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Rusty cooley fretboard autopsy level 2 pdf. dell inspiron N notebook. Conexant D External USB 56K Modem Drv win7 2. Rusty cooley fretboard. In the Fretboard Autopsy- Scales, Modes Melodic Patterns, Level 1 DVD Rusty Cooley presents his unique fretboard visualization system of. Get Instant Access to PDF File: #9cf96f3 Rusty Cooley's Fretboard Autopsy: Scales, Modes & Melodic Patterns (Rock House Method) By Rusty.

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Rusty Cooley - Fretboard Autopsy - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File . txt) or view presentation slides online. Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd . Fretboard Autopsy Level 1 About the Instructor Rusty Cooley Rusty Cooley is at the forefront of pushing the. Level 1: In the Fretboard Autopsy- Scales, Modes & Melodic Patterns, Level 1 DVD Rusty Cooley presents his unique fretboard visualization system of sha. Booklet: Yes (PDF) + MP3 Size: Gb. Rusty Cooley - Fretboard.

Length: 7. During his senior year, Rusty was offered his first teaching job at the same store, that just three years earlier, he had bought his first guitar. He was also influenced by many styles including: Jazz, Classical, Funk, Blues and even Country, if you can believe that. In , Rusty joined the local rock band Revolution. Revolution wrote, performed and recorded all original music. In , Revolution released a four-song EP. Rusty also taught guitar on a college TV show called "Stay Tuned".

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Rusty Cooley - Fretboard Autopsy 2.pdf

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Pdf rusty cooley fretboard autopsy

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Rusty Cooley - The Art of Picking

The seven major mode patterns are fairly standard; but Rusty also presents some new split patterns that are very helpful in achieving mastery of the fretboard. The problem with this DVD program is. The patterns themselves are in the included booklet; all the DVD shows is Rusty playing the scales. At no point does Rusty or the booklet explain what a "mode" is. At no point does Rusty or the booklet actually identify the notes being played on the fretboard.

Therefore, I must assume that the producers of this video have assumed that the student already has this knowledge. If this is the case, then the only benefit of this product is to learn the fingering patterns. I do not need to watch another guitarist play scales to learn fingering patterns, I just need the patterns themselves.

For example, when teaching modes in "Learn and Master Guitar" with Steve Krenz , three split screens are used to show 1 the instructor playing the scale, 2 the note patterns shown in tablature, and 3 the note patterns shown on a music staff.

Rusty Cooley - Fretboard Autopsy 2.pdf

If "Fretboard Autopsy" had used on-screen scale patterns as the instructor played , it would have been much more effective. Also, when teaching modes in "Learn and Master Guitar," the instructor states the names of the notes as each is being played, and he encourages the student to state the notes when playing scales. I do not understand how Rusty's "fretboard visualization" ability can be achieved without doing this.

At no point in "Fretboard Autopsy" does he encourage the student to make this a part of practice. Two other programs that also do a better job of teaching scales is the Fender and the Berklee videos.

Pdf fretboard autopsy rusty cooley

If "Fretboard Autopsy" had used fretboard animations such as used in the Fender videos the whole process of "fretboard visualization" would have been greatly simplified. For an instructional video, he should have used a six-string guitar in standard tuning. Rusty primarily uses unbelievably fast hammer-ons and pull-offs while playing scales. I think Rusty should have spent several minutes explaining in slow motion how he so expertly performs three-note pull-offs.

I suppose the designers of this instruction assumed the student is already a master of this skill.

Rusty Cooley - The Art of Picking

Rusty never explains how to move the scale patterns around for other keys he demonstrates the patterns in the key of G. I think he should have spent an additional 60 seconds explaining how to move fifth and sixth string root patterns for other keys. If the student already knows how to do this, then there is little value to be gained from downloading this DVD.

Since no mention is made of these topics, I must assume that the designers of this training program assume you already possess these knowledge and skills.

Yet, if you already know keys, modes, and the notes on the fretboard, then you probably do not need this DVD although the split-pattern exercises are beneficial. While the included booklet is very helpful in that it shows the scale patterns , the DVD itself only shows the instructor playing scales on his guitar.

Autopsy rusty pdf fretboard cooley

I found this to be of little use. Some of which have attained near legendary status by the bedroom-shredders out there. But while the material on them was worth the download alone, their production value was slightly higher than a webcam session.

Finally, Rusty has lined himself up with a company that's got a budget for production. Great closeups of his fretboard, good sound, generally an impressive presentation overall. But what about the actual material?

Autopsy rusty pdf fretboard cooley

Like the other reviews said.