalist myself.

The thing is, sometimes it can get difficult for anyone to get a point across to some loyalists. On one Sunday afternoon, in between a few heated CS: GO deathmatches, one of my friends told the rest of the group that he had downloadd a Chromebook for his freshly graduated kid brother, who is an aspiring automobile-blogger. Early impressions of the device have been very positive, and we hope to see consumer-ready versions ready sometime in the near future. Heres a look at the hottest gadgets from the worlds biggest electronics show a touchscreen.

On the demo Android-based unit, when the OS called for a keyboard, the buttons raise out of the screen almost instantly, offering a small amount of resistance, enough to survive an accidental touch.

When Android no longer needs the keyboard, the buttons instantly melt back. CEO and founder, Craig Ciesla states that the touch buttons can be congured into any design, including gamepad congurations.

The technology is expected to make its way to major manufacturers devices by the end of the year. With its own version expected only in , multiple partners will be able to offer Steam Boxes in the meanwhile. Buzz Its rumoured that the new Playstation 4 from Sony will have biometrics and a touch screen integrated on the controller. The company showcased many unique interface features for same time consuming comparatively lower battery power and it will house the Adreno GPU.

The Snapdragon will run four Krait cores up to 2. Nvidia Tegra 4 The Tegra 4 is being touted as the rst commercial implementation of ARMs quad-core, cortex A15 architecture and shall be seen in smartphones, tablets and notebooks. Codenamed Wayne before launch, it has 72 Nvidia GPU cores, delivering roughly six times the GPU horsepower seen on the Tegra 3; along with a quad-core processor and a fth low power core for minimising battery use in idle state as was seen in Tegra 3.

The four cores engine, which will deliver 2x the performance of the Z Huaweis 6. The device is powered by a 1. It runs on Android 4. The device will be available in China in February in crystal black and pure white colours. The tablet boasts of a 7-inch display with a x pixel resolution.

Nvidia Project Shield - Apart from unveiling the Tegra 4 at CES, Nvidia had some other its technology, such as an edge display, a foldable book-like tablet that turns into a phone, and more. While Youm technology will not be making it to consumer tech very soon, it is exciting to see the major brands taking such interest in the nextgeneration of interfaces.

Qualcomms New Snapdragon Generation Qualcomm announced a refresh for its line-up of Snapdragon systemon-chips, saying it would retire the S1, S2, S3 and S4 series of mobile chips, and release a new family of chips rechristened as - Snapdragon , Snapdragon , Snapdragon and Snapdragon The Snapdragon and will represent the high-performance chips whereas the Snapdragon and will be seen in low-end budget mobile devices. Snapdragon will be running four Krait cores clock speeds going up to 1.

It also supports HDR photography. These Bay Trail Atom processors should start shipping in devices from later this year. Capable of being arranged as a tablet, it also folds out into a game pad and ip screen. The nal form and feature set of the commercial version has yet to be decided. A part of the ecosystem required for crossdevice gaming is Nvidia Grid, also announced at the event. The Panasonic FZ-G1 pounds, so denitely not portable, yet can serve from room to room. The AIO features the touch-optimized Aura interface that automatically comes up when you drop the screen to a horizontal position.

The high resolution displays shown off by LG include a The Kingston HyperX Predator ash drive is housed in a zinc alloy casing that is highly shock-resistant. Pebble Watch One of the most exciting accessories to come out CES , a gadget in its own right, was the Pebble watch.

Magazine pdf thinkdigit

It features an e-paper backlit at night display and buttons that act as a control and notication interface for iPhone and Android devices, using Bluetooth for connectivity. It can also be used as a bike computer and pedometer. Battery ed that users can connect a Windows 8 computer in order to take advantage of Microsofts Windows 8 touchscreen capabilities.

ViewSonic also showed off a prototype inch 4K monitor, which is expected to hit store shelves by the end of the year. Untethered battery life is supposed to be two hours. It is exceptionally heavy, at 18 a resolution of x LG also showed off a 7-inch display with a x resolution, and a 5.

The wow factor doesnt just stop at its mind-boggling storage capacity. It is expected to hit store shelves by April. The touchscreen also includes USB ports for hooking up a keyboard and mouse. Under the hood, a Tegra 3 processor powers the device. The camera can be taken up to 50 feet deep under water and can withstand drops from heights of upto 6 feet. The ruggedized body also serves to protect the TG-2 against the elements and freezing temperatures as low as Celsius wouldnt have any effect on the camera.

We take a look at some of them Of Lumias, Ascends and Xperia Zs We bring you the latest news from Consumer Electronics Show, which surprisingly saw few smartphone launches. India _ Technology Guide News and Reviews _ Technology News,

Are phone-makers waiting for MWC? Further along these pages, you will nd our review of the Finnish manufacturers agship. The BlackBerry 10 leaks kept coming of course, and at the time of writing, we were still awaiting the BB10 OS and device launch on January 31 head on over to thinkdigit. Moving sideways, two new entrants have made their motives plain in the smartphone operating system battleeld Mozilla has announced developer models for its mobile Firefox OS, and Canonical has also declared similar intentions for powering mobile devices with Ubuntu from Samsung has also said it plans to release the rst Tizen phones this year.

Lumia and Lumia The Lumia , designed with a polycarbonate shell, comes with a 8. The rear camera features oating lens technology, for optical image stabilization OIS. Read our review for more details. The 9. It also has a smaller 1, mAh battery thats rated to deliver up to 14 hours of talktime, and hours of standby time.

The Lumia was also showcased at the Lumia and launch event. Nokias Lumia is a 3. Nokia has also conveniently added a microSD card slot that supports up to 64GB of storage. The budget device is due to hit shelves in February. It also sports a mAh battery. The device is expected to launch rst in China, in late-January. Under the hood is a 1.

It isnt supermodel thin, at 0. At the time of writing, the device has already launched in China. Sony says that the earliest the phone will hit the markets globally is March The Xperia ZL will only hit select markets.

The Xperia Z also has waterproof capabilities, up to a depth of 1 metre. The Xperia Z has glass panels on the back and the front, along with plastic covers for all ports on the spines. The device is expected to launch rst in the Chinese market, in February. The D2 has Huaweis K3V2 1. It has a whopping Tt Bigwater Pro Thermaltake added the Bigwater Pro a new liquid cooler to their CPU cooler arsenal BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 Replacing its Mobile Fusion brand, BlackBerry has launched its BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 which is now available for download for businesses Evolving digital frontiers Changes are constant and adaptation is the name of the game as the Internet grows in size and complexity part from regular updates from the usual players, weve had reason to celebrate, as the Internet turned 30 in January, beginning to mature into a more evolved entity.

It is still nding its feet under the frenetic mass of ever-burgeoning social media interaction however, whilst withstanding the onslaught of censorship policies and cyberattacks at the same time. History notes that this change was not easy, as many operators resisted going from an already working system to something that was just a standard in text.

With those humble beginnings, the Internet has grown into an entity that is now an integral part of everyones lives.

Magazine pdf thinkdigit

While it may be entirely possible to live a day or two without the internet, it is hard to imagine a life without it.

Launched in the beta version at the moment, Graph Search is available to limited users, and will be rolled out slowly across the board. The Graph Search results focus on four core points people, places, photos and interests.

Facebook can easily create these results after it spent quite a few years urging users to upload information, interests and photographs to their prole online. The premise of people search works on both types of queries Facebook Graph Search Logo Facebook Graph Search Photo Search Facebook unveils Graph Search Facebook in January announced a new search engine on its social networking web site, making search results more relevant to you on a social scale.

Data accu20 Digit February www. An direct people search example given by Facebook is people named Chris who are friends of Lars and went to Stanford. Alternatively, you could do a generic search like My Friends who live in New Delhi. Apart from direct people related search, you could search for interests that you may have.

Apart from the people search, the photo search is surely going to see the privacy brigade go up in arms. With this, Google must be worried. Photographs uploaded on Facebook will be found on Facebook, like they always have been. With Graph Search, the process is more varied in terms of how you search and more streamlined in terms of the results that you get.

With location search, if you happen to be travelling to a city you do not know a lot about, you could search for bars in Liverpool liked by people who live in Liverpool. This is something that could worry the likes of Foursquare and TripAdvisor, because localised ratings, reviews and knowledge about places is what they bank on.

Interestingly, Facebook has tied up with Microsoft to provide Bing search results for the queries it may not have answers to. Heavily cloud connected? While announcing the new Graph Search feature, Facebook revealed its users have uploaded staggering billion photos and created 1 trillion connections on the network to date.

After a really long time of mediocrity, finally promises to be a year where science and technology will start to wow us again like it used to do 10 or 15 years ago. When we say concepts, we mean something more broader than a single design.

We mean a conceptual shift in the way we will live our lives in the future. Remember to write in to feedback digit. While for most of us this remains a daydream, billionaires have the advantage of being able to fund their dreams.

He open sourced his idea, and encouraged more companies and scientists to get on board, and get on board they did… by the thousands.

There are currently many interesting candidates from across the globe vying for testing time on the few hyperloop test tracks there are, and is the year we expect to see many of those tests being conducted. Here's how you can livestream your gameplay to YouTube. Lost Android passcode, a conked memory slot, the notorious system32 error and more such suffering A foreign problem buttons to activate it when the phone is switched off. Try different variations with the hardware buttons such as power and volume down button or power and both the volume buttons.

You can also try keeping the power button pressed for around seconds to reset the device although not all devices follow this. At the customer service, explain your exact problem and request the staff to help you out.