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Eminently sensible and practical.”– The New York Times Book Review A true lost classic that can take your life to its fullest potential. Wake Up and Live! . work that had "backed up" in my mind and made a barrier. The conclusions I came are in this book: that we are victims to a Will to Fail;. First published in , Wake Up and Live! is a result of its author's experience. After evaluating her life, Dorothea Brand realizes that, like so.

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Very insightful book with the power to give people a somewhat jolting wake-up call about our habits and patterns (conscious and unconscious) of procrastinating . Editorial Reviews. Review. “Eminently sensible and practical.” – The New York Times Book Review “A simple and usable technique of living All I want to do is. Wake Up and Live! book. Read 50 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Eminently sensible and practical. - The New York Times Book Rev.

It was so simple, and so obvious once I had seen it, that I could hardly believe it was responsible for the magical results which followed my putting it into practice. The first thing to confess is that two years ago I was a failure. Oh, nobody knew it except me and those who knew me well enough to see that I was not doing a tenth of what could be expected of me. I held an interesting position, lived not too dull a life - yet there was no doubt in my own mind, at least, that I had failed. What I was doing was a substitute activity for what I had planned to do; and no matter how ingenious and neat the theories were which I presented to myself to account for my lack of success, I knew very well that there was more work that I should be doing, and better work, and work more demonstrably my own.

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Wake Up and Live by Dorothea Brande

Written By: Dorothea Brande Narrated By: Mitch Horowitz. Not great for a book that is aiming to get readers fired up to live fully. However, it was saved by some very helpful ideas in the last two chapters.

The earlier section does offer some helpful insight into what prevents people from accomplishing their goals, which is worthwhile, but also a bit draining to read. Feb 25, Shaifali rated it liked it Shelves: While I was reading this, I had a sense that I am wasting my time reading, instead of working.

Probably in some perverse way, it means the book is good and its message works. One line hit me: People who live with a Will to Fail live as if there are gonna live for thousand years. Wasting their time in reverie; or sleeping more than required, etc. Excellent I would have given it five stars, and intended to do so right from the start of this great book, but the "twelve disciplines" lost me.

I thought they were absurd. Maybe it is just that they weren't at all what I expected. However, they take up only one short chapter and the rest of the book is very useful and written beautifully. A life changing read.

May 21, Eric Beheler rated it it was ok. Rarely do I give one or two star reviews, just for the simple fact that if they are that bad I won't finish the book. The only reason I finished this book was because it was so short, and I want to get through books this year. I seriously got nothing from this book. Would not recommend. Jan 09, EMP rated it it was ok.

I would definitely see if your library has this and then decide if you want to download a copy and refer back to it.

Dorothea Brande’s Wake Up And Live

If you can get past how dated it is, the core material is decent. I found myself distracted by some odd references which must have been mainstream conversations at the time. I concetti del libro potevano essere trattati in poche pagine. L'ho trovato prolisso e spesso futile.

Nov 06, Teri Temme rated it it was amazing. Loved it! Especially the 12 Disciplines.

A bit of a difficult read but definitely a masterclass. The ideas in this book will change your life.

Wake Up and Live!

Oct 13, Karl rated it liked it. The initial four chapters, the first third of the book, deal specifically with failure: If the reader does make it past those initial 38 pages, they will discover that the author finally commences to share the means by which we can overcome our desire to fail: Oct 30, Yvonne Finn rated it it was amazing.

A book for our time! Though published in the instructive value of this work has not diminished. If anything has changed is that we, our culture and society could benefit greatly by re-visiting the timeless insights that Ms. Brande writes about. Personal responsibility is the central theme of the book and it is just as foundational now as it was then.

And book live up wake

This is not another one of those self indulgent introspective exercise that ends with no concrete or life-changing result. Brande gives tips and s A book for our time! Brande gives tips and strategies both anecdotal and experiential to take us from wish-washy living to dynamic and potent lives if only we choose to exercise self-discipline and restraint.

Stop being self-excusers and Wake Up and Live! One of my favourite tips in the book is this; that we must realize that when we match our wits against ourselves we are taking on the shrewdest and wiliest antagonist we will ever have.

In other words we literally are very often our own worst enemies when it comes to orchestrating our failures.

Why is this? Because we invest too much our time in idle pursuits or dis-empowering associations and many other activities that do not lead to our purported goals and plans for our lives -personal and professional.

I love this book and the style of writing truly resonates with me. There is no excess of words or airy jargon, just the facts and what to do with them to progressively achieve the desired and promised outcome s.

This book should be required ready in schools and re-read all through adult life. It can be used to great benefit by students, business people and for personal development.

I know that I will be re-reading it often. Mar 25, Richard Gilbert rated it really liked it. The core activity is working to replace useless fantasies with directed intention, harnessing the imagination for attaining one's real-life goals. Brande also lists twelve exercises, which involve activities to discipline the ego.

Brande's writing can get airy at times, but her big attitudinal leap and core principles seem sound. One senses she's on to something big. Humans aren't issued an instruction manual for training their minds, and most of us muddle through—some hugely successfully and some not.

Brande's concept clearly relies on changing and enhancing one's emotional state. In New Age terms, raising one's vibration. Who doesn't want to feel energized and brave? Brande's route for getting there basically involves taking charge and trying—seeing that one can make a choice, followed by effort. Maybe not as easy-peasy as she says, but a clearly achievable and worthy goal.

Wake Up And Live - PDF Drive

This is an odd, maybe brilliant book. Dale Carnegie meets Buddhism. Feb 27, Adrian Starks rated it it was amazing. Powerful read. I will actually need to go back and study the notes taken as I read. Key phrase is "act is if it were impossible to fail".

It is worth trying, for it has worked in hundreds of lives.

Live wake up book and

It is not hard to ignore the fact that we are doing much less than we are able to do, very little of what we had planned even modestly to accomplish before a certain age, and never probably, all that we had hoped.

The solution is far simpler. All that is necessary to break the spell of inertia and frustration is this: Act as if it were impossible to fail. That is the talisman, the formula, the command of right-about-face which turns us from failure towards success.

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