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Author: New In Chess Title: Magazine №3 Released: Format: pdf/rar Quality : good Size: 15 Mb Download book. New In Chess Magazine has long been the world's top chess magazine, . A PDF file of this week's review, along with all previous reviews. It's easier than ever to enjoy New In Chess, a must-read magazine for all chess aficionados. You can read the magazine, tap on the chess games and replay all.

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New In Chess is the premier chess magazine in the world, read by club players in a complete issue, #8, for you te preview the magazine as a PDF. About New In Chess · Your Password · New In Chess magazine · New In Chess magazine F.A.Q. · New In Chess books · New In Chess Yearbook · New In. Title: New In Chess, Format: pdf Quality: good Size: 2 Gb Download book. New In Chess Magazine - download.

Page Overview Connect today with some of the best British writers around and the very latest developments in the British chess scene! What are you waiting for? In paper and digital formats BCM will truly engage you and also provide real help to players eager to improve their play. Games Great value with hours of reading enjoyment, it provides instruction for enthusiastic players eager to improve their standard of play. Analysis Forget about skimming the surface. Throughout we have deep authoritative analysis by leading GM and IM chess professionals. Insights BCM's goal is to entertain, inform and offer the best in high-class chess insight, stories and research.

It has everything I want to see and the physical quality of each page is outstanding; great pictures that just jump of the page, print that doesn't come off on your fingers, and pages that don't stick together.

Chess enthusiast You may be happy just to remain a keen chess enthusiast who loves the mental challenge that chess provides. Because of your busy working schedule you cannot afford the time it takes to surf the internet in search of accurate and reliable information on current tournament play and latest chess trends.

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So why not take it easy, sit down, relax and enjoy chess at your own pace in the comfort of your own home by reading our bi-monthly publication.

Reviewing the state of world chess every second month is a reasonable period of time to stay tuned to your beloved game, and without adversely impacting on your obligations to your professional work and family.

Chess coach Perhaps you are a chess coach.

If so, you will need to have at your fingertips up-to-date and top-notch material for everyday training, so that you can provide your students with the best possible opportunities for advancement. You may not be aware that the ACMs are packed with a wide variety of educational articles supported by games thoroughly annotated in words!

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Actually, any column in American Chess Magazine can be used as a lesson, or indeed many lessons. Our contributors write with heart and soul and do not cheat their readers by artificially lowering the level of their work just to appeal to the widest possible audience.

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Well, please be assured that each and every ACM is made up of articles written by your brothers-in-arms! These are not only famous grandmasters but also personalities who are highly respected in professional circles.

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Here, delivered with honesty and integrity, you will find original ideas and instructive analysis and commentaries, eminently useful for practical play. BCM captures those unforgettable chess moments.

Readers Corner We value your feedback highly. Let us know your thoughts about new BCM! Great little magazine I always look forward to my copy each month It's a great little magazine. Thank you to everyone involved in producing such an interesting publication.

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Very promising change Bravo! Very high quality articles and production, a very promising change indeed and I wish you great success with it.

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I would welcome a couple of pages of quality and independent book reviews, something which the BCM used to do so well. Not really.

The Chinese GM beats both Giri and Kramnik in his last two games to claim another victory in his young and burgeoning career.

This time around he discusses his travels to the Myanmar Open.

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Jonathan Speelman is the reporter on this one. The main event uses a football scoring system and was one in the last round by Viswanathan Anand over Giri and Kramnik; Nakamura won the Rapid ahead of Giri and Caruana; and Adams won the Blitz on tie-break ahead of Nakamura and Kramnik. The cover calls it a story of tragedy and triumph. Across a span of a little more than seven pages Adam Feinstein relates the life of Miguel Najdorf.