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NOTE: Get Tough is technically a hand to hand combat book, not a civilian self defense Here's a link to a PDF version for interested parties. download Ebook Get Tough! As PDF by Maj W E Fairburn (ISBN:) from site's Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Original filename: Get Tough - W.E. This PDF document has been generated by Adobe Acrobat / Adobe Acrobat

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GET TOUGH! How To Win In Hand-To-Hand Fighting. As Taught To The British Commandos And The U.S. Armed Forces. W.E. FAIRBAIRN. 2. 2. PREFACE. Author: Fairbairn William Ewart Title: Get Tough! How to win in hand-to-hand fighting As taught to the british commandos and the U.S. armed.,,, flechette dart fogger smoke bomb, Get Tough - W E

The Commandos, and parachute troops, harrying the invasion coasts of Europe, have been thoroughly trained in its use. Britain's two-million Home Guard are daily being instructed in its simple but terrible effectiveness. There will be some who will be shocked by the methods advocated here. Either you kill or capture, or you will be captured or killed. We've got to be tough to win, and we've got to be ruthless - tougher and more ruthless than our enemies. Every civilian, man or woman, who ever walks a deserted road at mid-night, or goes in fear of his life in the dark places of a city, should acquaint himself with these methods. Once mastered, they will instill the courage and self-confidence that come with the sure knowledge that you are the master of any dangerous situation with which you may have to cope.

There are two ways in which this blow can be delivered: Attack the following points on your opponent's body, delivering every blow as quickly as possible: This would be almost impossible with a blow from a clenched fist.

Always aim at the point of your opponent's chin Fig. Armed Forces Deliver the blow upwards from a bent arm and only when close to your opponent. The distance the blow will have to travel will depend on the height of your opponent, but will seldom exceed six inches. Never draw your hand back, thus signaling your intention of striking.

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From start to finish, make every movement as quickly as possible. Remember that an attack, or an attempt to attack, with the knee at your opponent's testicles will always bring his chin forward and down.

Strength in depth counts if the going gets tough

Hold your left hand at the height of your own chin, palm downwards; jab up quickly with your right, striking your left hand, as in Fig. Turn your right side to your opponent, putting the weight of your body on your left foot.

Bending your left leg slightly from your knee, raise your right foot two to four inches off the ground, as in Fig. Shoot your right foot outwards and upwards to your W. Armed Forces right, aiming to strike your opponent's leg just below the knee-cap.

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Follow the blow through, scraping down your opponent's shin with the edge of your boot from the knee to the instep, finishing up with all your weight on your right foot, smashing the small bones of his foot. If necessary, follow up with a chin jab with your left hand Fig. Having put your weight on one foot, raise the other and scrape your opponent's shinbone downwards from about half way from the knee, finishing up with a smashing blow on his foot Fig.

An alternative method to Fig.

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Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. PDF books 1. PDF books 2. Book details Author: Donald J. Trump Pages: Regnery Publishing Language: English ISBN However, if the material is subjected to prolonged heating at temperatures above the initial precipitation heat treatment either or both properties may suffer.

The only way to overcome this to use dispersion-strengthened copper alloys, where ultrafine ceramic particles such as oxides or carbides in homogenous distribution generate the high mechanical strength needed.

And that's where powder metallurgy comes into its own. The particle distribution required to manufacture dispersionstrengthened alloys cannot be achieved by melting technologies because of the tenden- C The rare but vital combination of strength and conductivity is needed in engineering applications cy of the ceramic particles to segregate.

Get Tough - W.E, Fairbairn (1943)

They normally form the slag of a melt. The starting powders are mechanically alloyed by ball-milling. During milling, two processes are being carried out at the same time: In the first stage of milling both processes are roughly in balance leading to an intimate and homogeneous mixture of the different components.

If reactive ingredients are used, reactions between the different components or the alloy additions and the milling atmosphere are enhanced because, as the powder particles are broken down, continuously fresh and reactive surfaces are created. Both mechanical alloying and reaction milling RMMA offer the possibility of producing a large variety of alloy compositions with specific designed properties. In principle attritors as well as ball mills are convenient milling devices, but ball-milling offers possible economic production in large batch sizes.

The low contamination achieved by milling minimises the effect of impurities on electrical conductivity. This means that the combination of conductivity and strength is the determining factor in deciding suitability for any particular application. Unfortunately, optimisation of conductivity always works against strength, and the other way round. As can Table 1: All rights reserved. Figure 1. The potential of this process to design materials for specific applications can be shown by considering examples: The addition of carbon led to lower wear under frictional applications and reduced burn-out due to electro-erosion.

The high wear resistance to thermal and electric impact metal-powder. With improvements to the extrusion process, it has become possible to offer this material as bimetal tubes. Concentrated at point of need This delivery form has become the standard raw-material for production of contact tips.

It is a perfect example of material design and optimisation of materials properties and processing being adapted to the application. The expensive, high-performance material is concentrated at the point where it is needed and even the cheap pure copper used for the outer skin improves the properties of the electrode as it helps to dissipate the heat from the contact tip due to its higher thermal conductivity, an additional contribution to extend lifetime.

The cross section is shown in Figure 2. Another advantage of this Cu-Al-C-Oalloy is its good machinability, which opens other fields of application.

Reviving Juvenile Justice in a Get-Tough Era:

As the dispersed particles act as chip breakers, this alloy shows short cuts and low burr formation under machining. This, together with its stiffness and resistance against electro-erosion makes it interesting for electrodes for electrical discharge machining EDM.

EDM electrodes often have to reproduce filigree structures.