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Heller Reflow Oven Specifications (). Model, S, SN, Dual Cool, N Dual Cool. Mesh Belt Conveyor. Conveyor Height From Floor. "heller w manual" search results in the Electronics Forums Dec 29, | We have a Heller W Reflow oven and need a way to catch boards as they. This manual is applicable to all Heller oven models EXLA, EXLA, EXLA and The system default recipe (job, job.

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results Motor 4" imp ASSY, 1/2 insulation, N2, C- USE P/N Hiross Controller Manual Hard Copy / Heller System Setup Wizard: Oven Model: Select from , , , , (9 Zones), . Manual: left or right arrow buttons to move the rail. Heller EXL Reflow Oven. Heller EXL Reflow Oven. The EXL - from Heller's newest generation of reflow ovens- provides 25% specs (pdf).

The IAR The parts come separated in single pockets of the plastic packaging. Need to order gun parts? Check the schematics to identify the right part. Heller Model-Building: Online shop for plastic model kit made in France ; Buy online the new Heller models or classic model kits and discover our last promotions. Find all the manuals of all the.

This will expose the operator to high temperature air. Power Hood Lifts When closing the top shell of the oven is aware that long hair or loose fitting clothing may become entangled in the system. The shell may also pose a crushing threat to bodily extremities. Software Do not alter settings in the system software beyond that which is described Operation in this manual without first contacting the factory.

Doing so may effect safe operation of the machine. Nitrogen Even though nitrogen is an inert substance, a few simple precautions Operation should be made. Proper ventilation in the area where the system is being used must be maintained to keep the oxygen level in the air at safe levels.

Otherwise, the continuous flow of nitrogen can displace the air and deplete the normal oxygen level. Create sufficient ventilation in the area of the reflow oven to exhaust the excessive nitrogen laden air and replace it with normal atmosphere.

Installation of a room oxygen monitoring system is recommended especially if the oven is installed in a small enclosed area. Do Belt Operation not operate the system with guards removed and be aware of all pinch point warning decals.

Heller Reflow Oven SMT Specifications

Also, be aware that long hair or loose fitting clothing may become entangled in the system. Pressing this button will immediately stop the conveyor system. Troubleshooting Please be aware that although many service routines can be performed and Maintenance easily, extreme caution should be exercised when working with live electrical circuits.

ONLY a trained electrical technician or engineer should perform this work. Before removing any panels, all power to the oven should be switched off and the temperature should be room ambient.

Unpacking The Heller oven is packed in two containers. The large skid contains the reflow unit. The corrugated box contains a computer, keyboard, color monitor and connection cables. For international shipments this computer system is packed inside the crate.

Backup software disks and profile thermocouples are packaged with the instruction manual inside the computer box. The signal light tower will be packaged with the reflow unit in a cardboard tube and may be installed on the entrance end of the oven by plugging in the connector and installing four mounting screws.

See Figure 1. The oven may now be lifted from the skid with a pound capacity forklift and moved into position by means of the casters mounted to the oven base. Immediately check all components for any apparent damage. Figure 1 Ambient Operating Temperature - The equipment should be operated in an ambient temperature o o range of 5 to 32 C 41 to Suitable means are provided to prevent damage from excessive moisture, vibration, stress and mechanical shock during shipment.

Power Requirements Figure 2 shows the service conductor current capacity required for all Heller oven models.

Pdf heller 1500w

Caution: Use a voltmeter to verify the proper voltage before connecting the machine. Please be aware of your requirements, and wire the machine accordingly. Exhaust Requirements The exhaust ducting for the Heller oven should be designed and installed by a qualified HVAC Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning technician capable of calculating air flow from suction blowers and flow losses in upstream and downstream ducting.

Refer to enclosed facility install drawing for appropriate exhaust requirements. The latitude for exhaust airflow is quite wide and tolerant of variations in exhaust blower efficiency. As a general guideline, exhaust volume is insufficient if an odor comes out of the oven.

Nitrogen Requirements If the oven is equipped for a nitrogen atmosphere, a nitrogen supply line with a capacity of PSI 6. The nitrogen should be supplied in the gaseous state from a cryogenic source with a minimum purity of 5 - 10 PPM of oxygen.

See the facilities drawing in section X for the location and size of the input fitting.

Heller HSH1200 User Manual

Leveling the Machine There are adjustable feet to level the machine. Use an open-end wrench to turn the leveling feet to raise or lower the unit. Tower PC installation instruction: With oven power OFF, remove the front entrance side base panel of the oven by lifting up and pulling forward using the pulls. Place the computer on the base of the oven. Make sure the power selector switch located behind the computer is set to V. Plug the computer in to the outlet mounted to the machine frame.

Connect the oven communication cable 9-pin D-connector to the COM2: port on the rear of the computer. Place the monitor on the platform provided. Connect monitor cable to video port on rear side of the computer and power cord to monitor power input. Connect the printer cable to the parallel port on the rear of the computer.

The other end of the printer cable is pre-installed on the panel. Route the keyboard cable through the hole under the keyboard tray and connect to rear side of the computer. Plug the cables tie-wrapped to the computer swing arm support to the computer.

1500w pdf heller

Connect the cable with the 9-pin D-connector to the COM2: port on the rear of the computer. Place the monitor on top of computer case on the swing arm.

Route the keyboard cables through the hole under the keyboard tray and connects to the keyboard and mouse cables, which are tie-wrapped to the panel. Battery Backup Installation Remove the center rear base cover by removing the screws, lifting up and pulling forward. Note: The following steps 1, 2, and 3 may have been performed at the factory. See figure 3 1. Plug the line cord from the oven into any empty outlet on the rear of the battery back up unit.

Connect the power cord to its socket on the battery back up and plug into either outlet mounted to the base of the oven. Plug the cable with the 9 pin D-connector into the socket on the rear of the unit.

Final Things to Do Verify that all connections electrical or otherwise have been made according to the above instructions Insure all packing material is removed.

Read the instruction manual. I've always found their tech support to be very helpful, too That being said I remember there were some weird options in some of the configuration menus. A good first step when getting into the SMT business. You can get a manual screen printer for about 23k. Heller makes a good 10zone 5 top and bottom convection oven.

Heller 1500EXL Reflow Oven

Thanks in advance! Have you checked in zone setups to see how much power they're requiring to hold the set points? Heller can probably provide you with a starting point, as rob has already pointed out, but you do need to develop the capability to perform profiling yourself. That oven should have ECD profiling software and several thermocouples they connect near the entrance to enable you with that capability.

I would assume that the manual provides the basics for how to set up the process, but there are about a thousand published papers on the subject.