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Wisdom Sits in Places. Notes on a Western Apache landscape. Keith H. Basso. Place is the first of all beings, since everything that exists is in a place and. Wisdom Sits in Places: Landscape and Language among the Western Apache. Keith H. Basso. Albuquerque University of New Mexico Press. Basso, Keith H-Wisdom sits in places _ landscape and language among the Western Apache-University of New Mexico Press ().pdf - Ebook download as.

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Wisdom Sits in Places. several miles from their homes at Cibecue. The heat of the afternoon was still intense, and as the men waited for it to subside, their. Journal of Linguistic Anthropology ethnographic background of the region and a commentary section consisting of several chapters sensitively introducing. pdf. Wisdom Sits in Places: Landscape and Language among the Western Apache Wisdom Sits in Places investigates how the Western Apache think and .

He received his PhD from Stanford in Apache reservation in Stanley Prize from the School of American Research in Place is a part of identity. Ethnographers are similarly guilty of taking senses of place for granted, and there is lack of ethnographic work that explores the cultural and social dimensions of sense of place. To collect his data, he traveled with Apache consultants as they explained place-names.

One particularly expert elder once re- marked to Basso, "Wisdom sits in places," and then proceeded to provide a brilliant metapragmatic story illustrating the importance of children's learning from their elders the significance of place-names.

The philosophical premise behind this aphorism is profoundly simple: If s like water that never dries up. You need to drink water to stay alive, don't you?

In Wisdom Sits in Places by Keith Basso Basso describes land and place by the

Well, you also need to drink from places. You must remember everything about them.

You must learn their names. You must remember what happened at them long ago.

You must think about it and keep on thinking about it" p. This is a remarkable book, both as an exemplary work in linguistic anthropology and as a memorable account of the Apache philosophical vision of place.

My only negative reactions to the book were prompted by several instances of unnecessary repetition and a few paragraphs of rhetorical overkill. Basso's translations of 16 place-stories and his verbatim transcription of numerous interpretive commentar- ies provide a generous corpus of data for reflection on what may at first glance appear to be an unimportant nomenclature.

As Basso sums up his argument: Locked within the mental horizons of those who give it life, sense of place issues in a stream of symbolically drawn particulars—the visible particulars of local topographies, the per- sonal particulars of biographical associations, and the notional particulars of socially given systems of thought.

It is the latter, of course, that are least available to conscious awareness, and perhaps for this reason writers on place rarely see fit to examine them.

Sits in pdf wisdom places

And teachers of linguistic anthropology finally have an important work in our subdisdpline that is accessible to undergraduate readers and available in paperback. Related Papers. A Precious Spring: By Maya Tracy E Borhani. Pragmatics, Linguistic Anthropology and History. Anderson, K. Aijmer eds. See our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Sits places pdf in wisdom

See our Privacy Policy and User Agreement for details. Published on Aug 2, This remarkable book introduces us to four unforgettable Apache people, each of whom offers a different take on the significance of places in their culture.

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Apache conceptions of wisdom, manners and morals, and of their own history are inextricably intertwined with place, and by allowing us to overhear his conversations with Apaches on these subjects Basso expands our awareness of what place can mean to people.

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Sits places pdf in wisdom

Like this presentation? Sensing places, men and women become sharply aware of the complex attachments that link them to features of the physical world.


And that is not all. Place-based thoughts about the self lead commonly to thoughts of other things - other places, other people, other times, whole networks of associations that ramify unaccountably within the expanding spheres of awareness that they themselves engender. The experience of sensing places, then, is thus both roundly reciprocal and incorrigibly dynamic.

As places animate the ideas and feelings of persons who attend to them, these same ideas and feelings animate the places on which attention has been bestowed, and the movements of this process-inward toward facets of the self, outward toward aspects of the external world, alternately both together-cannot be known in advance. When places are actively sensed, the physical landscape becomes wedded to the landscape of the mind, to the roving imagination, and where the mind may lead is anybody's guess.

Can sense of place be just an individual or personal reaction or feeling?

Wisdom sits in places : landscape and language among the Western Apache

Basso thinks not. On the contrary, relationships to places are lived most often in the company of other people, and it is on these communal occasions-when places are sensed together- that native views of the physical world become accessible to strangers.

The Apache man Dudley tells Basso p. It's like water that never dries up. You need to drink water to stay alive, don't you? Well, you also need to drink from places. You must remember everything about them.

You must learn their names.