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“If you're serious about sell- ing, you must read this book. It's a breakthrough!' - Ken Blanchard, Coauthor. The One Minute Manager. “With High Trust Selling. High Trust Selling: Make More Money in Less Time with Less Stress. Other editions. Enlarge Todd Duncan (Goodreads Author). · Rating details · . HIGH TRUST SELLING WITH. A GAME When you're selling, you don't have time to “think about it”. You need to know Todd Duncan has crafted powerful.

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High Trust Selling: Make More Money in Less Time with Less Stress [Todd Duncan] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Do you feel like your. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Todd Duncan, CEO and founder of The Duncan Group in Atlanta, Georgia, is one of the leading experts in the area of sales. High-trust salespeople understand selling isn't simply about closing a sale; High Trust Selling author Todd M. Duncan lays the foundation for building a.

Applicable Recommendation A big difference exists between concentrating on a single sale and approaching sales as a long-term career. The contrast is as different as living from paycheck to paycheck is from building an investment portfolio. Sales consultant Todd Duncan writes for the career-oriented sales professional. He thoughtfully explains how to operate your sales practice as a business, and focus your efforts on only those activities that build relationships and generate revenue. He walks you through the four steps of his "High Trust Selling System," and tells you how to funnel your efforts into fewer, high-quality clients and eventually convert them into long-term, tactical partners. Duncan can be a bit preachy and self-promotional, yet getAbstract recommends this solid manual to sales professionals who want to elevate their practices to the next level.

High trust selling: Please note that footnotes in this ebook may contain hyperlinks to external websites as part of bibliographic citations. These hyperlinks have not been activated by the publisher, who cannot verify the accuracy of these links beyond the date of publication. Over the last few years Todd has become a wonderful friend.

We have spent many hours sharing our hopes for our families, vision for our companies, and our goals in life. It is obvious to me that Todd is a great leader, and as you read the pages of this book I know you will also benefit from his leadership insights.

3 Laws of High Trust Selling with Todd Duncan – #TomFerryShow

High Trust Selling is not only a reflection of who Todd is, it is a clear portrait of who he desires you, the reader, to become. But more than that, they will also compel you to maximize your potential in life. This book can take you to the next level, and I believe it will become one of the cornerstone books for your business as well as the sales industry. Regardless of your current position in the world of sales, High Trust Selling is a must-read.

But I encourage you to do more than just read this book. Commit to live it. There are millions of sales professionals in the worldwide economic community.

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And all of them, in one way or another, are striving to be successful. I know from my own studies and twenty-three years of observation that a significant percentage of these men and women will fail. They will become frustrated, burn out, and eventually just quit the sales industry altogether. You may be struggling with these issues right now. But there is an answer to the dilemma, and you will find it in a unique combination of three common words: What does that mean?

But I have better news for you: If you are careful to apply the concepts of high trust selling and the fourteen Laws described in this book that govern selling success, your sales business will do more than merely improve—it will explode. Take one of my clients, Steven Marshall. This year, he is the bar of true success in the sales profession. Ten years ago, Steven sat in the audience at one of my events, merely hoping for a small nugget of wisdom. Ten years ago, Steven was only twenty-one years old, but ambitious.

This year, Steven turned thirty-one.

After all, he still has a lot of life to live. And the truth is that because he follows the principles laid out for you in this book, his business and his life will continue to be more abundant than most salespeople will ever imagine. But hopefully not more abundant than you can imagine.

When Steven was introduced to the principles of high trust selling, he was twenty-one and his income was below poverty level. But as he began to immerse himself in the truths of high trust selling and began applying the Laws to his sales efforts, something unexpected began to happen.

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People began to listen to him more readily. Sales were made more naturally and more often. Success in the sales business was no longer a hope; it became obtainable, and not just monetarily. Yes, his income doubled, then tripled, then quadrupled—and continued to climb. But more than that, a life he never thought possible began to emerge.

More money, but with it, more time off. Greater success, but with it, greater significance.

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His success in sales began to usher in the kind of life he had only dreamed of. As Steven discovered, sales are made when trust exists. But if a trustworthy person is not also an efficient salesperson running an efficient sales business, trust will only go so far. It may land a sale or two, but it rarely will last beyond that. And high trust happens by design, not by accident. If you are a trustworthy salesperson running a respectable, reliable sales business, you will succeed in the sales profession.

More than that, with high trust on your side you will climb to the top of your industry and remain there. It was no accident that Steven Marshall attended my seminar in as a salesperson struggling to make ends meet. For Steven, my seminar was more than a wake-up call—it was the means for a new life, on and off the job.

What Steven learned back in —and continues to apply to his sales business today—is the same truth that you will read in this book. And more than that, it will change your life. That is my greatest hope for you as we begin.

And that, I pray, is your greatest hope too. Where are you in your sales career? Are you a twenty-year veteran with a few success stories under your belt.

Todd Duncan (author)

After all, every sales professional wants to earn more, in less time, with less stress. And that begins by following the Law of the Iceberg, something Steven Marshall accomplished early in his career. In January , I received a letter from Steven, and his words spell out the significance of following the Law of the Iceberg:. When I first attended your seminar in , my income was dismal. To me, however, financial independence is only a small part of success. The true measure of success is being a loving husband and father, being physically fit, being happy and emotionally abundant, and constantly growing and learning.

Todd Duncan (author)

Those are what matter most. With you as my mentor, coach, and role model, I have defied the odds and set new standards for my career and life. In fact, my life now feels very well-balanced and I have a clear vision for the future. Thanks to you, I feel I have all the resources within me to live my life to the fullest and to realize every one of my dreams.

With the momentum I have built, the sky is the limit. If every sales professional followed the Law of the Iceberg as Steven Marshall did and still does, there would undoubtedly be less stress, less frustration, less inconsistency, and less dissatisfaction—more motivation, more trust, more money, and more fulfillment in the sales industry. High trust selling begins for everyone where it did for Steven—by securing your truest measure of success.

Because in sales, motives mean everything. Motives dictate your mood, mentality, and moves while serving a client. And motives will make or break you when it comes to establishing loyal, lucrative relationships.

High Trust Selling by Todd Duncan - Read Online

The Law of the Iceberg says that the truest measure of your success is invisible to your clients because the majority of real success occurs on the inside of a salesperson, not on the outside. Your fulfillment—not your finances—should dictate whether you are truly successful. Financial independence, as Steven wrote in his letter, is only a small part of success. The minute she arrived, you could tell she was ready for a battle. No smile. No positive gestures.

It was clear to me at that point that the manager—and perhaps the whole restaurant— had no clue about the value of a customer. But she could still save the situation, if she wanted. That might cost you a couple of bucks. For fun, we went next door to Whole Foods Market, the natural and organic grocery store, to check the price of eggs.

We found them for thirty-three cents. Then, to our surprise, we stumbled upon a restaurant in the back of the store called Back Bay Tavern. We shared our experience with Sandee, their server. It was amazing! Sandee told our story to several other employees who g a t h e r e d around and talked about how great it is to work in such a customer-centric environment.

At this restaurant, employees are empowered to do whatever a customer requests. They need not place a phone call or get an approval from a manager. There are more than five hundred restaurants we can choose to eat at where we live.


Why would the company that owns the research and development restaurant, as well as three others in our zip code, ever allow a service breakdown, especially over an egg?

This is what is wrong with businesses today.