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The "45 Second" Presentation That Will Change Your Life Have you ever thought about what it would be like to "Own Your Life"? This is what I think it means to. The Second Presentation That Will Change Your Life is a virtual training manual on network marketing, designed to teach you a. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Don has authored and sold over 5 million copies in 20 languages of his book The 45 Second Presentation That Will.

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Don Failla started his network marketing career in He developed a proven system for building a large organization by paying attention to what worked as. The 45 Second Presentation That Will Change Your Life - Meetup. Pages The Conscious Parent. iUniverse Star. New York Bloomington. The 45 Second. Presentation. That Will Change. Your Life. The World's Best-Selling. Network Marketing Guide.

Not very eye opening or magical in the formulas presented - there is a lack of passion throughout which made this really difficult to engage with. I'll load a link to one shortly. It's has helped me get a lot of people interested in hearing more about our opportunity. Living people 21st-century American writers Multi-level marketing. Il libro che ti fa iniziare il network nel verso giusto, spiegando le basi. To view it, click here. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Why would you talk about the vehicle you have to drive if you don't know how to drive. Thanks, Don Failla his 2nd Edition is even better!!! Kindle Edition Verified download. I am 17 pages in and so far the only thing it has done is repeatedly and redundantly directed me to download sign up for their website iownmylife. It is one long down out advertisement for their products.

So far there is nothing in it that can be put into action without signing up for their website and downloading more of their books. Not to mention if I was presented an opportunity via being sent to their website I would never have filled in the information.. Would you give your email address to a strange website promising a life of mansions and fancy cars? People that don't understand already think we are off our rockers.

A bit technical, could have been explained much simpler but I guess they had to make enough pages to sell a book. Excellent book, "The System" should be available in Spanish and other languages too.

I recommend this to all entrepreneurs in network marketing. It's the solution if you don't know a system for you and your team. Very helpful as a network marketing professional they gave you key ides and phrases In addition to knowing that Don Failla is the author of The 45 second presentation that will change your life!

See all 59 reviews. Most recent customer reviews. Published 4 months ago. I have just finished reading the entire book from front page to back page! Published 11 months ago. Published 1 year ago. La nuit tombe quand elle veut Fiction French Edition. The 45 Seconds Presentation. Symfony 1. Product details. Published on July 28, Published on June 13, Published on March 30, site Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers.

Goals help to drive a person to get what they really want. It's not absolutely nec- essary to have them written down, but it doesn't hurt , just so long as you have some definite things in mind that are a burning desire for you to achieve. The reason for having it written down is simple: You may be driving in an area that you haven't been in for awhile. Just being there will usually jog your memory of someone who lives or used to live in that neighborhood.

A few days later when you are thinking about calling someone, you can scan down your list, and low and behold, there is that name! If you hadn't written it down when you thought of it, you may have never thought of them again.

They look forward to your coming for a visit, business or pleasure. We all like to be around positive thinking people-it's contagious! The list could go on and on about the identification of a-gold ship. If you just understood these three words, you would understand what makes all MLM programs work. Those words are: Referring back to the M.

T empty ship type of person: When you call them because you want to help them, you get the feeling that they weren't exactly thrilled about you calling. This is a very good indication that they feel you are being "pushy" and bugging them. When you call "empty ships," they think you are pressuring them. On the other hand, when you call a gold ship, they just figure that you are calling because you want to help, and you will pick that up in the tone of their conversation. They are the ones you must keep proving things to all the time.

Realize, that when the empty ship sinks, it will either go down alone, or in the event that you work with empty ships rather than gold, it will drag you down with it. That is why we try to train our people to stay away from the empty ships and work with the gold ships, or with the silvers to help them to become gold ships. Spend most of your time working with the gold ships to develop their own organizations down-group.

All of a sudden, the M. If a person's attitude about the business is on the way down, trying to stop it enroute is next to impossible-you almost have to let it hit bottom. But if you run the risk of trying to bring them up while they're on the 40 way down i. This is somewhat of an enjoyable way of communicating with your distributors.

When you get together, you can ask them how they are doing with their ships; how many Bolds? If you do, you have totally invalidated everything you've told him, because you told him right up front that he didn't have to go out and SELL.

If you ask them what they've sold, their first reaction will be to think that you are only interested in knowing how much money you are going to make off of them-and they are probably thinking correctly.

Afterward, you can call the 1st level person you originally wanted to talk to, and the first thing you let them know is that you were just talking with one of their distributors who is excited, and that you are going to get together with them. Display to your people that when you call, you are calling to HELP them, not to "check-up" on them. By now you should be aware of the difference. To wrap up this Presentation we point out that you the reader are NOT an "empty" ship.

If you are, you probably wouldn't be reading this book. If you feel you were an M. The reason I don't do that is because even if Carol wanted or even needed to earn some extra money, she would probably want me to think that she's doing okay financially and she would say, "No, I'm really not interested. Do a little experimenting on this. The next ten people you run into, gas station attendant, grocer, barber, cleaners, etc.

Their response will tell you something. Most of the time their response will probably be, "What is it? When they say, "What is it? Some people are offended by getting dragged off to somebody's home for an hour-and-a-half presentation and they have no idea why they are going there.

Some companies train their people to not say anything. Your reply when they ask you what it is will be, "Do you know anything about Multi-Level Marketing? Just enough confusing information for them to say "No", and not enough information for them to say "Yes. In the process of helping the people that you brought into the business, you will run into other people that you will be able to talk to.

When you run into these people, you want to talk to them about Multi-Level Marketing so you can introduce them to your program. Most people have some fears about doing that. Where those fears come from is the idea that the person will say "No" to them.

A guy is at the first dance he's ever been to. He walks clear across the room and asks a girl to dance, and she says "No. He will absolutely swear that everybody in the whole auditorium SAW him get rejected.

Nobody likes to be rejected. Another type will ask a girl to dance, and if she says "No", will ask the next girl and the next. To do that, picture yourself standing on a dock. Remember, if you are waiting for YOUR ship to come in, you'll have had to already have sent your ship s out.

If you launched only one ship and it returned empty, what good did it do to have your ship "come-in" at all? The more ships you launch, the better chance you will have of some of them coming in carrying GOLD. The ships carrying GOLD are the ones you should work with.

Notice the launching ramp. If they say, "No, I don't know anybody," you can say, "Fine. If you happen to run into anybody, would you have them call me? So you weren't rejected. There are only two possible results in launching a ship. You're standing on the dock! Send it out and help it to turn into a gold-carrying vessel. After presenting the Napkin Presentations 5 and 6, people will tell you they plan on being a "gold.

Take advantage of their invitation-you will benefit also! But remember, your sponsor helping you to sponsor, IS part of your training. Even though your sponsor does the "work," YOU still get credit for being the sponsor. You may have to sponsor more than 5 to find 5 that want to be serious. Because all of a sudden you find one serious person. Teach them also to teach their people to sponsor.

When they have gone 3 or 4 deep in building their own groups and don't need you any more, then you can go looking for another serious person to sponsor to replace them. It' s a natural result of working with your people.

Pdf the 45 second presentation

You will notice that if you separate the logs of a campfire, the fire will go out. If you put them back together again, the fire will blaze up. People are the same way. The next time you're meeting someone with your sponsor, in a restaurant for example, and arriving first being there by yourself , notice how much ENERGY there is or ISN'T around the table.

So you want to get together with your sponsor and share the Napkin Presentations with one or two of your down-line people, and get them "Sizzling" and excited about what can happen. A good place to do this is in a restaurant. Pick a time when the restaurant is the least busy, around 10 a.

You may want to set up a schedule so your people will know where you'll be at various times during the week. If you were to bring someone to a "Sizzle Session" who was a little bit skeptical a "wet log" , and introduce them to the BLAZE, they would dry out and become part of the fire. So what happens if you are all by yourself and you, being new in the business, talk to someone who is skeptical?

That's like trying to put a wet log on nothing. Let's say you are a twig, just getting started in the business. Your sponsor, who's been around a little longer, is a LOG. Just having someone with you can make a difference. It gives your sponsor someone to bounce conversation off.

I could want Joe to get a message and if I'm talking to him directly, he might not really "hear" what I'm saying. But if I'm talking to Carol, knowing that Joe is listening There are people called "eaves- droppers" who could be "listening-in" on some of our conversation.

You can spot them, leaning back, trying to hear more. Give them an opportunity to approach you. They won't come over to the table when there are four peo-ple there, but they may come over if you are by yourself.

We always start the "blazing" sessions by having the people, as they arrive, tell something positive that has hap- pened with the products or their organization. While we're there we talk only about the business. We don't try to solve the Middle-East crisis or any of the world's other problems. WE are there to share ideas about how to build our business and how to talk to people about our business. We always break up our sessions with a parting word that goes something like, "Just think!

This is as hard as we will ever work! You might say to them as they leave to go back to work, "See you later Nick, but remember That's as hard as you'll ever work. This will give you an excellent understanding of what motivates people. You will learn how to work with your people to motivate them.

You next draw two arrows- one pointing down, and the other pointing up. Point out that there are two kinds of motivation: Let me explain.

The 45 Second Presentation Review, Summary and Footnotes

Most of you probably have been to rah-rah motivational rallies and found yourself gung-ho to get with it and get going again with the program you are in. You usually find that you've cooled off again in a couple of weeks or months.

When you take a hot bath, it seems the hotter the bath, the quicker you seem to cool off. I have seen people go to motivational rallies that last up to three days-then two weeks after they get home, they are totally depressed.

That's why they get down. Going to seminars, getting together with your sponsor, reading a book, moving some product, obtaining more knowledge-these are all forms of hot-bath or down-motivation. That's not to say they are bad-for they are necessary.

Imagine that you are going to talk to someone about your business. That person doesn't know anything about it, so they have an attitude level of zero. Let's say for you to be effective in talking to them about the business, you need an attitude level of 50 degrees. If your attitude level is short of 50 degrees, don't talk to anybody, because they will just drag you down.

The person you want to sponsor has come to your presentation. They have signed the application. They want to get started-and boy are they excited about the business! They're all the way up to 65 degrees-they're going to get RICH!

Before they have had a chance to learn anything, they go out and start talking to people. Since they really don't know how to handle themselves when confronted by negative skeptics, they get negative themselves.

What will happen is they will drop below the 50 degree level. You get back together with them again, answer their objections and questions they may have, and they'll go back up, maybe to 70 degrees. And this time they will stay up a little bit longer before they go below 50 degrees again in their attitude level.

You have a sponsor. Your sponsor SP. We start with 5. Notice that when you sponsor 5 people, you have only 25 degrees. Again, a mistake to avoid: Your sponsor helped you sponsor these 5 people and you in turn will help those 5 people to sponsor others for their 5 degrees.

Their 5 degrees is 10 degrees for you. All your second level people are worth 10 degrees each for you. The third level is 20 degrees. The fourth is 40 degrees. The deeper you go the hotter it gets!

The only way you can appreciate this phenomenon is when it's first happening-and that's why you want it to happen to your people as soon as it can possibly happen for them. Here is an example: Carol sponsors Tom, and Tom sponsors Bill. Carol gets a phone call and finds out that Bill went out last week and sponsored 5 serious people-he's really going to run with it!

Let me show you an exception to that. When you sponsor someone into the business, they are a Silver Ship.

Everyone comes in as a Silver. They're excited, but they haven't gotten serious yet. Everybody has at least one friend.

Get together with your people-help them to sponsor some of their friends who come in as Silver ships. What will happen is, that in the process of helping the Gold, the Silvers will be converted to Gold. That is how you convert the Silvers; get someone under them. If that person under them really goes is a Gold the Silver that had sponsored them will say, "Hey!

I'd better get my act together. It has been said, "You can motivate people faster and more effectively by putting a candle under their sitting place than by putting a blow-torch to their thinking place. They cannot be dependent on you forever; otherwise, it's not going to work. There has got to be a point where they don't need you. We say this point is when your people can teach their people to teach all ten of the Napkin Presentations-then they know everything they need to know to build a strong organization.

Then you can go find another serious person to replace them. Let's suppose for this example, you sponsored Sue.

Full text of "The 45 Second Presentation That Will Change Your Live"

You would say, "Sue, let's say you are like the sun. The sun has more energy than anything we 57 know of. You continue by saying, "The person you Sue sponsor is like a pan of water. You sponsored Sue, but don't assume the role of the sun and call her a pan of water- it's not that flattering. So, in your group there is a "sun. If you took a pan of water and set it out in the middle of the hottest desert on the hottest day of the year, it still would not boil.

It will take degrees for the water to begin to boil.

Don failla 45 second presentation

It won't boil at degrees or degrees, it has to be at least degrees to boil. So notice: So that's the direction your attitude is heading. We just told you that the sun can't make the water boil-your sponsor can't make the water boil either.

None of the "hot bath" motivation can. I don't care if all the top people in all of the Multi -Level companies came to town for a rally and you went to all of them-your water will never boil. They can get your attitude above the 50 degree effective level, but it's up to you to get the water boiling. And remember, your sponsor will help you. In other words, you know some people your sponsor doesn't know.

Your sponsor will go with you and help you to sponsor someone. Once you have sponsored someone, you have started the burner under the pan. With 5 people 58 sponsored you now have the pan sitting on 5 jets of the burner, the maximum number the pan can effectively cover. But, if any 3 run off a string 3 deep, or any 2 a string 4 deep, or any 1 a string 5 deep; the water begins to boil. Any combination that adds up to under the pan will get the water to boil.

At the time the water is boiling, the sun sponsor can go away and the water will continue to boil. Once you've shown a person this and you call them on the phone, they realize that you are calling because you want to help them.

You are not calling to give them a blow-torch to the head, but rather you are calling to see if you can light another burner or turn the temperature up on those already lit.

You want to help them to get their water to boil. The farther you go down the group, the hotter the burner gets. In all the programs, once you have a person with their water boiling, it may look similar to the example to the left. Notice that you have others sponsored as well. The first one to boil is not necessarily the first one you sponsored. It is the first one that got serious and got the depth in their organization to get and keep it going.

When the water boils there, you can continue working with 5 serious people. Notice that the pan can sit on only 5 burners at a time.

This kind of goes along with the first Presentation in Chapter II. If you have 15 people sponsored into the business, you can really work effectively 59 with but 5 at a time. You may have to sponsor 10 to 20 people to get those 5 serious people. What happens to the others? We put them on the back burner so to speak. So, when you have the water boiling on one or more of the "5," before you go out to search for someone brand new to sponsor, take a trip around the back burner and let them know what's going on.

You may find that because of timing and circumstances, at the time you sponsored them, they weren't ready yet to get serious about the business, but they are ready now.

Maybe they were just waiting to see how the program was going to work for you. So take a trip around the back burner. This "Pentagon of Growth" lays out an important view of how FAST your organization can grow, if you adopt the principles which we have outlined in this book.

You start by drawing a pentagon and writing "YOU" in the middle of it. We'll allow for a Training Month and use increments of two months as we develop growth of our organization.

You can use whatever time frame you wish, however. Write 2M-5 by one side of the pentagon as shown in the figure for "2 Months" In 2 more months i. At the 61 same time you have developed 5 more serious first level people. Your pentagon is now looking like the one above. After 6 months you may have third-level people under your "original" five, 25 second-levels under your second group of 5 serious people, plus you have developed a third set of five.

At the end of 8 months: Now at this point, hand the napkin or board over to your student, give them the pen, and have them complete the diagram on out for 10 months. Just put a line for 10 months 10M of the original group as the figure is too large to effectively identify with, as it's over 3, The example to the left is what they should now have.

Go around the pentagon one more time and extend it to a year. To really put emphasis on how building in depth can make your organization grow rapidly, cross out all of the groups-except the one under your original five serious people. Now Go Do It! Most distributors seem to have the attitude, "Who can I get into my business? They can learn everything they would need to know by investigating five to ten hours per week for six months.

You can't dig your foundation in thirty days. It takes at least six months. From the time you leave your home for your weekly training session, attend the meeting, have coffee and drive home, you have already spent three to five hours. The rest of the time is spent listening to positive motivation tapes, tapes about your program, meeting with your sponsor, attending sizzle sessions, talking to prospects, etc. This can all be done along with anything else you have already been doing outside of MLM.

No one anywhere can come up with a college course where that is even a remote possibility. That is what is exciting about MLM. You can actually learn in six months everything you need to know to retire in one to three years. Do you remember when you were in college and you went to the bookstore and bought your books for the quarter? Big, heavy, thick text books. You could hardly wait to get back to your room so you could start studying them.

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Do you remember how you could hardly wait until the end of the quarter to be tested on the material? While you were going to school, did anyone pay you for going? Since you went to college for four years without getting paid and since you had no hope of retiring in one to three years, then why do you get so concerned about how little you have made in your first few months in MLM?

Remember, you are in school.

The 45 Second Presentation That Will Change Your Live

MLM school. Some people in MLM get discouraged after only a few weeks. I don't think they have a right to be discouraged unless they have had at least six months of MLM school. Try letting a medical student operate on you after they have been in school for a few weeks. You would probably be very disappointed with the outcome. Ask a doctor, a lawyer, a dentist, or any other professional person how long they have been practicing their profession.

Their answer will be figured from the time they graduated, not from their first day as a college freshman. When you ask someone in MLM how long they have been in the business, they will tell you from the day they first signed their Distributor Agreement or Application.

You should actually keep track of the time 66 you are in the MLM business beginning from the time when you knew what you were doing. The only time you will be disappointed is when you expect something and you don't get it or it doesn't happen.

45 pdf the second presentation

Too many distributors come into MLM expecting to start making big money right away. First and foremost you need to go to school. That will take at least six months.

Consider those going to college. After six months into their freshman year they still have three and a half years to go before they are even ready to look for a job.

To be really successful in MLM you must teach someone else to be successful. Your distributors need to quit being so concerned about what kind of money they are making and increase their concern for teaching and working with their downline. The quicker they do this the quicker they will find real success in MLM. But this takes time. Before you can teach others you first must learn what to do yourself. If you have distributors in your organization who have trouble talking to their friends, it's probably because they really don't believe they could retire in one to three years, or they don't understand how they could actually make it happen.

Pdf the presentation 45 second

The following is a simple presentation you can use to show how someone could build a large income in six months to three years. It only takes a few minutes to learn and about two minutes to make a presentation. Let's assume that you have a new distributor to whom you say, "With all of the people you know or could meet with my help, do you think you could sponsor five persons by the end of your first month?

People who would like to learn how to retire in one to three years? Go with your distributor five times to see each person individually. If you see all five, at once, one negative person could spoil it for the other four.

Besides, if you go with your distributor five times your distributor will get to see the presentation five times rather than only once. Now with this training they will be ready to go with each of their distributors five times.

Your distributor will become an expert practicing on their distributor's prospects just as you have become an expert practicing on their prospects. If you can sponsor five SERIOUS distributors by the end of your first thirty days you should be able to help them sponsor five by the end of three months. When your distributors are helping their five, you are now supporting down group and teaching your people to do the same.

You should be at the third level by the end of six months. So what if it took a year? When making this presentation, the lines on either side of the 5, 25, and represent your wholesale downloaders or the people who signed up to get you off their back.

Your presentation should look like this: If you are building your business right, in the process of sharing your opportunity, you will have some who will not take advantage of it.

Many of these will become either a wholesale downloader or a retail customer. Let us say that each of your distributors down line has at least ten friend-customers. When you multiply ten friend-customers by serious distributors you would have 1, friend-customers. Since your distributors are also customers you need to add to 1, giving you a total customer count of 1, Also consider, there are three reasons why a distributor-customer will download more products than a friend-customer: You should encourage all of your distributors to use samples as well as using samples yourself.

This would only mean a plus. Your presentation at this point would look something like this: I use this figure to be a little conservative. You don't want to completely blow your prospect's mind. That is why at level 3 you ask. Would it be worth it? At this point, you should be into your presentation 10 to 15 minutes. This is when you ask the question that lets you know if your prospect is willing to take the time to learn how to drive.

If they say "no," go right to the products and 70 get another retail customer. If they say "yes," go to the next presentation, the difference between 5 and 6. When you complete this presentation they will be more than ready to check out your vehicle. This presentation is simple and it explains the mechanics of how an organization can grow. It is a combination of building the organization and everyone retailing a minimum amount.

Anyone can build ten friend- customers. It doesn't take a salesperson to do this. When completed, you entire presentation should look like this: They will get involved for a minimum of five to ten hours per week for at least six months.

This is the only way they can learn the business. Refer to Napkin Presentation 9, Chapter X. You are now free to sponsor someone else and work a new line. The definition of a "line" is when your distributor's organization is at least three levels deep. Instead of wondering who you are going to bring into your business, you now get to make a choice. To view it, click here. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. The 45 Second Presentation That Will Change Your Life A large group of leaders in site Herb Company preeentation decided to use this program to introduce people to network marketing, and I finally see the beauty and ease of this style of marketing.

If you have been in the business for several months and don't see anything happening, don't get discouraged; it's just that the foundation is still under construction. Jul 12, Madra Jones rated it it was amazing.

Makes me understand why there are so many MLM businesses out there. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Views Read Edit View history. As of[update] Failla has sold over 4.