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The burner control box DMG controls and supervises power burner for The DMG is funstionally compatible to MMI ,. MMI .. Satronic AG. Save this PDF as: Download "DKG Gas Burner Safety Control" . A Honeywell Company Satronic AG Honeywell-Platz 1 Postfach CH Dielsdorf. SGU SGU i. CONTROL BOXES FOR GAS BURNERS. DKG . Honeywell B.V. attn. Satronic. Postbus NL AR Amsterdam Z.O.

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INTRODUCTION. The burner control box DKG controls and supervises atmospheric burners for gas. They are approved and certified according to the. PDF-documents for: DKG series. Document type (Language), Reference name, File size. Specification sheet (English), en-dkgsz20rpdf, KB. Satronic DKG Mod - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

They are approved and certified according to the applicable European standards and regulations. The built-in information system not only provides a continuous monitoring of the actual state of the box very helpful especially for monitoring the start-up phase but also informs about the cause of a possible. The cause is stored in such a way that it can be retrieved even after a power failure. The control box is designed for maximum safety in case of fluctuations in the voltage supply. If the mains voltage drops below the permitted level, operation is interrupted and the control box automatically prevents the start sequence from being repeated.

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Honeywell DKG 972 MOD 10 110V Control Box 0332310U (C21610E)

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Honeywell Dkg Mod 03 Manual Español -

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Psychology of Sport and Exercise. External Instead of using the built-in button the same function can be achieved by using an external button which connects terminal 9 with A see also circuit and block diagram. If the pushputton internal or external is pressed during normal operation or during the start sequence for more then 3 sec. Please note The unit can only be brought to lockout mode or be reseted if power is applied to the unit.

972 satronic pdf dkg

Mounting and electrical wiring Wiring base: 3 earth terminals with additional terminal for burner earthing 3 neutral terminals with internal permanent connection to neutral terminal 8 2 independant spare terminals S1 and S2 extra terminals A, B and C are standard wiring base S98 pin 2 slide-in plates and 2 easy knock out holes plus 2 knock out holes in the base bottom faciliate the base wiring Please note To assist trouble-free operation the main neutral connection terminal 8 in the wiring base must be fully tightened.

The terminal screws are already in the undone position.

To connect a wire to the terminal, the screw only needs to be fastened. General: The control box and detector probes should not be subjected to excessive vibration.

The mains voltage is not only monitored in the start-up phase but also permanently during operation. Important notes The controls must be installed by qualified personnel only. The relevant national regulations have to be observed. On commissioning the wiring has to be carefully checked according the appropriate diagram, Incorrect wiring can damage the unit and endanger the installation.

If these precautions are not observed, the effect of a short circuit can cause severe damage to the control and installation.

DKG 972 Gas Burner Safety Control

For safety reasons a minimum of one control shutdown every 24 hours has to be observed. Disconnect the mains before the control box is plugged in or out.

The control box is a safety device and must not be opened! Function control For safety reasons the flame detection system should be tested on commissioning the installation as well as after a service or longer shut-down.

Dkg 972 pdf satronic

Fault finding The built-in information system facilitate the trouble shooting in the case of problems occurring during start-up or during operation.