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Customs. LAWS OF MALAYSIA REPRINT. Act CUSTOMS ACT Incorporating all amendments up to 1 January PUBLISHED BY THE. The Customs Act (Malay: Akta Kastam ), is a Malaysian laws which enacted relating Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version. PADA menjalankan kuasa yang diberikan oleh subseksyen 11(1) Akta Kastam [Akta ], Menteri membuat perintah yang berikut: Nama dan permulaan .

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PERINTAH KASTAM (LARANGAN MENGENAI EKSPORT) kuasa yang diberikan oleh subseksyen 31(1) Akta Kastam [Akta ]. Customs (Rules Of Valuation) Regulations In exercise of the powers conferred by subsection (35B) of the Customs Act [Act ], the Minister . P. U. (A) 2. AKTA KASTAM PERINTAH DUTI KASTAM (BARANG- BARANG BERASAL DARI NEGERI-NEGERI ASEAN). (TATANAMA.

Laws of Malaysia ACT 2 For the purpose of this Act, goods shall be deemed to be under customs control whilst they are deposited or held in any customs or licensed warehouse, post office, or in any vessel, train, conveyance, aircraft, pipeline or place from which they may not be removed except with the permission of the proper officer of customs. Customs Appointment of Customs Officers 4. Investment of powers of senior officer of customs by Director General 5. The Director General may by authorization in writing invest any officer of customs not being a senior officer of customs with all or any of the powers of a senior officer of custom for a period not exceeding ninety days in respect of any one authorization. Officers of customs to be public servants 6. All officers of customs shall be deemed to be public servants within the meaning of the Penal Code [Act ].

Calculation of customs duty Calculation of export duty Time of importation and exportation when duty is imposed or repealed Questions in respect of goods deemed to be dutiable 22 A. Certificate of Director General admissible in evidence 22 B. Recovery of customs duty as a civil debt 22 C.

Joint and several liability of director, etc. Time and place of landing goods inwardly Places of landing of goods imported by air Time and place of import by rail or road Time and place of loading goods for export by sea Transportation by sea of goods liable to export duty to another customs port Section Customs 5 Time and place of export by rail or road Exportation by air 29 A.

Importation or exportation by pipeline Exemption from provisions of sections 23, 24, 25, 26, 28 and 29 Power of Minister to prohibit imports or exports Transportation by sea of goods of a class the export of which is prohibited Saving in respect of certain navigable rivers Power of Director General to require security For the purpose of this Act, any District Officer or Assistant District Officer in any district in which there is for the time being no senior officer of customs, and all police officers not below the rank of Inspector shall have and may exercise all the powers conferred by this Act on senior officers of customs, and all police officers below the rank of Inspector shall have and may exercise all the powers conferred by this Act on officers of customs.

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Minister may prescribe uniforms, etc. Badges and authority cards to be produced 9. Unlawful use, possession, etc. Any person, not being an officer of customs, who unlawfully wears, uses, possesses or displays otherwise than in the course of a stage play or other theatrical performance, any prescribed uniform or badge or authority card, or any dress having the appearance of or bearing the distinctive marks of such uniform shall be guilty of an offence under this Act.

Persons employed on customs duty to be deemed proper officers of customs for such service Every person employed on any duty or service relating to the customs by the orders or with the concurrence of the Director General whether previously or subsequently expressed shall be deemed to be the proper officer of customs for that duty or service; and every act required by law at any time to be done by, or with any particular officer nominated for such purpose, if done by or with any person appointed by the Director General to act for such particular officer, shall be deemed to be done by or with such particular officer.

Power to fix value The Minister may, from time to time, by notification in the Gazette, fix, for the purpose of the levy and payment of customs duties, the value of any dutiable goods.

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Payment of customs duty under protest 13A. Any person who is dissatisfied with a decision of a proper officer of customs under subsection 13 1 as to whether any particular goods are or are not included in a class of goods appearing in an order made under subsection 11 1 or with the valuation, weighing, measuring or examining of any goods may pay the customs duty levied under protest.

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Director General to determine questions on classification and valuation 13B. Where customs duty has been paid under protest, the proper officer of customs shall, within thirty days of such payment being made, refer any question as to classification or valuation of goods to the Director General for his decision. Powers of Minister to exempt Minister may remit customs duties 14A.


The Minister may, if he thinks it just and equitable to do so, and subject to such conditions as he may deem fit to impose, remit the whole or any part of the customs duties or any other prescribed fees or charges payable under this Act. Reimposition of duty Return of duty or other charges overpaid or erroneously paid Payment of duty, etc.

Recovery of customs duties from persons leaving Malaysia 17A. Provided that the non-receipt of the notice by that person shall not invalidate anything done under this section. Remission of import duty on goods lost, damaged or destroyed before removal from customs control